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  1. Sheetmetal Pete

    Most Practical

    I do a fair amount of boat registrations and names. I switch between Oracal 651 & 751. I typically use 651 for boats that are stored inside and are only used a handful of time a year. I use 751 on the rest.
  2. Sheetmetal Pete

    Glass etching pricing

    I'm with you. There's no way I can produce 20 mugs an hour. Perhaps 6 or 10 at the most. I obviously put my foot in my mouth with my initial answer here. I'm normally selling mugs for $15, provided it's my design or a very simple customer design. I am getting requests for personalized mugs that require significant design time. I've been struggling with those. Customers tell me, "Just put this on it and make it look like that." Before you know it, you're at an hour into one mug. I've been forced to tell those customers that it's $15 for the mug and additional design fees. Lately I've been doing a lot of personalized mugs for groomsmen gifts. For just a first name on a mug, I've been getting $12 each and I drop to $10 with a quantity of 10 or more (no further discounts). With these, I can do about 10 an hour which makes a nice profit margin.
  3. Sheetmetal Pete

    Glass etching pricing

    True. As I look back, I think $5 is too cheap even for such quantity. I did about 50 at $6/each a year ago (including the glass) for a close friend. I learned that I wouldn't do it for anyone else at that price again.
  4. Sheetmetal Pete

    Glass etching pricing

    I hear you about the etching time. There's a lot of time spent comparatively in prep and finish/clean up. Here's my $.02 on pricing: $8/each for small quantities, perhaps $6.50/each for 50 and $5/each for 100. $8/each for mugs as each is personalized and perhaps request a minimum order so you're not doing one at a time.
  5. I keep finding myself looking at used printers (new is NOT in the budget). Most recently I'm tempted by a used VersaCamm SP300V. I prefer to educate myself as much as possible before making a purchase (my first vinyl cutter purchase excluded ). I readily admit that I don't know the first thing about printer/cutters. I'd like to be able to know about operating/owning one and the processes. Where can I go, either on the internet or in person, to learn about printers? Those of you with printers, how did you learn about them? Thanks! Pete
  6. Sheetmetal Pete

    I figured it was time I posted something here.

    I sandblasted it in a cabinet with aluminum oxide. The plastic blank has a 1/4" routed edge that looks like a border. The feet are just a bitmap file I found on google that I converted.
  7. Sheetmetal Pete

    Etching pricing help

    I wouldn't say they're easily scratched but it's more likely to occur than with glass. I treat them carefully because they don't come masked. I figure that I'm far more likely to scratch them while etching it than my customer having it sit on a shelf. I'm not sitting on a stockpile of these. He usually makes them as I need them - which hasn't been frequent so far. Fortunately he makes them from drops from other projects so it's just labor in any costs associated with him. I'll ask if he's interested in selling some outright. Oh yah, if it helps anyone else in answering my question(s), the figure that popped into my head originally was $60/each. Would that be too much? Not enough?
  8. I've got to see enough of other people's work here over time so I figured I'd better share. This is a plaque I made for a friend but am now looking to market them a bit locally. It's made from 3/4" clear plastic (instead of glass) and then etched. For some reason it was really hard to photograph - even for etched stuff. It looks much better in person.
  9. I haven't been on here in a while. I'm sort of stumped on this one - baby plaques (or similar). This particular one was made for a friend as a gift but I immediately received interest from others. The blank is a 3/4" clear plastic (poly?) that has been cut to size (6x8), had the edges routed and flamed smooth. I recognize that perhaps this wouldn't demand the same money one made from glass would but I get the plastic blanks from a friend who charges me little or nothing. So, two questions come to mind. First, would you take into account what I'm paying (or not paying) for blanks in the pricing? Second, what would you sell them for? Thanks!
  10. Sheetmetal Pete

    EPS HELP PLEASE.....???

    Try these. Jordan Racing.eps Logo.eps Jordan Racing.eps Logo.eps
  11. Sheetmetal Pete

    Captain Morgan?

    That one works. Thanks!
  12. Sheetmetal Pete

    Captain Morgan?

    I'm looking for a cuttable Captain Morgan logo - preferably just the character (or pirate) himself. I found this: I can't get Illustrator or Inkscape to open it. Thanks in advance!
  13. Sheetmetal Pete

    Printers ... please look here!

    Thanks to all who replied. My customer wants to investigate screen printing as well but I will likely be in contact with one or more of you in the near future. Thanks again!
  14. Sheetmetal Pete

    Printers ... please look here!

    I'm looking for pricing on printing 50 - 18x24 Coroplast signs. They would be two color, one sided. The file is attached below. If you wouldn't mind, could you also please approximate shipping to ZIP 55336. Feel free to respond by IM or email: Thanks! Schlueter Construction Sign 5-11.eps Schlueter Construction Sign 5-11.eps
  15. Sheetmetal Pete

    Font recommendation?

    A local church has asked me to cut a bible verse in vinyl for a window application. They asked for a "fancy church script" font. Anyone have a recommendation? Thanks!