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  1. Just thought you should know, that's Aurora not Cinderella.
  2. DeSigns

    Let's see your company logo(s)!

    I still don't have my business yet, just preparing. I have a logo though, lol.
  3. DeSigns

    Can I use Oracal 651 on walls?

    Thanks for the advice. I'm going to eventually be doing car window lettering, so I guess I can save it for that. No biggie, I just want to make sure I'm doing things right. So far I have white, black, red, lime green, purple, and ice blue. I've been making other items as well, so the vinyl won't go to waste. I make locker mirrors and signs and car window decals (currently being sold at a farmer's market). Thanks everyone~![move][/move]
  4. DeSigns

    Can I use Oracal 651 on walls?

    Thanks everyone. I think I will be OK if I include a disclaimer. I need something to say that I'm not liable for any damage of the wall.
  5. DeSigns

    Can I use Oracal 651 on walls?

    Oh so sad. I was planning on selling only wall art. It's going to be so expensive to restock. Thanks. :'(
  6. DeSigns

    Can I use Oracal 651 on walls?

    So I have not started my business yet, but I am ready to. I have already bought around 10 rolls of 651 Oracal vinyl, under the impression that this is the correct vinyl to use on walls. After researching, yes after I bought all the rolls, I have learned that 631 is the best for walls. My question is, will 651 hurt walls? Can I use it for wall decoration, or should I just use it for signs and buy all new rolls of 631? (I really don't want to do option 2) :- So what do you think? Thanks for all help!
  7. DeSigns

    EZ-Up Tents and Flags

    Crazy question, but I'm wondering if the regular 651 vinyl will work on the tents. Not to sell, but for personal use. My parents have their own business; they just sell vinyl decals at a farmers market. They have a 10 x 10 EZ Up and want to do just what you did with their own logo on it. All they have is 651, and I don't imagine they would want to buy a whole roll of the correct vinyl for that job. Does anyone know if 651 will even stick? Thanks much!
  8. DeSigns

    My Logo ^^

    Hello all, This is my first post with an image, so sorry if it doesn't work. I just want to show my logo. I'm open to comments...not sure if I will change anything though because I really like it. LOL. I hope the jpg is large enough to see. As always, the jpg doesn't do the eps justice! Hope you guys like it!
  9. DeSigns

    Hello from Kissimmee, FL :)

    You HAVE to have a guest bedroom when you live here! I have three...due to the fact that I don't have kids...yet.
  10. DeSigns

    Hello from Kissimmee, FL :)

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and new to the ownership part of the business. I have worked with my parents all my life in the awards business, and now it's my turn. I recently purchased a PCUT laserpoint and have dabbled a bit. No business yet, but it's soon to come. Oh, and I'm a graphic designer at the happiest place on Earth. LOL. I look forward to getting to know everyone.
  11. Thanks for the info. I'm sad to hear's so easy to just push the cross-cut button. Hopefully this will be my starter machine! Thanks for the tip about the guideline.
  12. Hello all, I just received my PCut Laserpoint and already did test and sample cuts. I cannot figure out how to do a cross-cut to release the vinyl. Now, I am simply cutting it with sissors, but I have seen other machines that make a cross-cut so the vinyl is cut straight and clean. I have a friend with a much more expensive machine, and the functions are so much easier. Thanks for the help!