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  1. It’s kind of amusing that 3 years later I was throwing a weird scan error and ended up back here! My solution to mark scans is a bit different and thought I would share. I always load material and select option two when loading. This loads the material however doesn’t go to the edge like option one... only way I’ve ever been able to get cutting to work.
  2. Out of nowhere my graphtec fc8600 started cutting 3/16ths an inch off... I can't figure this one out. It seems like it's trying to use tool holder 3 instead of 1, its set up to use 1 and tool holder is in 1. ( I wish it were human error) In cutting master 3 there is no distance adjustments. In cut file, the cut lines are set up properly. The only work around I have found is to shift all cut lines down 3/16ths of an inch. Does anyone have any idea what exactly this could be? I have gone through the manual, double checked all settings, created a totally new cutting condition... but nothing is correcting this issue. Please help!
  3. Hello, 1) Everything matches up as far as registration marks on software, print and cutter. 2) Yes, loading based on registration marks lining up to straight edge of cutter. 3) Check. I've gotten a bit further in this journey. I kept throwing error E04012 : Exceed cutting area during -x detection. So I decided to turn the whole print 90 degrees and rotate it in cutting master 3 it reads registration marks perfect nearly every time, contour cutting is almost perfect, along with perf cut. It's still a bit off randomly. This "temp solution" however won't work in all scenarios. The solution in the manual doesn't lend much other than "exceeded detection area while detecting the registration mark. Solution: chekc the media. check the print postion of the registration mark. Also I printed with the H segment type 2 registration marks to try to better adjust cutting... My Cutting Master 3 locks the rotation at 90degrees and never reads the registration marks correctly. I figured there would be a learning curve with new pieces of equipment... but this being my 7th cutter I could not have ever imagined these headaches.
  4. I've gone through the ARMS calibration using a higher quality paper to get the registration marks to read. Adjuested the x & w offset based on those plotted pen marks, they werent off much at all. Went through where it plots its own registration mark, then reads it and plots again... got that dead on. Went to cut printed vinyl... Still off by a ton. I have now tried to cut both with flexi and cut master 3... I seem to be getting the same results. I just don't understand what is going on. It seems to be reading the registration marks just fine. Media is loaded straight.
  5. I printed out the ARMS sensor adjustment sheet, however I can't get the cutter to read the registration marks to save my live. Did a sensor level adjustment. Not helping. I went back to printed vinyl testing. I am now leaning in the direction of software errors. It seems to be scanning the registraiton marks just fine... however when it cuts, it's way off.
  6. Hello, I actually have the calibration sheet, but thank you for your time in looking. I just don't understand how it cuts fine one print, then the next one is screwed up. Printed a ton of identical prints to get testing here tonight.
  7. Hello, Recently picked up a new FC8600 and have been having issues with the alignment on contour cuts. Set up according to graphtec videos, I am cutting from AI > cutting master 3. 4 point registration. Lets say I have 2 rows of 6 rectangles to cut. It cuts the first 2-3 in each row perfect, then as it gets down the line it becomes more and more off. It tends to happen on multiple different printed shapes... As a test I just created a print that has a row of rectangles and two cut lines around that rectangle, 1 being right on the edge, the next .25" outside of that one. I sent the first rectangle cut on it's own, it was off after the first two rectangles. The second rectangle cut was then sent, and was dead on where it should be. So that leads me to believe that something is happening while scanning the registration marks, however it scanned the registration marks excatly the same both times, with no problems. Any input would greatly help out as this is driving me insane.
  8. Hello, I am very new to graphtec (fc8600). Having INSANE issues just like OP. I just read somewhere that graphtec has a hard time picking up registration marks on with glossy lamintates. They suggested using a matte tape to cover the registration marks. Haven't had a chance to try it personally... but could help?
  9. dtdm

    Flexi and Laserpoint 2

    Sorry, my post was very vague. I have flexi 8.6 which came with my Mutoh Falcon 2. I already had a gx-24 cutter upon purchase of the Mutoh. I print 30", I laminate 30" however I ALWAYS had to cut down to 24" (bottle neck) to fit into the Roland GX-24. This is wasting a TON of material. I will eventually upgrade to the Roland GX300 as I have had amazing runs with Roland products. Rather than purchasing a GX300 I opted to run the Laserpointer 2 for a few months as funds are all over the place at the moment. I have the uscutter flexi drivers which list the Laserpoint, not Laserpoint 2. I have tried the CT-640 drivers which pop up the manual alignment, however my Laserpoint2 doesnt respond, or activate the laser even when ran under those drivers. Thanks
  10. dtdm

    Flexi and Laserpoint 2

    So there are posts all over about the Laserpoint and flexi setups and complications. I recently purchased a Laserpoint 2, primarily just to cut some larger printed designs. I have been using my gx-24 but it bottle necks everything. Anyways.... I can't figure out which driver in particular works with the Laserpoint2? Any advice for anyone that has contour cutting up and working with flexi and the Laserpoint2?