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  1. I took 2 playing cards and put them against the left side and marked it with marker at the top alignment and bottom alignment ruler or just tape the cards to the machine put vinyl against cards put rollers down
  2. thats a good cheaper cutter, ive used mine for 2 years, not a bit of trouble, i have the mh871 i have my pinch rollers to where the threads are flush with the top of the nut. on the vinyl tracking you have to play with it some, run the vinyl back and forth for the length of the cut your making and adjust as in the posts above .i also get the biggest plastic playing card i can find and put up against the extreme rh side of the cutter feed ,at the front of cutter ,and then another card at the rear of the cutter feed tape them down tight to the cutter ,leave the inside with no tape on it ,it will give you a nice sharp edge to put the vinyl up against and it will give you a 90 degree to the cutter blade , you do know how to set up the vinyl and run it back and forth dont you?turn on the cutter load the vinyl,roll off enough vinyl to do the job [mine really doesnt like to hit the roll it will throw the tracking off faster than anything punch the off line button then go to the up-down arrows and mash the frt arrow to run the vinyl out the watch for tracking straight ,adjust try again once you get it tracking straight, mash the left arrow to get the blade where you want it on the vinyl when you get everything right hit the origin button and your ready to cut ,or set the cutting pressure and the cutting speed the up-down arrows control the cutting speed the left-right arrow s control cutting pressure after you hit the origin button
  3. bmc

    Placement of vinyl

    i use a nice plastic playing card on the front of the cutter, on the extreme rh side in frt of cutter, and also at the back of the cutter, tape the card stock down good ,it gives you a good straight 90 degree to the cutter, just run the vinyl up against it frt to back its in for me
  4. bmc

    VE LXi Master Plus 8.6v1

    ive used 7.5 and 8.5 and the ruler is acurate in them ,if ive got to tweek it ill do it in the production manager before i cut
  5. i really like my mh871,ive used it with no problems for 2 years and like it better than my roland pnc 950
  6. i have an old 950 roland camm1 it came with flexi5.5 dos operating system this thing is older than air have sinceupgraded to flexi7.5and win.xp and this roland will still out cut anything else ive had .cant tear them up
  7. hey ive had my mh871 for 2 years havent had a bit of trouble with it it will do every thing my roland 950 will do .good luck
  8. bmc

    need a some basketball images. Not team logos

    thanks, mike
  9. wait untill you see what the gov.can do for health care
  10. bmc

    What cutter to get?

    ive had great luck with the mh871,its never gave i bit of trouble in 3 years of cutting
  11. bmc

    i need a shotgun

    thanks i got these
  12. bmc

    Hunting and Fishing

    stu thanks so much
  13. bmc

    Hunting and Fishing

    there is a bunch here on graphic requests
  14. bmc

    Where to begin?

    welcome to the world of vinyl,this is the hardest and most fun thing ive done in a while, ive been doing this for 2 years now and im still not very good at it but i can do the basics and a little more, i sell mostly block letter signs ,yard signs etc.there is lots of sign making videos on you tube and here,most of the language is vinyl specific ,cutter ,plotter is the same thing,you will need a cut program to command the cutter[plotter],if you buy a us cutter it will come with a good cutter program,for free, you might need to look at the sign blazer forum here to get some basic knowladge before you will need to start with some vinyl,an exacto knife to weed with,weeding means to take the vinyl you dont want off of the decal you cut ,you will need some tape to transfer the decal to what your going to put it on, there is vidios to show you how to do that here and on you tube, when you make up your mind on what cutter to buy be sure to get a stand with it its much better with a stand .you will need to get computer literate also, the design part is what kicks my butt most of the time if you get much beyond the block letter stage ,you will need some design experiance from somewhere ,im slowly figureing it out ,be sure when you take a job on you give your self plenty of time and not to complicated at the start ,there are lots of sights to down load cuttable pictures and graphics from one of the best free places is right here on graphics help there is like 83 pages of vectosr these great people have loaded here [just be sure to think them when you down load stuff],any way read read all the stuff you can here look at all the videos several times each and you will get the hang of it good luck and happy cutting