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  1. So my old printer died and I had to get a new one. I thought everything was good until I went to print a copy of my work. I get this message: "No printer selected or an error has occurred with the printer driver." Admittedly I am not computer or tech savvy so I am at a loss for what to do. Any help that doesn't fry my computer would be appreciated. Thanks, Angus
  2. Plus I use my cutter with the plotter pen to layout new designs for leather work on a paper roll.

  3. They go with the pieces of metal work that are shown on them, that were acid etched using vinyl as a resist.

  4. Black Angus

    Acid Etched Jewelery

    I guess these didn't download in any specific There may be a double or two but most of the ones that look the same are actually different sizes or in different levels of being finished. I will be editing the names and descriptions as I can!
  5. Black Angus

    USCutter MH series

    Ok so I do some really intricate cuts. I have not had any problems with my cutter until I replaced the blade on it. I purchased a 60 deg blade set and had to reposition the vinyl because I tried to cut something that was way to intricate. Since doing so it does not seem to want to feed the vinyl properly and keeps bunching it up and the blade chews up the vinyl. This is not because of the blade I just cant seem to position the vinyl correctly. What am I doing wrong? I have not had this problem before and I am sure it is probably something I did. Can anyone help? I have an MH 721 and it is almost 2 years old and this is my first problem with it!
  6. Black Angus

    I need help with a couple of problems!

    Thanks! That helps alot... I am a computer moron trying to learn this stuff! lol
  7. First is there a way to skip a pattern once cutting has already started? I cut rather small patterns for jewelry and once in a while one is too small and it rips the vinyl apart, I was testing how small I could make certain patterns. One of the patterns did this and I just wanted to skip that pattern but I could not figure out how. Second once in a while certain patterns have extra lines that are not there and cut all the way across my vinyl through all of my other work. How do I stop this and what am I doing wrong? In SB these do not show up until I start cutting. Lastly, sometimes I just want to cut one small thing out at a time. Is there a way that when I cut out something else after cutting one item that I can move things in cut mode so they wont cut all the way to the end over what I just did? So far I just waste a couple of inches of vinyl, which I hate doing and cut a whole new section. Thanks, Angus
  8. Black Angus

    I make Jewelry with My Cutter!

    I have the MH 721. I use the cheapest vinyl I can find. For brass, bronze, copper, nickle and steel I use ferric chloride(pc board etchant) from computer stores. It takes about 3-4 hours and I do as many as I can fit comfortably in my plastic container. Ferric Chloride will not etch silver.
  9. Black Angus

    I make Jewelry with My Cutter!

    What type of metal are you etching?
  10. Black Angus

    I make Jewelry with My Cutter!

    LOL thanks!
  11. Black Angus

    I make Jewelry with My Cutter!

    First some dos and don'ts of etching....Do find a well ventilated area for etching always...Don't ever heat or etch galvanized steel or any metal that has a coating that you are not 100% about...Do choose the right etchant for the type of material you are etching...Don't ever touch acids without proper protection splash guard, vapor respirator, rubber gloves and a rubber apron...Do always keep baking soda handy when dealing with acid, as well as a wash bucket of water also always use plastic bucket and tools so if you don't get all of the acid neutralized it won't eat your tools! Next decide what part of the vinyl design you want etched and weed that part. The part you don't weed will be the raised area. Clean and sand the metal to be etched to at least 400 grit (that is the sandpaper grit). put your vinyl on like you would normally put it on anything else. Cover all uncovered areas that you don't want etched with vinyl or electrical tape. Use duck tape on the back of your piece to hold it across your acid tank upside down. Depending on what acids you are using depends on the time it will take for etching to finish. Check often so you do not eat through the piece. Use baking soda to neutralize the acid, wash in water and remove vinyl and tape. Finish off to your liking. This method can also be used for glass etching!
  12. Black Angus

    I make Jewelry with My Cutter!

    Thank You!
  13. Black Angus

    I make Jewelry with My Cutter!

    Acid etch! no electric. I like the background texture it gives...
  14. Black Angus

    I make Jewelry with My Cutter!

  15. Black Angus

    I make Jewelry with My Cutter!

    Here are a bunch on my flickr! All of my etching is done with vinyl as the resist! I am working on some buttons that are 1" in diameter!!! I will post them if they turn out!