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  1. J3werks

    New cutting light, now I can see

    I had a peice of plexiglass I use for my cutting tabel and I put these underneath. They seem to be brigh enough, and you can get more LEDs for about $6, this one is just $16 cause of the power source http://www.amazon.com/HiMart-White-Strip-Supply-Adapter/dp/B00II1MN5I/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1414812038&sr=1-1-catcorr&keywords=HiMart+3528+White+LED+Strip+light+with+Power+Supply+Adapter and they are adhesive backed so you can stick them anywhere
  2. J3werks

    This Years Work

  3. J3werks

    This Years Work

    These are the two cars I did so far this is, the other is the racecar I work that we do all are own vinyl on. I did a Jr. Dragster with chrome vinyl having a ripped design down the whole side of the car, I wish I had pictures of it but i have one more for the customer I had to do. When I was doing the install on the #25 car the customer did not want the final white layer on the door numbers like I did on the roof. The #18 I used some of the large red mirror lens from SW I paid $12 for on clearence! All in all the more jobs I do the easier it gets each time!
  4. You really dont need to use anything like a cast. On our sprint cars we use Oracal 651, and it held up to 20+ races last year and it was pressure washed every week. At the end of the year the vinyl still looked new. Also another thing to think about is you dont want to be too high on price because with a sprint car they might go through a wing or two a year. What you have to consider with a design is not to have too many sharp points because that is where it usually starts to lift. And Vinylmotivations, Oracal 651 will be just fine for the speeds. Our sprint car turns about 120mph average, and we have used 651 on our ARCA car when we went to daytona, so it will hold up to 170+mph, just all depends on how it was installed. For the price id be at $400(I am usually on the lower side for pricing), but the install can be a pain in the but with all the rivets on the wings and the compound curve on the tail, So your atleast in the ball bark, and not way too high. ToddHoddick.com
  5. J3werks

    GCC JR 61

    Thanks For the help. I was trying to mess around with the communication setting on the plotter and in the computer, I had them all set the same, but the last letter to show up for the setting on the plotter was a P, which I am assuming means it is trying to read from the parallel port, and it had no S option(serial if my logic is correct?). I am going to try and find a USB to Parallel cord within the next week. BTW this plotter has no USB port on it, although it has a hole with a cover over it where they are on the newer ones.
  6. J3werks

    GCC JR 61

    I recently acquired a GCC Jaguar JR -61. I have no manuals or anything with, I know the test cut works, and I found the drivers in Flexi, but It just wont cut. When I send a Job to the plotter, it takes a few minutes and then it gives me a write port error, what does that even mean? Any advice would be helpful at this point. Thanks, Jim Jones III
  7. J3werks

    Laptop enought for signblazer?

    I run Flexi 8.1 off my year old laptop, only a 32 bit OS, 3.25GB ram, and a 2.2GHz dual core Intel processor. The only time it seems to slow down is when I am working with large files in Photoshop CS4 and Flexi at the same time.
  8. J3werks

    Vinyl vs. Heat

    Put them on the valve covers. Many of the motor builders in my area put them on the valve covers and have no problems with the heat.
  9. J3werks

    ethics question

    Same thing just happened to me, SW sent me a 24 x 50 yd of 651 black when I ordered white. Im Just going to call them and see if they can just swap it out for me.
  10. J3werks

    Sharp lines at corner when outlining

    When I need sharp corners I use the drop shadow option, but set the offset dimensions to .001 for the up and down. Then just put the last dimension box value to the outline size you want.
  11. J3werks


    Just ordered my Epson WF 1100, and going to buy some material. I was wondering if anyone use the lexjet Glossy Vinyl with PSA (http://www.lexjet.com/p-2224-LexJet-Glossy-Vinyl-with-PSA.aspx#Overview) or should i just buy the Sihl 3988 Classic matte? Which do you use with your WF 1100? Thanks, Jim Jones
  12. J3werks

    Epson 1100 Driver

    So ive been doing a lot of research on the Epson Workforce 1100 printer, and im 90% positive I am going to buy one from cobra. I have just a few questions regarding the drivers and setting for it. The people using this printer with flexi, are you using it with just the standard print option (Not the RIP and Print for larger/high end printer)? If you are using the RIP and Print, what drivers are you using for it, because I assume if you print this way then you can contour cut with a cutter, where as the other way I am guessing you cannot? Also I see the max print size is 13" x 17", but I remember hearing of others printing upwards of 13" x 30". If you are using the normal print option, what setting do you use for the vinyl material (Sihl 3988) Any response will be greatly appreciated. Also, does anyone know if there is a transparent vinyl that works with this printer? Thank you Jim Jones III, J3werks Custom Graphics and Vinyl
  13. J3werks

    Striping Tape

    Where's the link? And do you have the product / series number?
  14. J3werks

    Striping Tape

    Where do you buy your striping tape from? I have a racecar to do, and i need striping tape for certain areas of it. I know Universal Products makes it, but i cannot find anyone who sells it. Well SignWarehouse does, but only black, Im looking for colored striping tape, like white, red, orange,a green, in various widths
  15. J3werks

    Getting vinyl to stick

    I cleaned it with alcohol, but i guess that night not be abrasive enough? Someone also told me to try 3m primer, and just prime it before i start.