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  1. Am using older Mac G450 with a NEC usb card & the PCUT630 USB & FlexiCut8 Starter The card is compliant with both the mac and cutter --the chip set is important, as described in other posts here. the biggest problem is getting drivers that are "conversive" enough to communicate with both Mac and Dos (pc) I did try several USB / pci cards and several drivers, but NO comprenda. I also tried different serial to usb cables. Most of that action was with another -very old- cutter. When I got this PC630 with the usb connection, I thought that it would be simple enough to set up, however.. the Flexi would not recognize any usb connections. . I was about to purchase a Keyspan serial to USB device, and thought to download the software first. Keyspan USA-19HS aka keyspanusadrvr -- there are several drivers for macosx, if one doesnt work, try another. if that doesnt work, buy the hardware. once rebooted, the cutter showed up in the Flexi setup and cut as expected. I found the 19-HS for less than $30 at Amazon, in retrospect, it would have been cheaper to get the Keyspan first, but then I wouldn't have all these extra parts on hand
  2. I finally had enough of wrinkly application tape pulling letters out of place, I got a dispenser -- got a do it yourself version from ebay, "Premask Application Dispenser DIY" , I could have bought a prebuilt, but I like the idea of being able to make more, and adjust the size to my needs. anyway, once I started using it, I can't see myself not using it. Too easy. made a short video to show what I wanted to know before I bought mine, I wanted to see if it were really worth paying for. -- cant upload video here, have to post and put link here, so 4 photos instead.-- hope this helps you if you are trying to make a decision on one of these devices.
  3. ticket ZWB-678726 As of August 4 2010 April May June ; cut several small jobs, working around the defect of skipping cut. Still no response from help ticket request. In mid July tried to boot cutter and found that it would NOT boot; screen shows
  4. I submitted a ticket on this 4 months ago, had a partial response. since then the problem is worse and in-spite of further messages left for them there, still no response. I was hoping to draw attention to the fact that this ticket is still unresolved.
  5. check the motherboard, mind did that and it turned out to be the connection clip was installed backwards, this caused the signal to the motors to be mirrored.
  6. flexi starter is the best software for mac, but to cut from a mac you need the Keyspan, uscutter should be bundling this with any cutter they sell "for mac" or at least making it available as an option. this is a Requirement for clean communication. yes other this will work, maybe, sometimes, sort of, save your self hours of trial and error and headaches, just get the keyspan.
  7. Karl

    Copam 2500 and mac

    flexi starter is the best software for mac, you can find it on ebay or other sites for a bit less than $90, but to cut from a mac you need the Keyspan, uscutter should be bundling this with any cutter they sell "for mac" or at least making it available as an option. this is a Requirement for clean communication. yes other this will work, maybe, sometimes, sort of, save your self hours of trial and error and headaches, just get the keyspan.
  8. flexi starter is the best software for mac, but to cut from a mac you need the Keyspan, uscutter should be bundling this with any cutter they sell "for mac" or at least making it available as an option. this is a Requirement for clean communication. yes other this will work, maybe, sometimes, sort of, save your self hours of trial and error and headaches, just get the keyspan.
  9. Karl

    Flexi STARTER 8.6 and Cutter MH721

    are you using a Keyspan adapter? uscutter should be bundling the keyspan with any cutter they sell "for mac" there is a major communication problem that is easily overcome by putting a Keyspan between the computer and the cutter.
  10. sir, my main use machine is a G4, 1.6 gh 2 gig ram, you could consider this "maxed out" for the G4 series, yes it can be pushed farther but... the G4 is not really comfortable with the demands of video. This one does run Utube and other videos well enough, the suggestions of lower rez and prebuffering will help, we presume that your web connection is wide broadband. but a G5 dual processor is a better option if you can do that. My second machine is a G5 2x 1.8 + 8 gig ram, (pre-intell) and has the power to do video well. Does this sound about right? the problem we face is that the newer software is requiring more machine to run it, so the software that delivers the video is asking the machine to step past its original design.
  11. Hello Mac-pc users, (pc = Personal Computer) over in Forum/ Software/ Signcut I have a topic called "flexi starter vrs signcutpro // looking deeper" If you are using a Mac to cut, you are using one of these programs, (if not please describe the program you are using) Please "chime in" with suggestions, how you are set up, how well the software is working and so on. It seems that the MSDos-pc version of flexi starter functions differently than the Mac-pc version. For those of us that don't have the budget for flexi pro, options and tweeks are needed.
  12. Karl

    Cutting speed

    Both actually, on the cutter is the best way to control cut speed, but in Flexi starter there is a dialog way in... in advanced, properties, cutter options: this is a before cutting command, to cut slower, or cut faster, or none. Just how much actual effect this setting has I dont know and have no realistic way to test it. And just what kind of effect the setting may have in combination with the cutter setting, / or conflict with, etx. see the clips below. If someone does have specks on this setting, please advise, i am interested / curious as to what this setting is intended for.
  13. Install Keyspan drivers from disk that comes with device, or check their site for latest version, use latest version. open System Profiler, under USB tree, keyspan should be listed, that lets you know its active and system sees it. USB works in the back ground in the Mac, when you go to SCP , see the "cutter" button, with the cutter on, click -- that should show a dialog of Manufacturer, cutter, >> Output device/ port << IF this does Not say xxx/xxx.KeySerialx << THEN use the pull down to find and select it. there is a link to their website for help/ also the "help" button shows some definitions.
  14. It would be nice to have a PDF take apart/ adjustments/ trouble shooting guide, is that something the manufacturer could do? -- or in the returns dept, where they are being repaired anyway, ? or maybe someone with an old cutter and a lot of experience.
  15. I have made a take apart PDF, posted the Text at http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php/topic,23535.0.html , posted the pdf for down load at http://freesolarinfo.ning.com/profiles/blogs/the-pcut-vinyl-cutter-take there is no electrical diagrams, but only the physical take apart.
  16. Karl

    Flexi Starter Or SignCut-X2?

    Just so folks know, my email provider went to a google based system, which then is redirected to my desktop mail program. The problem is that at the google mail site level there is a "spam" folder with a filter that is controlled by the google site, so some mail gets trapped in there, some does not. In this case both times that uscutter sent the email with the link in it, that particular email was tagged as spam -- and I never saw it in the redirected mail. I was quizzing my provider and as a result went to the google mail where I found and retrieved the email. If you happen to have a similar situation, be sure to check the google mail site spam folder, occasionally.
  17. Karl

    Flexi Starter Or SignCut-X2?

    CyberSultan, what specific computer and OS are you using? and did you have any difficulty setting up FS? Using Keyspan? I am trying to collect as much specific data as I can, hopefully the result of this compilation can be posted in the next few months, in the form of a Mac users trouble shooters help. thanks for the input.
  18. Karl

    What software is compatible with Macs?

    NCI Magisign = an Illustrator plug in cutting, $600 Flexi Pro = a full blown graphics & cutting, $2000 Flexi starter = a very simple graphics & cutting interface, $150 Sign Cut Pro = a plug in for several graphic programs, cutting only, Here are the current prices SignCut-X2 3-Months Subscription $36
  19. tip there are several brands, this one is by Scotch, it is a standard xacto blade in a protected holder, I have not yet tried to replace the blade, but it looks like you just use needle nose pliers and pull the old blade out, put a new one in. you just slide it along, it cuts, you have a reasonably straight cut. works great for trimming off cuts between jobs, when leaving vinyl in the cutter.
  20. Karl

    What software is compatible with Macs?

    Flexi, Flexi starter, SignCutPro look around the forum, or better do a search (at top of page), there are a pelethera.. palethera.. a whole lot of conversations on the apparently ONLY two cutting programs for Apple's Mac-pc. for example there are 6 conversations in this forum near the top of the page, specifically on Mac cutting & software. I have both, Fs & SCP, there are some basic differences in the interface, a note; when reading remember that the flexi for Mac and the flexi for windows are slightly different, And as a temp fix, Sign Cut does have a "rental" system, so you could use it for a month, several months, year, etc at a lesser cost. But it is a plug in for illustrator or other regular graphics program, so you will need that also. Flexi starter Mac is about $150 has a rudimentary graphics, highly recommend illustrator for creation of graphics.
  21. I have moved my cutting to a new(er) machine. Done a few test cuts with a pen rather than a knife, and have not had problems yet.! I do like many of the features in the flexi interface, and I do have a subscription to SCP, so will try to split jobs between them, just for comparison. The primary note I would like to make is this: the machine I was using: the older G4 upgraded Mac may have a glitchy motherboard, and as such could be contributing to the problems with data communications. Having moved to a tried and true later model G4/ seriously upgraded and in use for several years, and now cutting from same, I will know soon enough if the communications problems were Flexi or the old machine, or both. Lesson? :-
  22. Being more specific: I am using a MACpc, osx, in retrospect it may have been easier to have just bought an old MSpc to use for cutting, but then there is the extra software costs, extra space, extra Ethernet considerations, and the extra maintenance hassles that the MSpc requires. There are, as far as I can find, Only two programs for Mac, flexi & SCP. Flexi Starter for Mac is about $150, (with a dongle) the new version does have a "contour cut" // I have always just drawn in the contour I want, so I have complete control over it, so I don't have actual experience with the built-in contour tool. Starter has a very rudimentary graphics set, which I have found handy for quick "on the fly" corrections and adjustments. It also allows me to select one or a group of items and send that to the cutter, IF flexi functioned as it should, it would be well worth the cost, however: I have had nothing but trouble with it, it will not cut complicated anything, Flexi Pro for Mac is about $2000, that includes a full blown graphics program and a load of features. Help Desk: SAI, the one person I got to speak with was not sign experienced, really didn't know what he was talking about. The one email I got answered had this single line response: "the latest version of this software is at this link www" Opinion: Flexi should be giving away Starter for free, as a promo for their Pro version. I don't see the big problem in programming for the new Apple OS, it is Lunix after all. SignCut is a plug-in for a number of graphics programs, Here are the current prices for your information. SignCut-X2 3-Months Subscription $36
  23. Karl

    Flexi Starter Or SignCut-X2?

    1. more expensive at the outset, but less expensive when taken into account the hours and material wasted with flexi. :- 2. I already had flexi-jr trying to get an older cutter back to life. 3. when bought this cutter did not see (didnt notice) any free subscription 4. how do i go about connecting with that free subscription now? thanks SignCutPro guys,
  24. First time Set up and tested: Sign Cut Pro (currently using: Mac G4, OSX 10.4.11, Flexi8 v2 Starter, PCUT 630, SignCutPro trial) I am impressed with the overall abilities, but it does feel like an old ms-dos product, lacking in the level of intuitive interaction that I hope for. I did quickly run into two glaring problems: object selection and cutting orientation. 1. from Ai, open file, select one of many objects and select send to cutter, = cutter opens with the whole file, not just the selected object. I would like to see a direct "send selected to cutter" Not a workaround - which more or less already exists. or the obvious reworking the project in Ai, creating several files. 2. I find the round selection tool, and reselected the originally selected object. send to cut and Preview = A. all letters are treated like individual objects and placed on one baseline, removing all spacing. I did not ask it to do that, there is a process to select and group items for re-cut, This should not happen here. B. there is no way to cut across the cutter Changing cutter X & Y simply makes front to back long or front to back stacked letters. C. found the rotate tool, this does nothing to the cut orientation. More than likely there is a way, it just isn't obvious, and don't see anything in the Help file. Other things I noticed, SCP has a total material used calculation in the cutting window, they both have size of material by items selected to cut. Speaking of Help files: Note: SCP help is detailed for the software, while Flexi Starter's help is for the Flexi Pro version which covers a mass of info that is not available / not relevant, there by adds to the confusion. Even though Flexi starter wont cut anything large without messing up, there is much to be said for remedial graphic abilities in the cutter program, Flexi allows minor last minute adjustments, is much quicker in response time, and clearly shows the cut size shape orientation on the vinyl. SCP shows a preview of the cut & path, which also requires very specific steps to make adjustments. Neither allows user to chose cutting order, select a group and designate "cut object on left first, then next and so on" - flexi cuts objects in order they were created. Flexi had this response for "help" when request was made, "here is a link to the latest version." end of conversation. Not much support for their product, but SignCutPro has responses that are pertinent, detailed, and timely. :- Hopefully this post and answers will serve to educate not only me, but others new to cutter software, and help provide info to choose a product that best suits the person's needs.
  25. Karl

    Flexi Starter Or SignCut-X2?

    Can i presume that since this is a Mac board that you mean to ditch the MSpc? If still using the MS-PC Flexi has good reviews, as does SignCut, the main difference is the interface and SCP is a plug-in where Flexi is a program. if however, you mean to move to a Mac-pc, you may wind up with real problems using the Flexi starter. "quote" "Quote from: Speedoggy Have you gone into DEFAULT JOB PROPERTIES and changed your packet size to 1000 kb? Whatever is there erase and enter 1000, Also change the quality to medium, click apply and ok. --- I am running on windows XP, --- This design is 20" wide x 77" long --- I love Flexistarter." Yes and Yes, and more. The answer may be in this one line: "I am running on windows xp" Flexi may not be putting in the necessary time to make the software MACpc compliant, so for one: I probably would have been better off to buy a cheap MSpc for cutting, and I did not do the research into cutting programs that I should have , I am currently in the process of documenting step by step the set-up, settings, and problems I am having with Flexi, it is time consuming and have to work that in as time allows. "quote"