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  1. Cap

    Vinyl Supplier in Ohio?

    Thanks everybody. Ill have to find the post again, but there was a place I saw selling oracal 751 for $38 a roll ( 24"x10yds) Thats a considerable savings. Ill check out the link for Ohio suppliers.
  2. Cap

    Vinyl Supplier in Ohio?

    Looking for someone in Ohio that sells Oracal. Im just starting out and have been using Ordway and Advantage but they are a bit pricey compared to some smaller local suppliers Ive seen. I would like to support local businesses here in NE Ohio. Anyone got any ideas? Thanx
  3. Cap

    HI i'm from Las vegas

    Are you the one takes all my money when Im there? Welcome from NE Ohio
  4. Cap

    Another Noob in Ohio

    I too have been to Bellville to install telecom equip in the Central Office. Small world, welcome from NE Ohio.
  5. Its the same in screen printing. Forgetting to put a shirt on the pallet before you print, then you print the pallet. I am a service tech, I install and repair screen print equip. I tell all customers " I can tell you 100 times how not print a pallet, but until you do it a few times, you wont remember."
  6. Cap


    I use FlexiPro, you just select the text go to Effects then hit outline. This will add another tab on your design central dialog box. There you can set the thickness, color anything you need. It only takes a couple clicks, I would think it is very similar in other programs as well since outline is a pretty basic need for text.
  7. I have been to 100s of shops as service tech for screen print equip. Out of all the shops I have been to, even Central and South America, none of them use garments from a retail store. The quality just isnt the same. The sizing is different, the dye process is different and quality just isnt there. Compare the prices between Walmart and garment supplier, such as Broder Bros., the difference isnt that much. These shops even refuse work from customers that bring in their own shirts they bought at Walmart thinking they are saving themselves a couple bucks. The difference is really just a few cents and the quality is so much better. Just like everything else Walmart sells, it is manufactured FOR Walmart. The 46" Samsung HDTV there and the one at Best Buy are NOT the same. The one at Walmart is a lesser quality and fewer features, that is why it is cheaper than what appears to be the same thing at other stores.
  8. Ive searched the free clipart sites and nothing like what Im looking for. My buddy owns a towing company with the big wreckers. I do his graphics for the trucks. Anyone have a cartoon style big wrecker they are willing to share with me? Preferably big tires maybe flames coming out the stacks? I would be forever grateful.
  9. Cap

    my birthday shirt

    :DYou motor boatin SOB
  10. Cap

    Newbie cutting question

    thanks, Ill fiddle with the numbers a bit.
  11. have an Artsign 1360 with Flexipro 8.5. The cutter is working pretty good so far, except I notice on rounded text such as O,C, G etc the cut doesnt completely close. Its very minor as long as I weed very slow or it tears into the letter. But even when Im careful it still leaves a spot that you can see the 2 paths are slightly off. I can clean it up with an exacto but it does get to be a pain EVERY time. Is there a setting I may be missing to ensure it closes all paths? Side note, I do vehicle lettering and typically use Oracal 751. It seems very thin compared to some stuff I see out there. Is there another brand that holds up as well that may be a little thicker, 2.5mil or 3mil? And is it a little more FORGIVING on bubbles or seams and rivets. Im new and still learning to navigate these obstacles. Thanks
  12. Cap

    Artsign 1360 and signblazer

    I have that cutter, im using Flexi. But I set the cutter as a Rabbit HX-1360, I think I remember it said this one works with signblazer also.
  13. Cap

    Most popular t-shirt colors

    I agree with jheyne, unless you have a store front and want them to sell, just make it a habit of ordering a couple extra here and there. Your stock on hand will eventually grow. Ive even heard of some printers charging the customer. On an order of say 1000 shirts they allow for a 3% scrap rate so they charege the customers for the extra. If they dont scrap any then they get to keep the extra. If the customer will only pay for 1000 then they are told that any scrap will given to them but are not guaranteed to be "sellable". It works for some, other customers refuse this practice.
  14. You can use a ruler to measure and spend the extra time for each shirt if it suits you. General rule of thumb for a full front print is 3 fingers down from the bottom of the collar. Your best bet is find what is right for you and your shop and you must have your screen room on the ball. All artwork should be burned in the same spot every time ie... top of image is 6" down from the bottom of the screen frame. This way when you load your shirts in the same spot all the time then its always right on. Speed is the key and pre press is always where the most time can be saved.
  15. Cap

    Cheap Ebay cutter

    Sorry, yeah i guess that would be helpful. Its the Artsign as-1360.