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  1. Customers routinely claim issues with this model and send them back only to have us find no issue with them. Have you called into tech support yet, you can call us or call Graphtec for support. I would suggest doing this ASAP to get an affordable resolution...
  2. Brandon_Davis

    icc media profiles?

    Seems like there are mutiple resources for ICC profiles out there concerning the Mutoh after a quick google - good luck tracking that down!
  3. Brandon_Davis

    icc media profiles?

    Yeah... I think your correct Dakota... I thought ShineRite was only Inter-Cal vinyl ...
  4. Brandon_Davis

    icc media profiles?

  5. Brandon_Davis

    icc media profiles?

    What brand of material are you trying to print too?
  6. Brandon_Davis

    decisions, decisions . . .

    Depends on how wide you need... You can get a new Solvent/Eco-Solvent 24" Printer for well under $16000.00 Used is always a good way to go especially if you can have ownership properly transferred via the machines serial number and have the option of re-warrantying the equipment.
  7. Brandon_Davis


    Yeah I would go with a nice Powder Coat for a truly asthetically pleasing look - I know this is an older post but I was browsing and in fact I had a customer do the very same thing and it came out terrific! VendettaVinyl - is a great name by the way!
  8. Brandon_Davis

    need your help

    Without more information like, -Operating System -Cutting Software -Type of Cable used to connect cutter to computer -Type of Cutter It will be hard to point you into the right direction. Sounds like your assuming the settings should be exactly the same from computer to computer this can sometimes lead to a mistake in settings.
  9. Brandon_Davis

    iPhone - Vinyl "Death Grip" Protector

    TomL has one! Maybe he will post on it... TomL where u @
  10. Brandon_Davis

    Thanks BannerJohn

  11. I can understand this frustration...
  12. Brandon_Davis

    Which vinyl cuuter can I use.

    Most cutters can easily accomplish what you are talking about - however in what QTY are you considering do these decals and will it be an ongoing project?
  13. Brandon_Davis

    631 question

    Hockeygirl is right - you should try to tweak the cutter because 651 cuts like butter and should weed even easier. Make sure you don't have waste vinyl bits built up inside the blade holder and that your blade depth is properly set - the blade should just be visible and a good way to test the blade depth is to take the blade holder in your hand and just run it across some vinyl with moderate pressure. Check to see the quality of the cut if it is satisfactory then stick it back into the machine and away you go otherwise continue to test and adjust. We always say half the thickness of a credit card for blade depth as well if that helps.
  14. Brandon_Davis

    631 question

    For a vehicle and if long term application is intended you may want to look at a higher performance vinyl for a vehicle like 751 truthfully...
  15. Depending on the software being used to cut you might use either language.