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  1. Camel

    Delete Line Segments

    Try selecting the shape and right clicking, top, "convert to: curves"
  2. Camel

    no honor

    Totally wrong place for this. Flagged
  3. Camel

    Vectoring issue

    I would have vectorized the one star then made the pattern and used "group all" . Have you tried to "select all" then right click or vectorize from a menu?
  4. Vinylmaster Pro is definitely recommend for a pro level Shop. We recently switched to the DSR level and love it. Support and features are top notch.
  5. Vextoring tends to help, but your outline trick is fine too. Are you trying to do multiple images of the same image on a sheet?
  6. In the contour cutting screen do you see outline (%) setting, and the box with "keep holes" ? Play around with that and above the image select "split view" , helps me to see.
  7. I've received great support from vinylmaster, and haven't messed with the contour part until the last few weeks actually. Are you clicking the "apple" in vinylmaster to start contour cutting?
  8. From the USCutter Product page: (Its not hard to see) Contour Cutting Wizard Add registration marks, print, and cut from 1 screen - with helpful prompts from the software wizard. VinylMaster Cut is equipped to provide precise contour cutting whether your machine works with LAPOS (Laser Positioning Sensor) for manual contour cutting or ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark Sensor) for automatic contour cutting. Contour cutting, cutting the outline around a printed image, is perfected with VinylMaster Cut for applications like stickers and custom printed labels. The GUI that VinylMaster Cut offers provides you with diagrams to preview and modify before completing your contour cuts. This preview will even assist you in loading your media into your cutter correctly. VinylMaster Cut has an advanced feature to allow for sensitivity control over your cutters optical eye when using the ARMS feature. This feature ensures that your registration marks can be read when cutting matte, gloss, laminated or even reflective material. You can also try a demo, select which version upon startup, and play around with the features.
  9. Can you share your cut file with us? Sounds like you have multiple layers that are cutting.
  10. Camel

    Cutting Sideways

    Ya, it's been mentioned before that a check mark or some sort of Sign to let you know this has been ticked would be great. Happens a lot. Glad you're back going, you're welcome.
  11. BIG THANKS to Camel for very quickly solving my problem with Vinylmaster. I've literally lost sleep over this by staying-up fighting with it...gonna rest well tonight.  #props

  12. Camel

    Cutting Sideways

    In the vinyl spooler check the settings up in the tab, make sure the rotation hasn't been messed with.
  13. Thanks for the quick response. I was aware of the ability to add each page, just in my opinion, a GREAT idea for a new feature in an update would be to add all open pages so if you're like me and have 6 or 7 pages open with different orders you can group and nest within seconds Also I see that update link downloads the entire program again, I'm afraid it will overwrite my settings and start from scratch if I do that.
  14. In vinylmaster pro, can you select all open pages and send to a cut file? Say I have 3 pages open and two have like colors on two different pages and want to send them all to a cutfile to nest and cut, can this be done without having to send each page individually? Also my software is direct from vinylmaster, last update was 3/2016, is this still accurate and up to date?
  15. Thanks for letting me know. Do you know what the latest version is for Pro, mine doesn't seem to auto update without a direct update patch link.