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  1. looked at beacon but its listed as $245 for 15"x10 yards wtfs up with that
  2. i need to get some camo vinyl and i really like oracal 641 to be specific anybody help me out loooking for probaby 15" wide THANKS
  3. 1 st is for the local citys electric department charged em $12 a sticker and I will install em for them 2nd is for a local electric company that does big jobs mostly out of town charged them $225 if they install them and $300 if i have to install em.... they needed 3 sets of their logos for doors so (6 of these) and 5 sets of Texas Dot #'s So (10 of these)
  4. GameDemon

    Good Font for a logo?

    Whats a good looking font to use for a logo for a computer company? my uncle asked me to design him a Logo and i dont know what font to use any help greatly appreciated
  5. GameDemon

    My first double layer graphic

    thanks guys love the input LA Decal - nah i dont mind its called "BadaBoom BB"
  6. GameDemon

    My first double layer graphic

    i was bored and had a few scrap pieces of black and red so i decided to try my 1st double layer graphic i designed the logo for a camper i was gonna buy and decided against it so i just made it and slapped it on my workbench
  7. yes vista is present ... hmm my other laptop is vista also.... and my old laptop is kinda crap idk if it would work with the cutter verywell
  8. I purchased a pcut and they send me a cd i install and it still has the timer on it everytime i use it, it ads 1 second on to the wait time this is rediculous when you paid for the cutter and the software they need to supply a registration code to remove this or supply you with a program that doesnt require it.
  9. GameDemon

    first try at vectoring and cutting....

    +1 on getting that turbocharger.eps file Ps: looks great for your first cuts
  10. GameDemon

    First Project - Boat

    bump on getting the .eps?
  11. GameDemon

    This is what happens when I'm bored....

    Mind sharings the .eps file for the shooting stars those are sweet
  12. GameDemon

    First Project - Boat

    wow great work would you mind sharing the .eps files for the Skeeter part? Thanks
  13. GameDemon

    My Logo

    not to just jump topic on the thread but i myself have a quad thats my pride and joy 2008 Suzuki ltz400 black vinyls
  14. GameDemon

    My Logo

    Thank you Tempted muchos gracias ps: Nice quad
  15. GameDemon

    My Logo

    anychance on you posting up the desert bg for download?