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  1. CNC Pony Express

    Looks great!!!
  2. Couple of signs for little league dugouts

    Looks great mark. I got my k40 laser engraver in. Let me do some practicing on it and I'll post a few pics....
  3. Led edge lit signs with the CNC

    Looks great, Mark. I have a 40 watt laser engraver headed my way. I'm going to try the $me thing with.
  4. Font Help

    Thanks everybody. I think I've found something that he likes. Sorry for the wait on the reply. Just got out of the hospital. Had a double bypass. Still in bad shape but I'm getting better.
  5. Font Help

    Thanks. I'm doing different letters. The guy just wants this font.
  6. Font Help

    Could somebody help with this font? I've searched all I have and can't find it. Thanks in advance.
  7. Help Please

    Thanks Sue....
  8. Help Please

    Could someone help with this font. PSI is custom. I need Car Audio. I can't find it. Thanks Everybody...
  9. CNC machine

    That's exactly the one I'm looking at, Go-C.......
  10. CNC machine

    I don't have one yet Mark. But I'm looking to get one. I make wild game calls. I've got to get one for putting my logo on them.
  11. How was your Monday

    Pictures like this makes me glad that I live in the south..
  12. Flipping an image (Not mirror)

    I've never done much with sign blazer. I use corel X6. Here they are in separate pics if that helps.
  13. Flipping an image (Not mirror)

    What graphic design software do you use?
  14. Flipping an image (Not mirror)

    Glad I could help...
  15. Flipping an image (Not mirror)

    Is this what your talking about?