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  1. hockeygirl

    ????s about a printer

    That printer uses a dye-based ink, which requires coated media and is not waterfast and very low resistance to UV.
  2. hockeygirl

    Printer / Cutter System

    Where are you located? And I guess what's your definition of local? My dealer is about 2.5 hours away, but they cover my area (and even further) as part of their "local" service area.
  3. hockeygirl

    Printer / Cutter System

    Also, should mention that if you're printer is sitting idle, you're still using ink. The printer turns on every 6 hours for a head clean and it dumps ink into the waste tank as it's doing that. So, you should factor that into your cost as well. Understand that these printers need to be kept running, heads go bad when not being used.
  4. hockeygirl

    Printer / Cutter System

    I went the route of buying a dealer demo, got free delivery and onsite installation/training with it, and they also warranted my printer for a year. As far as cost, it depends on your media, quality and graphics.
  5. hockeygirl

    Printer / Cutter System

    You can add me to that list too. Love my Roland SP-300i. I also have a Graphtec 24", but rarely use it these days. I'd say 80% of my jobs are printed.
  6. hockeygirl

    Roland VersaWork question

    Awesome! Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know if you can insert the Roland VW crop mark for contour cutting when printing on a different printer, or if VW can read the cropmarks printed from Illustrator? TIA
  8. hockeygirl

    want to start printing onto vinyl

    Also, both of those printers you're looking at are dye/pigment combo (pigment ink for black, dye ink for CYM). So, the colors not UV protected and will fade quickly in the sun. At this point, you're better off saving your money and outsourcing your print jobs. Please also understand the cost of operating a printer before buying one.
  9. hockeygirl

    Just lost a customer... maybe

    If he's layering a multi-color cut vinyl decal, kudos to him, that's a job I wouldn't take. My point is, sadly, he's gone the route of thinking he can print his own vinyl decals on an aqueous printer and use it out on the water as a replacement of what I print on my Roland VersaCamm... Not to knock anyone, but I think there's a huge difference when you're talking about equipment cost of $800 vs $15000!
  10. hockeygirl

    Just lost a customer... maybe

    Yeah, since I'm pretty much part of the local wakeboarding community (used to compete) he thought I deserve an explanation of why we won't be working together anymore and don't want me to get weirded out when I see his decals out on the water... Now, the real question is... Would I recognize them when I see them, after it's been towed behind a boat for a day...
  11. hockeygirl

    Just lost a customer... maybe

    I would love to see them out on the water. Maybe I will get back into the competition circuit this year just for that...
  12. A (now former) customer just called to let me know that he's "firing" me, because his nephew just bought a brand new "really nice" 24" HP Printer with all the colors for $800, and can print his decals for half of what he's paying me... I told him I understand and quickly hang up before I start laughing out loud... btw, the decals are supposed to go on wakeboards and wakesurfers. All I can say is... wow! Wonder if he'll call me back in 2 weeks...
  13. hockeygirl

    Printable Mesh Banner

    You can call Ultraflexx and see if they can send you a sample to find out if that's what you need. A roll of 54"x50yd is about $200.
  14. hockeygirl

    A sign for Dakotagrafx

    Press-n-seal to keep the wound dry in the shower!
  15. hockeygirl

    A sign for Dakotagrafx

    Sorry to hear about the additional "findings" on your shoulder... Know exactly how that is. I'm 2 months out of mine (labrum, bicep & rotator cuff)... Good luck in PT!