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    Anybody have this?

    That looks like a piece of cake of recreate, why bother with a low quality trace?
  2. Hey everyone, I plan on buying a used sp series printer on craigslist, but it is about 4-5 hours drive. So how do i go ahead in transporting it, I do not own any printer so I do not know what I am expecting. I know I need to lock the heads with the blue fork thing, but what about the ink in the machine, will it leak if the head is locked? I also know I will have to remove the waste bottle and cap it since I am taking it off the stand. Any help guys?
  3. TandysGraphics

    Wavy/jagged cuts on GX-24

    I only saw test cuts, I did bring my laptop and a usb cable only to find out the usb port was broken. I guess I am going to sell this machine and just take a loss, lesson learned, not sure what else to do. I see another one on craigslist right now, so I might check that out, just not sure if I want to go through this whole experience of buying used to find out problems again...
  4. TandysGraphics

    Wavy/jagged cuts on GX-24

    That's what I did, and I need about 200g to even get it to cut and easly weed. If I had it on 100g, it wold barely mark the vinyl and not even cut through it. I just find it strange that the machine needs so much pressure to cut, the roland gx maxes out at 250g.
  5. TandysGraphics

    Wavy/jagged cuts on GX-24

    Update, New cutting strip helped a bit, but not much. Quick question, what is the "RIGHT" way of adjusting how much blade exposure? 1/2 thickness of a credit card? or adjusting it out so it will cut the vinyl and leave a slight score on the paper by hand then just up the pressure on the machine until you get the same effect? I noticed the first method would give me slight wavy cuts at times and requires about 90g to cut good, while the second method cuts perfect, but requires me to use 210g force and will scratch the vinyl if there is some contaminate on it. edit: using oracal 651 and a new clean cut regular roland blade, 60 degrees as I heard it is better for cutting lots of small details (1/4" or smaller details)
  6. TandysGraphics

    Wavy/jagged cuts on GX-24

    I seem to have the wavy-ness to a minimal now after fiddling a lot with pressure, blade exposure, and offset. I am starting to suspect it is the ebay cutting strip I used to replace the one on the machine because looking at the light scoring on the paper backing of the vinyl, I am noticing during a test cut, any wavy areas have a --- -- -- --- -- effect on the paper backing (it isn't one smooth line). I ordered a genuine cutting strip directly from the roland site yesterday, hopefully that is the problem.
  7. TandysGraphics

    Wavy/jagged cuts on GX-24

    Yes, it happens in both directions. I replaced the cutting strip a few day ago, I ran my finger over it and didn't feel any weird bumps as I removed all the old adhesive. Although I replaced it with an ebay strip, so maybe i'll try ordering a genuine roland strip.
  8. TandysGraphics

    Wavy/jagged cuts on GX-24

    Yes, it even happens on weeding lines. Here check this out, not sure if you can see it. This entire long weeding line came out wavy looking like this while the other one on top (not pictured) came out nice a straight which is why I am so confused why it isnt consistently happening to all lines. http://i.imgur.com/QvB5dG1.jpg Been doing some researching and could it be static build up?
  9. TandysGraphics

    Wavy/jagged cuts on GX-24

    The serial connection on the gx is a 25pin serial cable, so I had to get a 25pin to 9pin cable which would connect to the keyspan. I'll try slowing the speed down and seeing if it helps at all. I already tried resetting to factory default. It honestly looks like the blade isn't spinning freely in the holder and is kind of 'dragging' or something. I tried multiple holders and blades but I don't know. No matter how much I have the blade out, I need to use at least 60g pressure for a clean cut, could be a bad downforce solenoid?
  10. Hi guys, I recently purchased a second hand gx-24 from craigslist hoping to replace my uscutter sc, but only been having problems. Off the bat, the USB port was broken (maybe fixable if I try to solder on a new usb connector port on the main board), so I've been using a keyspan + null serial cable to cut from the machine. It cuts great and all, but the only issue is that I am getting occasional wavy or jagged-y cuts when it is doing lines (horizontal, diagonal, vertical). I tried using a new clean cut blade, new blade holder, replace cutting strip, and same issue. Also tried oiling the blade holder bearing and na-da. My Uscutter SC cuts the same design perfect, I even tried the blade holder from that and same issue. I am totally lost to what the issue could be. I am using SCALP to cut using uscutter as my default plotter settings as the gx-24 setting in SCALP only detects USB. Also tried roland's cut studio and same issue. Also another issue is that I would hardly need any pressure on the uscutter sc (like 40) while on the gx I need about 70-80 with the same blade holder and depth. Normal? I am running the same speed on both machines, 200mm/s. Any ideas?
  11. TandysGraphics


    I would print 6 on them together on a sheet for each color and layer 6 at a time. Or if you are feeling ballsy, layer all 12 on 1 sheet, then cut them out.
  12. TandysGraphics

    Shipping with envelopes?

    Thanks guys, Really helpful so far! I am assuming shipping with envelopes are safe then, no issues with bent decals or such? I can't seem to find any good deals on #14 envelopes for only a 100 pk (instead of 500), so I am going to try those regular #10 envelopes 4 1/8" x 9 1/2" for now and make smaller decals.
  13. Hey guys, new to the whole cutting world (just got my cutter last week), love it so far. I plan to expand a bit to the online world but have a question on shipping to give customers a fair price. My orders will mainly be car decals less than 11" wide. Should I go with USPS first class and just mail them in an envelope or should i sandwich them between 2 pieces of cardboard, tape it up, and slap a label on it? I was thinking about getting a #14 size envelope which is 5x11.5" which would be plenty tall and wide, but I am unsure if this will ship with just a $0.46 stamp on the corner since it is bigger than a normal envelope Also, what do you guys do for things that would be bigger than 11"? Roll them up and make a homemade triangle out of cardboard then USPS first class? Any insight from you big online selling gurus would be great!