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  1. prettybird

    Shelf life of 651 vinyl?

    Thanks for all your input everyone - I guess I'll tell him he probably shouldn't try to store any for later on.
  2. prettybird

    Shelf life of 651 vinyl?

    Hi, does anyone know what the shelf life of the Oracal 651 vinyl with transfer tape applied to it would be? I have a customer that wants to buy another piece of something and save it for later just in case but he wants to know what the shelf life would be. Thanks, Deanna
  3. Thanks - I will check out the T-Shirt Factory stuff. The vinyl items I cut now are more for wall words, etc. so they probably wouldn't work on t-shirts too much. We will probably design our own too as time goes by but we are just getting started so I'd like to get some stuff I can just print too
  4. Hi, does anyone know where I can buy t-shirt designs that I can print myself? We are getting a heat press to start doing some t-shirts and we have a Roland printer/cutter so I would like to print some designs myself but I don't know where to buy them form. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. prettybird

    Stencil Material?

    Hi, I would also like to know where to get stencil material. I've read that some people use 7 mil mylar and I was wondering if anyone knows where to get that? Also, I have a Roland SC500 - does anyone know if I could use that to cut the mylar if I can find some? Thanks
  6. Thanks - we will try to contact graphtec and see what they say, or maybe take it to our local repair place
  7. We tried to reset it, still no changes. Does anyone know if there is a way to test the main board to see if that's it before we spend the money? thanks for the help
  8. Thanks, I found that manual also and tried to do some things and it won't do anything. The only thing it seems to do is turn on. It doesn't register media, and none of the buttons do anything if you push them. It doesn't ever change from the first screen I showed in the picture. The trouble shooting tips in the manual don't seem to help either. I emailed sign warehouse and asked them if there is a repair manual for it that I can get and they said there isn't one available and they thought maybe it's either the power or the main board went out. We'd like to know for sure though if possible before we start buying parts for it. We got a really good deal on it because we bought it as is without seeing it work first (even though they swore up and down that it worked great). We heard these were good machines so we didn't mind putting a little more money into it if needed, but don't want to buy parts we won't need.
  9. Hi, we recently got a Vinyl Express Qe60 vinyl cutter. We got it used and were told that it works good but we can't get it to work. It will turn on, but none of the buttons do anything and it won't cut anything. I've posted a picture of what the display says when we turn it on. Any suggestions on what we can try or what it could be? Thanks, Deanna
  10. prettybird

    instructions on vectorizing?

    Yay! I worked! Thanks again
  11. prettybird

    instructions on vectorizing?

    Thanks, I'll give this a try. I appreciate all your help
  12. prettybird

    instructions on vectorizing?

    Hi, thank you for the instructions! I really appreciate the help. Sorry for taking so long to respond. I tried to reply but I couldn't get on the forum for a few days because I was getting an error for some reason and then I got really busy. But when I try to do the steps above, that makes it so I can cut all the colors separately, but all I want to do on this one, is get a cut line around the outside of the gnome because I am going to print it out. So I can use another program to paint over the black circle that is around the gnome and get rid of that, but I can't seem to get it to make a cut line only around the outside of the gnome, so I would I do that? Thanks again
  13. prettybird

    instructions on vectorizing?

    It has more colors than black and white. It has black, blue, green, red, white and tan. (the person that made it doesn't want anyone to use the picture so I don't think I can post it.) When I try to vectorize, I click on the black part so it outlines the black but there is also black lines in the other parts of the picture that it is also putting cut lines on. (there are black lines on a white beard and stuff like that). So how can I make it only outline the outside part and not the other parts? I really appreciate the help
  14. prettybird

    instructions on vectorizing?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that (painting the black part white) and then I opened it in flexi and tried to contour and it won't contour, so I clicked on vectorize and then on autotrace and it looks like it put a line around the outside but it also put several lines on the gnome too so it looks like it wants to cut more places than just around the outside. How do I get it to just vectorize around the outside? (is this something I should be able to do in Flexi or do I really have to use another program?) thanks
  15. prettybird

    instructions on vectorizing?

    Been trying to use that and haven't been able to figure it out so we need a little more help