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  1. Daniel T

    old vinyl guy

    Daniel T here. just wanted to say hi. iv'e been a long time member but not active for quite some time. now reading the forum again
  2. Daniel T

    latest job

    Frogg, i need an address to send your vinyl to. let me know soon as i'm headed off on vacation soon. take care daniel t.
  3. Daniel T

    latest job

    FROGG the newbie you da guy! congrats!!!!!!! you are the winner! $39.00 short of my actual bid for the 2 vehicle job. I will send your other e mail a message regarding your winning. i cut this job with a refine 24" cutter except for the red stripe which was cut with a 6ft straight edge. on the first rig i even cut the 1/4in pinstripe on my refine. each side had different doors , positions and sizes. careful measuring, a soft squeegie and lots of pateints made this a great job. i did screw up during the cutting of one side stripe. i left the cutter unasttended and came back to find 200.00 dollars of reflective vinyl on the floor and jammed up in the cutter, completely ruined. i'd love to do another again . take care, daniel t
  4. Daniel T

    latest job

    ok you guys here is my latest job. all reflective vinyl. the red stripe is bordered in gold reflective pinstripe and the blue stripe is bordered in reflective red. take a guess what the bid was for two identical units. I'll send 2 yds of holigraphic vinyl to whoever comes closest. guesses must be posted in this thread and will close at noon on Sunday. good luck, daniel t.
  5. Daniel T

    Need advice on shipping a banner

    i have boxes that 24" vinyl came in along with the plastic end caps. roll the banner up on the cardboard tube like John sayz and finish it off with a little application tape for protection. daniel t.
  6. how about something with some old vinyl discs. i think they were called "records" or something like that. daniel t
  7. Would anyone care to share what pricing formula you use to provide a quote to a customer for removing old vinyl from cars truck or trailers?
  8. Daniel T

    Design Help

    thanks for the extra info. i have a few ideas that i can get back to you with later tonight (wednesday) daniel t
  9. Daniel T

    Pizza Hut Pasta!

    Ziti! the meat flavored pasta. 50 feet outside of the garage doors oh yeah!
  10. Daniel T

    forum promotions?

    John, you certainly deserve this promotion. your presence here has helped so many people to accomplish so much more than they ever realized. keep up the good work. daniel t
  11. Daniel T

    Design Help

    i would be glad to help but need more information. do they have established colors? men or women league? what's the story behind the team name ? and any other information that you can think of. daniel t
  12. Daniel T

    What type of vinyl to use on vinyl tire covers??

    i agree with firemalt. you will never be disapointed using a good, quality material. however if you decide to screen them use a second screen and gang up all of the names that you need,a little extra tape and time will get the job done. have a good weekend, daniel t
  13. Daniel T

    Decals I just made

    good work. got a bigger pic of the bike? take care , daniel t
  14. Daniel T

    first sign questions

    Make your sign as a banner. No frame, no wood, just a couple posts. make it a digitally printed banner with your department's vehicles in the background and some firefighters in turnout gear wearing monster makup. apply the "date" information by hand and you can remove it afterward so that it is ready for the following year. daniel t
  15. Daniel T

    Teaching an Old Dog some New Tricks

    welcome to the forum, lots of good information here. enjoy! daniel t