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  1. Well I am back once again... Been gone for a while but I need to upgrade my machine.. LONG story short I worked with a Graphtec and realized just how bad my machine is... I can't afford a Graphtec but need to ditch my R31... Looking at doing this this weekend as I have a few runs of vinyl and 100 shirts to do this week.... Looking at the GCC Expert 24 but am open to other suggestions... Maybe the TC series... Looking at around the $600 range for a machine that will cut 23"-24"

  2. Thank you for fast response! I tried to upload but it says"You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file" Not sure why. My files have extension FS Many Thanks!

    If you haven't resolved this they files would need to be put into a .zip folder in order to be posted.

  3. There are free trial versions available floating around... Whether or not they have the same exact features I can't say but it may give you a better idea on the layout and UI of the program.... I would post links but all of them appear to also be selling the software...

  4. All the wall art I do if there is ANY texture to the wall at all it just takes patience.... Wrap your hard card with paper towel and keep pressing and pressing and pressing some more... Then slowly peel away your transfer pressing the actual vinyl when needed..... Also make sure the wall is very very clean watch what you clean the wall with as most all cleaners seem to be extra bad with leaving residue on painted walls....

  5. try some generic stuff that would appeal to bug owners. Peace symbols and hippie type stuff always go well with the bus owners.

    We had a festival here over the summer that was a long weekend (Friday-Monday) It attracted A TON of "Hippy" style VW lovers.... I had a few things set up to show them but on Friday ALONE I had over 100 requests for TIE DYE shirts and bandanas. I sent somene first thing Saturday morning to me local supplier to buy tie dye shirts... She came back with 180 shirts... I was OUT by Saturday at 8.. All I was putting on them was a HUGE Peace sign on the back with Muskegon, MI 2012 in White transfer with Peace and love on the front .... I was selling them for $18 ea... The craziest thing is the biggest buyers were the younger crowd. It's the only festival I already paid for for next year and reserved a larger spot... We are looking at setting up tubs and a section for people to dye their own shirt if they want... Haven't decided on that yet... Sorry to hi jack the thread just thought I would add to what John and hinted in on... I was blown away at the requests...

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