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  1. Dr12volt1338

    Johnny 5

    Before I tear off and start to vector one does anyone have a good cuttable Johnny 5.... I just came up with a good idea for a T Shirt for a friend..... Thanks in advance...
  2. Dr12volt1338

    Johnny 5

    WOW.... I feel ashamed to admit I never knew I could search for the black and white clip art like that......... Good thing I waited until the last minute today to learn something new..... I can now rest easy... LOL Thanks again... I cut 2 and they will be perfect
  3. Dr12volt1338

    Biggest Weed to date

    THANK YOU FOR THE SHARE!!!!! Come on guys 53 Downloads and this is the first Thank You............
  4. Dr12volt1338

    Johnny 5

    THANKS!!!! I will make that work.... I was having a hard time even finding an image to vector..... Where did you come across that at?
  5. Dr12volt1338

    Lost File Previews in SB

    You always have to ask the obvious you'd be amazed at how many people will fight an issue for days and days without trying a restart.... I have heard they are working on an updated version of signblazer...... It has been a rumor for a while now.. It's just like any Windows system there are going to be glitches... You could have installed an update for Windows that corrupted a file in the SB somewhere who knows.... I hope it works for you.... If it doesn't then we know it is something within Windows if it showed all the previews before..
  6. Dr12volt1338

    Lost File Previews in SB

    Yes thats what the box should say. I wasn't at a computer that I had SB on and I couldn't remember....Have you tried to restart your computer? If that doesn't do it I would say maybe try to reinstall SB... I had an issue a while back where I wasn't allowed to save files over a certain size and once I reinstalled it was fine again...
  7. That looks like the way to go it's for a Pcut so you know it will work and it's cheaper...... Good Find SKEETER!
  8. http://www.cutterpros.com/Vinyl-Cutter-Plotter-Part-Creation-CRXXXX-Teflon-Cutting-Strip.htm Found this on google... Maybe you can contact them and get a width on it to see if it will work..... How bad is yours can you take some sand paper to it?
  9. Dr12volt1338

    Just need saved as CS3 File Please

    LMAO It's Friday you're not supposed to be reading or thinking this late in the day.... At least it's late here 4... It's probably only 1 or 2 there.....
  10. It looks like it has a felt pad on the bottom... I think that is more for lamination then doing transfer vinyl.. I'm not saying it won't work but if it where me I would go with the one for 149 from UScutter and get the teflon sheets with it... it's a swing arm so it will swing out of the way makes loading shirts and lining up prints on them much easier.... just my .02
  11. What are you planning or pressing with it? http://www.uscutter.com/index/page/product/product_id/2213/category_id/5/product_name/Economy+9%22+x+12%22+Swing-arm+Heat+Press%2C+110v For about the same price you can get a swing arm press which I think would be better for doing shirts
  12. http://www.uscutter.com/index/page/search?FullText=Search+by+Product+%23+or+Keyword&FullText=cutting+strip They have the 24" ones I would call Customer Service and see what they suggest...... I would assume most any 48" strip would work....
  13. Dr12volt1338

    cowboy's star

    http://www.brandsoft...allas%20cowboys Thats actually a pretty simple image to recreate also but the star is there...
  14. Dr12volt1338

    Just need saved as CS3 File Please

    It was created in a new version of Illustrator all he has is CS3.... CS3 wouldn't open it because it was created in 4 or newer
  15. Dr12volt1338


    From the album: 2011

  16. Dr12volt1338

    Just need saved as CS3 File Please

    Try this I have CS3 also but I did it in Flexi and it opened in CS3 2012 Seal.eps
  17. Dr12volt1338

    what am i doing wrong?

    They offer a cheaper pay as you go service on their website... I think it was like $3.99 each time you used it... They also will give you 1 or 2 trial runs with the online version....
  18. Dr12volt1338

    What can my Epson 4880 do?

    You can print on Aqueous vinyl with that... Mactac makes a very nice product.... There are methods of laminating that will help with outdoor durability but since it is not a solvent style ink it is better utilized for indoor use only.... Looks like it will print some very high quality photos I would definitely look into custom style prints like that...... There are a lot of products out there.. I have even seen photo paper with an adhesive back you could do a lot with that..
  19. Dr12volt1338

    what am i doing wrong?

    That was one click in Vector magic. Took about 45 seconds to do it.... I could probably clean it up and have all the colors even in less then 10 minutes..... I have run images through that were higher res. and had a perfect vector in a matter of a minute or 2.... I had an company come to me a while ago with a very intricate custom logo they wanted me to redo and put on a few trailers and a couple trucks they also wanted 150 shirts and 50 hats done so that job alone paid for the program and saved me a weekend of vectorizing in Inkscape.... In my case it was WELL worth it....
  20. Dr12volt1338

    what am i doing wrong?

    It needs some cleaning if you look close there are some jagged edges that will need some minor attention.....
  21. Dr12volt1338

    what am i doing wrong?

    No I use Vector Magic Best $300 I ever spent
  22. Dr12volt1338

    Lost File Previews in SB

    In the Open screen is the "Preview" box checked?
  23. Dr12volt1338

    Fastest way to do bulk order of multi colored decals?

    If it is a solvent printer they hold up very very well....
  24. Dr12volt1338

    Wrestling belt

    I agree you need to add something to the sides the help lead to the thought of a wrestling belt... Just looking at it I wouldn't have a clue what its supposed to be.
  25. Dr12volt1338

    Sign Blazer to Adobe Illustrator

    Mine used to but since I upgraded to the All Cutter version it doesn't anymore.....