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  1. Dr12volt1338

    how to put colors in different parts of an image

    Sounds like its not un grouping or splitting them... Try posting the .eps and I will take a look....
  2. Dr12volt1338

    how to put colors in different parts of an image

    Make sure you are selecting the WHOLE image before you split it.. Once it is split you should be able to select individual sections... Which on that only appears to be 2 colors.... or sections... maybe 3 if it has a white layer and not just a cut through...
  3. Dr12volt1338

    need a little help with font

    Do you mean the edges of the font or the plain the text is on? If its the edges of the font look at it in the cutter screen and make sure its not just the low resolution in Signblazer.
  4. Dr12volt1338

    Biggest Weed to date

    Should also be able to import it into Flexi... I know I can with 8.6
  5. Dr12volt1338

    First time user

    MB is right most any image will look like it has bad edges due to the low resolution of the program... Try cutting a small one I am willing to bet it will be ok...
  6. Dr12volt1338

    More Free Vinyl

    I got some from the 3M website a few weeks back... actually got some really NICE display packages of their line has like a 3"x5" piece of all their films... And a roll of overlam
  7. Dr12volt1338

    Clear tape

    Start with the top layer and work your way to the bottom then you won't have to remove the tape until it is time to apply....
  8. I know in Flexi I can do it either by setting a space between them or add a transparent outline in between the colors.... IN SB add an offset to the outline that will space them away from each other....
  9. Dr12volt1338

    grommet press and grommets

    I've never used one I got but by the cheap bug on this one. Hammering is only 1 Whack and they cut and seat them selves... But I would google search for grommet presses see what you come up with. Read the reviews and see what people who have used them think.
  10. Dr12volt1338

    Help deleting Signblazer

    As a vague description there are entries in the registry that need to be removed... Unless you know what you are doing I recommend not searching around and trying to delete the things from there...
  11. Dr12volt1338

    Shipping Heat Transfer Vinyl?

    I used parchment paper when I shipped... There are other options available that don't utilize an adhesive face on them.......
  12. Post looks suspicious there were a couple made but I use a generic invoice and estimate form I found for Microsoft word and use that... My whole system is more steps then it needs to be but it is really easy for me to stay organized and account for everything...
  13. Dr12volt1338

    Some shirts I made with my new press

    Looks good!
  14. Dr12volt1338

    Did I sell myself short?

    Before I started cutting my own stuff I had a few things made for me and all the local shops the cheapest I found was $13.60 a square... Most of the guys around here use RichCal which has the same warranty and life of 651 and we pay $24 for a 24"x10yd roll..... free shipping.
  15. Dr12volt1338

    Did I sell myself short?

    I would have charged around the $225 for the vinyl plus an install fee.... So by my math and the way I do it he charged properly for the vinyl but didn't charge an install fee. To be more exact you have 14.555555.... square feet of vinyl.... at $12 a square it comes out at $174.67. Even if it is a simple design I would have charged at minimum $25. That puts it at just shy of $200 so..... The first time I just ran it in my head and threw a ballpark out there I knew I was close... I would say over all he did very well for having NO extra overhead but since I have a little more overhead than most and am in a market where most all the guys in my area either won't touch a job that small or can't handle a job that large I fall into the category of being able to charge a little more.... Without seeing how simple the design was or knowing how much time he had on the vectorizing I would say he charge good for the vinyl and his computer time but tossed in the install for free.... now when I first started out and was trying to get my name out there I probably would have done it all for the same $200 or so to get my name out there but now that I am established I can charge a little more and still beat my local competition..... I hope this doesn't sound rude or cocky.... I just thought I would explain myself better and its been a long day......
  16. Dr12volt1338

    Did I sell myself short?

    By my math you pretty much installed them for free.... ASSUMING you used just regular 651 or something similar...... What you have to look at is.... 1 You didn't lose money 2 Did you make the customer happy? 3 Will you get more business from this in the future.... Considering you are doing this from home I would say you did alright.... Again assuming you didn't have to drive 100 miles for the install and assuming you weren't there for 10 hours doing this........
  17. Dr12volt1338

    Help Please

    WOW!!! is John under the weather or something??? These spammers are out of control!!!
  18. Dr12volt1338

    grommet press and grommets

    How many banners are you planning on doing? If they are few and far between order rolls and cut them.... Otherwise I used to use a Hammer punch and die I bought from my local hobby shop... I think I paid like $12 for it. If you are going to do A LOT of banners then for sure go with the benchtop lever action... The big auction site has many to choose from....
  19. Dr12volt1338

    First job

    Looks Great!
  20. Dr12volt1338

    Converting a .dxf file to .eps/something that we can use..

    Put it in a ZIP file and you can upload it and I can convert it for you.
  21. Dr12volt1338

    mh721 cutting through design

    How is your machine connected? Do you have the cutter ground to the stand? Make sure it is grounded and try switching to a serial connection.
  22. Dr12volt1338

    My first succesfull work! (finnaly not)

    Either a prep thing or you didn't shrink it properly to fit the contour of the fender.
  23. Dr12volt1338

    HELP can't cut need a work around

    You could set the cutter up as a network cutter but I believe you would still have to have a working version of signcut on the other computer..... What about downloading Signblazer for the cutting computer and using that to import and cut your designs?
  24. Dr12volt1338

    cowboy's star

    The low life spam bots are at it pretty hard the last 36 hours......
  25. Dr12volt1338

    Driving myself crazy

    There is A LOT of shading in that that will cause issues.... This is a decent start here but it will need lots of cleaning, color alteration, and welding...... Untitled.eps