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    Flexi 8 and cutter few questions..

    What version of Flexi 8 is it? You should be able to select the jobs in the Production Manager and delete them using the trash can and abort buttons just above where it lists the jobs......
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    Best Software for Graphtec CE500-60

    Thats a good deal on the LXi!
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    help with this

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    We had a festival here over the summer that was a long weekend (Friday-Monday) It attracted A TON of "Hippy" style VW lovers.... I had a few things set up to show them but on Friday ALONE I had over 100 requests for TIE DYE shirts and bandanas. I sent somene first thing Saturday morning to me local supplier to buy tie dye shirts... She came back with 180 shirts... I was OUT by Saturday at 8.. All I was putting on them was a HUGE Peace sign on the back with Muskegon, MI 2012 in White transfer with Peace and love on the front .... I was selling them for $18 ea... The craziest thing is the biggest buyers were the younger crowd. It's the only festival I already paid for for next year and reserved a larger spot... We are looking at setting up tubs and a section for people to dye their own shirt if they want... Haven't decided on that yet... Sorry to hi jack the thread just thought I would add to what John and hinted in on... I was blown away at the requests...
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    Screen Printing Shirt

    Shirts look good!
  6. Dr12volt1338

    Looking for feedback

    I would say that is entirely based on the amount of requests you get...... That's alot of ink pens at a $1 or $2 ea. to recoup the start up costs... But if it will coincided with what you do now to where you could put together packages then that would be a plus..... With what I buy my pens for online I wouldn't consider trying to do my own.... But that's just me.
  7. Just keep an eye on those drivers... I use the same ones on my R31 and after a few months they all of a sudden went berzerk... It wouldn't cut the design properly leaving parts out and random shapes and lines within it.... If you look on their forum and search you will see this issue time and time again.... If you have the option I would go to a Serial... Also on the usb the on screen controls for contour cutting never worked properly either.
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    The vinyl express ones will work also...
  9. Dr12volt1338

    First cuts

    Ok I couldn't remember for sure if SB offered the ability to change the position of the cutting head or not.... But I believe you can move the design acrossed the vinyl on the screen you posted.......
  10. Dr12volt1338

    First cuts

    Yes in order to move the head to a new starting point you have to do it from the controls of the machine... With the higher end units you can move the head via controls on screen on the computer.. Mine work that way when I am lining something up for a contour cut and only since I went to a serial cable.... If the eyes on Android are white on the green select the head and eyes and compound them... That should punch them out and cut them....
  11. Dr12volt1338

    First cuts

    I love the android on.... Check on your file and make the the eyes aren't supposed to be another layer of vinyl just placed on top... I think that is how my file was and I had to weld them to get them to cut through.... What cutter are you using?? Is this still the SC you were having issues with?? I may have to get a different one I don't think mine would cut the small detail in the drops above the can like yours (in the Bender one) without pulling the centers out... As far as the star goes Flexi offers a "Show Me" button the will do a dry run on the perimeter of the cut to show you where your edges will be.... Seems to me that SB offered that also but I could be wrong.
  12. Dr12volt1338

    First 2 color decal...what happened?

    Thats how my Flexi works also... Thats why I asked if he could import them both into signcut and size them side by side.... Only thing I can think of is maybe when he is sizing the car the import settings have the size in CM and not inches.... But again I don't know why or how that would happen... Unless if you have it set up as 2 layers and the lettering is the one in which you have allowed the extra room for the car... When you import it into Signcut that does not recognize the extra black space there that is supposed to be alloted for the car and it is selecting just the text and scaling that and not the while layer..... Or vice versa could be the case also.... I think it has something to do with having it in 2 layers.... Try importing them both at the same time into Signcut and sizing them together in seperate colors then cut them... make sure on one of them it is leaving room to physically layer them....
  13. Dr12volt1338

    wing span graphic.. what are they called??

    IMO that is pretty small 6x6 for all that detail... If you already have shields I just did a search of wings and there are a lot of sites that offer instant downloads of wing libraries for for around $10..... All I have is a set of Angel type wings.... Angel Wings.eps
  14. Dr12volt1338

    Having a terrible time with Siser..

    I did some small names with an iron and it was a PIA..... trying to get enough pressure was almost impossible..... I agree with Jay try more pressure.... I have to put some ARSS into my press to get it to clamp shut....
  15. On a side note I am VERY happy to see a fellow Android fan..
  16. Go to a serial connection... The USB drivers with the entry level cutters are very hit and miss.... Some machines and systems work flawlessly while others have issues.... I had this issue with my cutter (a different brand but same idea entry level with chinese USB drivers.) worked fine for about 7 months then one day started doing the exact thing you are seeing... I went to a serial connection and it has been perfect since....
  17. Dr12volt1338

    Vehicle Wrap Horror Stories??

    I've done many full color wraps NON PERFORATED and haven't had an issue 1 doing them wet..... Soak it down, position it, squeegee the snot out of it as you heat, not a problem at all... Never a wrinkle or complaint.......
  18. Dr12volt1338

    First 2 color decal...what happened?

    Can't you import them both to the same screen and size them side by side then cut them..... The picture looks pretty good to me...... Unless I am misunderstanding what you are trying to ask..... Sounds like you think the text is to large but to me it looks pretty good in proportion to the car....
  19. Dr12volt1338

    flexisignpro 8.5

    What part of MI you from PC?? I also bought mine used as a package deal from a shop that went out of business but have to say I wouldn't buy it new..... For the cost and what not I would just master SignBlazer and Inkscape like others here have done.... Actually I have LXi apprentice I would probably go back to that.... For what little I do I could learn the free software and utilize that..
  20. Dr12volt1338

    Vehicle Wrap Horror Stories??

    First time wrap should always be done WET WET WET WET.... vehicle and material...... (Assuming you aren't cutting and just wrapping with Carbon or something.....)
  21. Dr12volt1338

    Having a terrible time with Siser..

    I have never pre washed mine.... The only ones I have an issue with are the womens style that are 60% poly.... With those I just use a little more pressure for about 25 seconds.
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    Need help with this font!

    The "S" in the logo is going to be heavily customized.. Art Brush or Brush would be a good starting point.......
  24. Dr12volt1338

    Having a terrible time with Siser..

    I run mine at 320 degrees press for 20 seconds on a hard setting.... I have to put a little lean on my press to get it to clamp shut then when I release it you can tell there was a lot of pressure there.... I have an old press with a knob on the top for pressure but I just adjust it to where its kind of hard to clamp it shut......
  25. Dr12volt1338

    *Airplane wing *

    I used some stuff called Mean Green.... Kind of like a 409 type of stuff.... Just have them use a mild de-greaser then something to remove the film the de-greaser leaves behind.