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    Incomplete cuts with Flexi ONLY

    Make sure your cutter is grounded to the stand. Are you running on USB or Serial cable? I had many many issues on USB going to a serial has solved all of them been running flawless ever since... Some members even rub a dryer sheet on the vinyl to help eliminate any static being transferred through the machine.
  2. Dr12volt1338

    Which heat press vinyl?

    I started with the Siser and love it... However this last week I ran out and had to get some material the same day and my local supplier only carries Thermoflex. I really didn't notcie to much difference in it except that the backing is much much stickier so weeding was a little more of a pain since my hands and arms kept sticking to it when I was trying to hold it down.. One thing I did like better about it was every roll came with its own sheet on press time and temperature... Not that its not easy to find that info but it was nice to see it right there at the point of purchase. I held up a shirt done with Siser next to one done with Thermoflex and I couldn't see any difference at all.... We will see how time tells with washing them and if I remember I will report back with further results.
  3. Dr12volt1338

    Width Considerations Only Thread

    What you have to really watch for is what is the largest CUTTING width.... Just because you can load 31" material in the machine does not mean it will cut that wide.... I have a 31" machine but the max cutting width is 27.799 inches..... Unless you plan on doing a bunch of very large lettering or images on tractor trailers and what not a 24" machine is more then enough... I have done a few trailers with mine and didn't have any issues but if it where something I was going to do a lot of I would go with a larger 54" machine. Again as stated above buy the best you can afford...
  4. Dr12volt1338

    Money Stick figure family

    That picture is making its way around.... I saw it on FB a few days ago... LOL
  5. Dr12volt1338

    Utah n00b

    Welcome from Michigan!
  6. Dr12volt1338

    Flexi 8

    Plug the printer in and when the screen pops up asking to install the driver do it manually and point it to the folder where the files unzipped. ( I am assuming you are running windows.) If you have already plugged it in you will have to go into the device manager and uninstall the driver then reinstall the correct one from the folder the ones you unzipped.
  7. Dr12volt1338

    Flexi 8

    I only thought that 500 came in a 24" and 42" like the 800 I have....... I have the zip file with all the drivers or both... I think it is to large to put here... Let me track them down and I will load them to my dropbox and post that link... Actually here is the link from the HP site.... It is VERY VERY important you select the EXACT model you have as you see there are multiple options... There should be a tag on your printer that gives the exact model if not it will give you the HP part number and you can cross that..... http://h20000.www2.h...dSeriesId=25301 Another point on the contour cutting is make sure you load the image the proper way into your cutter... There are arrows that point which way it needs to be loaded.... also try using 4 Registration marks instead of the 2... I think I remember reading somewhere some people were having issues with it not completing cuts and that solved it for them.
  8. Dr12volt1338

    Flexi 8

    Yes you can Node edit.... 5th tool down on far left... As far as printing if you are using rip and print I also have had issues with it printing darker then it should on some printers. If I Rip and Print to my Epson 1100 it is fine, However when sending via this method to be HP Designjet 800 it is very dark... I looked over the net looking for a solution and was unable to find one.... When you Rip and Print the Production manager comes up on the third tab over there are options for media type and color correction you could try and play with those and see what happens.... Back to the node editing I have found it is easier for me to still use Inkscape for that as it is easier for since I am more familiar with it.. As far as the contour cut goes, What cutter do you have? How is it connected? I had many many many many issues with mine trying to contour cut via USB.. It would never actually cut around the image but through it and way around it.. I went to a Serial connection and it has been PERFECT ever since... Even on very complex contours where I am cutting around the outside and also parts from within the image without any issues....
  9. Dr12volt1338

    Flexi 8

    What version of flexi 8 is it? Each level has its own features...
  10. Dr12volt1338

    laptop decorating

    Awesome!!! Thank you!
  11. Dr12volt1338

    laptop decorating

    Is that a Charlie Sheen Vector??? If it is do you mind sharing... I have an idea for a t shirt....
  12. Dr12volt1338

    my first layered decal

    When I first started I labeled EVERYTHING in my house... Girlfriend went insane all the cupboards the fridge the dishwasher her hair dryer curling iron..... Then when I wanted to learn how to layer everything for removed and re labeled in 2 colors... Practice makes perfect.... (Or in my case better not perfect.)
  13. Dr12volt1338

    help with font please

    PRIME looks like Microgramma Bold Extended... It's available in SB...... My guess the script part is heavily customized....
  14. Dr12volt1338

    eps files

    I would suggest Irfan view to you also.... You can use Irfan view thumbnails and it will show you all the .eps files in the folder you select.....
  15. Dr12volt1338

    Anyone know this font?

    Looks like a stretched Serpentine Bold....
  16. Dr12volt1338

    Heat Press

    I know when I ran the maintenance crew I had a shirt that said "You can tell people there are 102 Zillion stars in space and they will believe you but tell them the paint is wet and they have to touch it to see."
  17. Dr12volt1338

    eps files

    +1 on Irfan view. You can edit the nodes for the .EPS images with sign blazer or inkscape.
  18. Dr12volt1338


    http://support.uscutter.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/201/25/flexi-driver-pack-uscutter Download this link follow the read me instructions.....
  19. Dr12volt1338

    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters)

    The dongle key is a USB device that looks similar to a USB flash drive... There is a crack that accompanies the signblazer download to eliminate the Nag screens at start up... It is posted by user Cut Me..
  20. Dr12volt1338

    Heat Press

    I don't know how ya'll do things on that side of Lake Michigan but on my side we just don't touch things that are hot.........
  21. Dr12volt1338

    oracal question

    Well if its in a series that bump and rub go with the cheapest you can get... I use Greenstar on all my bombers and street stock.... Modifieds around here some of these guys have $20,000 in just an engine so there is NO bumping or rubbing so I use better material on those since they should look bright and flashy.
  22. Dr12volt1338

    Heat Press

    LOL!!!! I really really hope they don't decide to sticky this!!!....... Just a heads up Don't use your blow dryer in the shower.....
  23. Dr12volt1338

    LXi and my pcut ct230

    I sent you an email with the required drivers and some direction on where to install them.
  24. Dr12volt1338

    Clam Shell -vs- Swing Arm

    I like my swing arm better. It's easier to load shirts and get the transfer where you want it. Also you aren't working with your hands that close to the heated surface of the press.
  25. Dr12volt1338

    inkscape vector help

    When I am bored at the office I will find a random picture online and just practice with it...