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    shirt from today

    Freeking awesome any chance of the eps file? Thanks in advance
  2. I have this problem also on some eps's i open them un corel draw or simular and then re-save them as eps 2 i think then they open fine
  3. gossages

    If you drive a subaru STI, I apologize.....

    Awesome! Thanks a million!!!!!
  4. Hi i use to use flexi sign but then the place i was working at i quit to go on my own, and im using Winpcsign - now not FlexiSign, i have a file i need converting from .FS back into .EPS so i can open it up in my other program can any one please help file attached the file attached is a .FS file but inorder to upload it i had to rename it so when you download it just re-name it back to a .FS file ;-) Thanks in advance.
  5. gossages

    If you drive a subaru STI, I apologize.....

    Can you post the EPS file my neighbour loves STI's and has 3 of them! i want to stick this on my car so when he gets up one morning its there lol thanks in advance
  6. gossages

    Motorcycle/MX stickers

    Site Dead, for me also anyone who as downloaded them care to post here? thanks
  7. gossages

    Stick Family

    This link is dead does anyone have a new one? thanks
  8. hi everyone, my friend koiws ive got a cutter (which im trying to sell) but has asked me to cut him the flash which goes on the door of a subrau impretza does anyone have it in eps format? this is what he is after sorry its small http://www.subarubits.co.uk/1br/shop/products/images/thumb/6.jpg thanks in advance
  9. gossages

    Subrau door flash logo wanted

    Awesome! i totally forgot about that site thanks again!
  10. Still no word from Lara about the outcome? have 'Dewalt' drilled her and screwed her to the wall? so she cant type anymore? hope its all ok
  11. Thanks for that! you have jsut saved me hour's and hour's of time messing with nodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your a life saver! Thanks again your awesome!