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  1. Thanks for the help guys, I will try JSI
  2. DrVolt, I have called them they don't have any and aren't getting any, anytime soon, I was looking for another option.
  3. I have a laserpoint 48" cutter and I need a new cutting strip. Does anyone know where I can aquire one? Thanks.
  4. etchworks

    Letters not cutting right in Flexi

    Volt, I'm pretty sure it's cutting them one at a time...did the dryer sheet trick.and thigs were working finr then all of a sudden the cuts started being weird. Skeeter, Yes the packet size has alweays been at 1000. curve quality is set at high but it has been working fine and I am only cutting one image at a time not all at once. i cut an image then shut the cutter off and unplug it to make sure I dissipate the static. Like I said it's been working fine then all of a sudden it's cutting the insides of some of the letters out of shape........
  5. etchworks

    Letters not cutting right in Flexi

    Ok I have a laserpoint 48. Flexi 8.6 starter. I have to cut 40 of the same 11.8 inch by 13.9 inch design with heat transfer vinyl....I'm about halfway done cutting them and all of a sudden the letters are not cutting the correct shape. for instance a "P" the inside of the letter will not cut the correct clean shape it's a little distorted.....any ideas why this might be happening?? thanks in advance for any help anyone can give's frustrating.
  6. etchworks

    Need help today if possible with image!!!!!

    I suggest doing a search for basketball vectors and see what you can work with and go from there, that's what everyone else does. Or learn how to re-draw objects. Also, thanking people when they help you is just plain old common courtesy.
  7. etchworks

    Looking for a Parrot

    Try brands of the world or a google search
  8. etchworks

    Help vector please

    Nice job Mike, how do you like the Imagaro compared to vector magic or other programs?
  9. etchworks

    pleas help me

    What the hockey chick said.
  10. I am looking for Eugene the magical jeep in EPS format if anyone has it, thank you.
  11. etchworks

    Woodie Wagon

    Joe, I have that one but I do appreciate the effort, thank you.
  12. etchworks

    Looking for a Tugboat. :)

    probably have to re-draw
  13. etchworks

    Woodie Wagon

    Hey anyone have a woodie in eps ? Any help appreciated, thanks.
  14. etchworks


    Thanks alot