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  1. Megaworkz


    Heat transfer works just fine on Koozies. I've done econo print (stahls), Glitter flex and Fashion flex not a single failed press.
  2. Megaworkz

    About to buy new CE6000-60

    I think I read some where max cut width is 23.25" or 23.50" so it may just be a setting. At this point you have used yours more them me. lol I've still only made 2 small cuts so far. I'll be using it next week some. The other thing the pcut does better is cutting scrap. Since the pcut rollers and be set any where.
  3. Megaworkz

    About to buy new CE6000-60

    So it looks like I steered you in the right direction. Glad you like it..
  4. Megaworkz

    About to buy new CE6000-60

    There is no comparison. It's so much less noise first of all. If my p-cut is on just sitting not cutting the fan which does not go off on the p-cut I can't hear the ce6000 even when it is cutting. And it's only about 4ft further away from me then the p-cut. The fan on my copam and the ce6000 goes off when cutting is not being done. My p-cut is about 5 years old and has been a work horse. It has done so much more then my copam at double the price.about a year in the copam wouldn't even cut a foot long with out going so off kilter I couldn't use it. I have nothing bad to say about the p-cut being for $400 bucks it went 5 years and is still going less the the lcd has went out I'm gonna order and new lcd for it. It still cuts but I can't see to change settings on it.I take the p-cut on the road with me to shows. However I would not do that with the new graphtec. Any way I've only cut a few small items on the ce6000 so far. However first impressions I can see on my p-cut where the blade lifts and drops and doesn't fully cut it and you have to tug on it to pull the little peices out. I don't see this at all on the ce6000. Also the blade is much thinner on the ce6000 and cuts so much cleaner. I only ran 2 tests of setting blade and pressure I have some fine tuning to do yet. But it weeds so easy me and the wife couldn't belive how much of a difference there was in weeding between the 2 machines.. I also like that the ce6000 has presets you can set up for different types of media I think it's like 1 thru 8 and each holds in memory so I just hit number 1 and it has my pressure and speed setting for say Sign Vinyl. and present 2 has my settings for shirt vinyl. I really like that feature. There is alot I still need to learn about it features wise. Being 2 small cuts really impressed me that should tell you some thing. lol I'm trying to do the mod on the copam of adding longer screws on the pinch rollers to get it fixed and use able again. I really feel I was ripped off on the copam for what I paid for it and the work I got out of it. It's been sitting in a corner 2 years now collecting dust. I've got the new longer screws in the rollers now. I just need to run some tests and get the adjustment right and I think it will be good to go again. I hope lol crossing fingers. But for around $400 the p-cut is a beast! I'd buy another if I needed it. I would never buy another copam!!!! I have a friend that has a 11 year old ce1000-120 with a little tlc and it's still going strong. And he uses it every day at a busy Signs by tommorow and has no plans to replace it.
  5. Well the problem is very few places has the ce6000. I only know of 2 places that has it. And Heat Transfer Warehouse was the only place willing to make a deal with me. I called uscutter and they flat out said they would not come down on the price even to match the price I had got from HTW. Also the the ce5000 is no longer being made once supplies are gone thats it. I would think there is an incentive to deal on the ce5000's being HTW had them on the site for $1695 and said they would sell me one for $1450. I just decided $100 off the new model was a better deal for me. And the lit bigger screen on the ce6000 is pretty sweet.
  6. I just got my CE6000-60 from Heat Transfer Warehouse. I hammered them on the price they would give me a ce5000 for $1450 and I bought my ce6000-60 for $1645 with free shipping. I decided to go for the newer model.
  7. Megaworkz

    About to buy new CE6000-60

    I just got the CE-6000 I have flexi 8.1 and it runs fine on the ce5000 driver.
  8. Yeah I've seen the FAQ. It doesn't apply to my problem. It's the kill switches on the sides to keep from damaging the motors. It does make to lcd go blank but also shuts the motors down. Mine still cuts I just can't see to make adjustments. I could deal with that if I didn't need to make pressure changes for T-Shirt vinyl.
  9. Went out to the shop today powered up the computer then the Pcut 630. LCD is blank or has a few boxes. However it still cuts fine any ideas what the problem is?
  10. Any one else have any problems with this stuff? I got that 10 rolls sample pack last year. This crap is junk imho. 5 year rating lol thats funny. in 6 months it turned completely clear. the other CF stuff I tried in the sample pack had problems also. It keep lifting of the backing paper with normal handling.and would leave ridges when it layed back down I tried to work them out only to crease the vinyl. I tossed over %50 of this sample pack in the trash. Thanks for nothing uscutter.
  11. Megaworkz

    Media Shift Copam 2500

    I'd like to figure this out also. When my Copam was new it had not problems. After about 6 months I started having tracking issues on long cuts. Now it's at a point where I'm lucky if if it will cut 2ft right. My pinch rollers are not adjustable far as I can see. They seem to have plenty of down force. I've had to go back to my P-Cut for anything over 2ft. I'll try lowering my blade pressure since I seen that said in this post. Any one have any more ideas?
  12. Megaworkz

    Anyone have Relay for life?

    Try this one. I'm using this one for our local RFL events. ACS-RFLlogo.eps ACS-RFLlogo.eps
  13. Megaworkz

    Brick wall or morter lines

    Got one thanks.
  14. Megaworkz

    Brick wall or morter lines

    I've done a search didn't see any thing on here. If you can help with brick wall or morter lines please help. Thanks in advance!