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    Hello from Long Island NY

    Hi KDM_Freak, say what's up to my hometown in Baldwin. All the advice is spot on, I strongly recommend you learn Signblazer, I began with it 5 years ago and it was very easy to learn & use. I didn't begin as an artist either, but with practice I have become a decent Graphic designer. Good luck if you have any questions keep asking there is someone here at almost any time day/night.
  2. lueman

    Memory and Storage

    I'm a PC Guy my son is a MA(nia)C, my only problem is with a MAC I feel claustrophobic! It's like I'm in a glove, some people feel comfort with that, but I feel I can't breath. The only times my PC fails is when it's under-powered for the software I'm using.
  3. lueman

    Drivers for Corel on Windows 8

    I think the TweekUI option is the way to go in that case. you have to either re-install the corel or find some way of resetting permissions.
  4. lueman

    Drivers for Corel on Windows 8

    Oh, My lack of understanding is no hindrance to my open mouth.
  5. lueman

    Drivers for Corel on Windows 8

    I don't understand which drivers are not signed?? Did you reload the graphtec drivers also? You can buy or rent Tweek-UI and get access to windows permissions. If none of that works you may need to do a clean install of windows 7. basically find a blank hard drive & load windows 7 on to that then keep the current drive as a data drive. I do all my cutting from corel using the cutting master 2 (yes two)
  6. lueman

    Hix heat press

    I have one replaced the thermostat once in 20+ years.
  7. Welcome from Orlando. I've never heard of anyone spray painting onto Opaque Heat applied vinyl, is that something you may try in the future? (Yes it's a hint) You are welcome!
  8. so PM me where I can find one still full!!?!!
  9. Actually I was referring to the X25 protocol - The last reincarnation of RS232 it was created in 1985 under the IEEE consortium and under direction of Big Blue, but you are right the original protocol is over 50 years old, but no it wasn't the dawn of time I was there at the dawn of time and sadly all we had was a small moth - the original bug!
  10. PS - you may curse, mean thank IEEE and/or IBM for making such an archaic system.
  11. If you are still trying to figure it out, here are a few tips: 1. Make sure all your serial ports match up Machine settings, software settings,PC settings must all have the same info Typically I used 8-1-n 8 data bits, one stop bit, no parity on all ports (settings) 2. Make sure you are using the correct plotter model in software
  12. I would say something about edible princesses, but ... never-mind.
  13. lueman

    Transferring Images from Corel Draw

    I rarely export to AI If I need an Ai I convert to PDF 8.0 or lower
  14. lueman

    Transferring Images from Corel Draw

    I had similar problems I gave up & send everything from Corel now. I used to export to Inkscape then save as an SVG, then import. But the vector files wouldn't always decode correctly in SCAL. It was just not worth the hassle.
  15. lueman

    President Decals legal?

    It's something to do with that pesky first amendment, something about free speech and all that
  16. I'm having trouble lining up really small lettering. Anyone have suggestions?
  17. lueman

    Trouble with micro lettering

    the letters were too small to weed cleanly, I had to pick & place each letter by hand, but these old fingers are too shaky to line up the letters cleanly.
  18. lueman

    Epson Workforce WF-7510... ink delima..

    I use Ink jet carts, started with ciss, but found that the WF7010 (sister to WF7520) would crash after several ink refills, so I switched to the individual carts, they don't require any mods and if one goes bad I can switch back to Epson, and they cost just $14.00 empty.
  19. lueman

    Text in a circle

    Youtube is a wonderful thing! Good luck Jerry, I usually set up 2-4 arcs with lettering in each It makes it much easier than trying to do everything in one arc. Start by keeping all arcs the same size then re-size as needed.
  20. lueman

    Papilio or INKPRESS adhesive vinyl?

    Any suggestions?
  21. lueman

    Papilio or INKPRESS adhesive vinyl?

    I tell my customers Papilio is short term use only. In my personal experience the durabrite inks only lasted about 6 months without an over laminate and just over a year with. (the over laminate pulls the top layer off from the vinyl) This is outdoor use, I haven't had any failures with indoor use, but the ink does begin to wear after the first year.
  22. Just for your info the third option is a Gerber but it accepts perferated rolls, in any case Graphtec is the best of the three
  23. lueman

    That looks like a professional did it.

    Self Promotion is the best Advertising, Don't sell yourself short, You are a professional, Next time include your business card with suggested rates.
  24. lueman

    Military Sailor trying to get a start.

    Welcome from Florida and Thank you for your service. Keep reading these forums they are a gold mine of ideas, hints & suggestions. I would definitely look into the sprint & souvenir niche - Slice&dice is right on with his ideas.