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  1. FastTrackSigns

    Looking For Cowboy at Cross

    Thank You
  2. FastTrackSigns

    Football Helmet

    Thanks Rob and PBear.
  3. FastTrackSigns


    Add them to my Skull collection, Thanks
  4. FastTrackSigns

    can not get this one

    Sorry I guess I should have said The Stationis the font I'm looking for
  5. FastTrackSigns

    can not get this one

    I can't figure this one out. Any help would be welcome, maybe a sugestion for a similer font. The trace did not work so well. Thanks Tom.
  6. FastTrackSigns

    Gold Leaf Type Film

    Thank you dakotagrafx, sorry it took so long to respond. Tom.
  7. FastTrackSigns

    Gold Leaf Type Film

    I am re-doing anothers work at my local Fire dept. Has anyone worked with the specialty film that is gold leaf or engine turn. Looking for a brand that will not fade or peal like the stuff they used before me. I know most are rated at 6-7 years outdoors, but I was curious if there is not somthing better out there and if you have used it. Thanks Tom
  8. FastTrackSigns


    Thank You
  9. FastTrackSigns

    ISA Expo in Las Vegas

    Has anyone here attended this Expo? And was it worth it. Looking for any old reason to go to Las Vegas (like I need a reason) Thanks Tom.
  10. FastTrackSigns

    just started sandblasting...

    Your mirror looks a lot better than my first attempt at etching. I did a lot of practicing and last Christmas (2009) I etched a badge into a mug as a example and took it to the local police dept. I thought I would get 10 or so orders, I ended up with 45. I charged $10.00 each and got the mugs at the dollar tree. That was about 200 mugs ago. Since December I have purchased another cabnet and a Rayzist masking system. I use the Rayzist film for the front and vinyl for the backs (personalised). I still charge $10.00 for the mugs (single side) in orders over 10 and $15.00 each if they want something on the back. For less than 10 its $15.00 and $20.00. I still use 651 vinyl for a lot of my projects, however in big orders the Rayzist film cut the time to produce masks from hours to minutes. Its a lot more expensive (about $1.50 per mug depending on the size) but the time saving is worth it for me. Other things I have etched are wine bottles, plates, cups, aluminum water bottles, picture frame glass. Places I have gotten orders from include Police/Fire/EMS, Gun Club (awards), Local wedding and Limo Service, Caterers and gift shops (candle holders). I am currently using a sand to etch but am switching over to Aluminum Oxide soon. With the sand the chip (cut) is large and rough. The 150/220 Aluminum Oxide will give a more frosted finish. There is a lot of good information from others else where on this site about sandblasting/etching. I have read it all and it helped me a lot get started. Hope this helps, I am learning everyday and can really use new ideas. Tom.
  11. FastTrackSigns

    Horse / Mustang / Stallion Vector?

    Your Welcome
  12. FastTrackSigns

    Horse / Mustang / Stallion Vector?

    Try this. Mustang.eps Mustang.eps
  13. FastTrackSigns

    Sports Logo Link

    Found this while looking for some sport team logos. Has a lot of everything old and new. not in eps but easy to auto trace. Tom
  14. FastTrackSigns

    spy vs spy guys

    This may help. Looked clean but have not cut it yet. Tom. spy-vs-spy.eps spy-vs-spy.eps
  15. FastTrackSigns

    Etched glasses for xmas

    I add $15.00 to $20.00 to the price of the Champagne. Tom.