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  1. Welcome aboard Silverag, go ahead and step up to the SC cutter. It is a great machine that works well with Macs. Cal
  2. name the location game

    Thanks, I will definitely get out of the southwest rut and search around the upper midwest. Really appreciate it, Cal
  3. name the location game

    So @ShaneGreen, tell us where you grew up... you may be onto something here. Cal
  4. name the location game

    Now those are good observations jmas. I noticed the tree got moved between the first and second picture also! Time to expand my search area I think... Keep throwing darts Scott - some of us like those old A Bodies! Cal
  5. Merry Christmas

    Wow, Merry Christmas indeed! I will have to get a tree up if it works like that Cal
  6. name the location game

    Catskill's? Can't say yea or nay as we don't know, but it does not look like any part of the Catskills that I have been through. Cal
  7. name the location game

    This is similar to a game I've played on another site. Over there we have to come up with the likely location the photographer was standing to take the advertising pic. This pic has everyone stumped, including the threads "moderator". So, anyone here happen to have seen this church in your travels? Best we can guess today is somewhere in the southwest US. Cal
  8. Looking for advice for a new purchase

    Welcome aboard AmberK, glad to have you here. I have an older model SC and it has been a great machine. I have had no problems with it. Cal
  9. Which vinyl has the strongest adhesive?

    The above is good advise. You did not tell us what pressure you were using, or how long you are letting the gun stay in one place. I use 50-60# on glass, using Oracal 651- but I keep the gun moving. Less detail is better IMO, or at least less small detail. When I do glass work, I go over the design 4 times, but I am moving quickly. I move the gun from left to right. Pass 1, holding the glass upright and turning the glass as needed. Pass 2, holding the glass upside down and turning it as needed. Pass 3, holding the glass horizontally by the bottom and rolling the glass around & Pass 4, holding the glass horizontally by the top and rolling the glass around. This is four quick passes to be sure that the design is done evenly, especially at the edges. Here is a set of flight glasses with a very simple design. Total time in the blast cabinet for each glass was probably in the 30-40 second range for all four passes. Cal
  10. Proper air pressure for glass etching using a sandblaster

    This setup will get you a constant flow of media:,2320.html?b=d*8026 I have two cabinets, one is the Harbor Freight table top model. I converted both of them with this TP Tools upgrade and it makes a big difference. I also blast glass and mirrors at 50-60 psi. I boost it up to around 80 to do Yeti style mugs. As for media coarseness, play around a bit to see what you like. Personally I favor a coarser and deeper etch on glass rather than a smoother frosted look. To each their own. Play around and see what you like best. Cal
  11. Hello, Newbie for Ohio

    Welcome aboard Chris. I cannot help with the Cameo 3 or T Shirts either, sorry about that. I might be able to answer questions about stencils on wood though. I have done a bit of that. I am sure there will be some folks along who can offer some specifics for you, Cal
  12. Excellent job! Cal
  13. Hello Everyone! Sun's shining here

    Welcome aboard Jedi, Cal
  14. Need a little prayer of hope from my friends

    Good to hear Primal, Cal
  15. Newbie Here

    Welcome aboard Rowdy, Cal