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  1. Hey Hey Beautiful People

    Welcome aboard, honey! Cal
  2. Educational Bundle

    Welcome aboard Brian. Looks like you are planning to have a pretty fun class; it should spark a lot of creativity in those students. The only piece of that equipment that I can speak to is the SC 25" cutter. I have one and it has been a reliable workhorse - but, and this is a large but - it is quite noisy. IMHO, you will not be teaching anything over that when it is cutting out a project. Are you well versed in AI or another design program? Cal
  3. Graphics for all

    Thanks bikemike... Cal
  4. Graphics for all

    Hey Live Wire, I do not understand the connection between motorcycles and life behind bars; but thanks for contributing! Cal
  5. Hi from Tx

    Welcome aboard TXDecalWerx, Cal

    Glad to see you back Go-C; glad that the wife and everything is A-OK, Cal

    Glad to hear this! We lost power about 1:00 pm Monday on just got it back yesterday around 11:00 am. Cal
  8. Go-C Graphics

    Go-C and Jburns, unfortunately I have run out of likes today. Rest assured, I would be giving you the thumbs up if I could...
  9. Help required to prevent peeling and bubbling

    Thanks for those follow ups kainth. It is these follow ups that really help us out to know what might help us is we get in a similar circumstance. Cal

    Please check in when you can Arty, you too Go-C and everyone else down in Florida. On Friday we drove home (middle Georgia) from Tampa. Traffic flowed pretty good until Gainesville and then was stop and go to the state line. Please check in with us, let us know you are ok... Cal
  11. Weeding suggestions

    A printer maybe? Cal
  12. WTH am I doing wrong???

    I have not done coroplast, but I have done a bunch of signs (Metal) and mirrors. I would (I think) approach coroplast the same way. I use a large cardboard type of cutting mat, similar to this: I use this just to lay my project on and center things up with the grid. When I do my stencil, I place registration marks at the outside centers. When I apply the application tape, I make it long on one end that I make the "top end". Then I use parchment paper and hinge it like 'goose has shown in the past. This allows me to lay the vinyl down on the project, center it up with the grids and when I have it placed I then secure it with the long end of application tape. The rest is as shown in 'goose's video. Works good for me. Now, for coroplast I might investigate getting a piece of plexiglass the same or close to the same thickness. Just a piece 3-4" wide and a couple inches wider than the coroplast. I would tape this to the cutting mata so that the coro was centered where needed and use this both as a "stop" for the coro and as a leveling tool to fasten the application tape to. I hope this all makes sense. Cal
  13. my logo decal, 1st layering

    Way to go! Cal
  14. Help required to prevent peeling and bubbling

    That is too bad, it was a good looking job. I agree with Jburns regarding the repaint for the van. Reading your first post over I am guessing the customer isn't going to do that, in fact he may blame you for the paint peeling off. Good luck getting this situation resolved, Cal