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  1. Welcome aboard Bentot. If we talk about a single word it cuts ok, but the second word on a different line has problems? Is the second line a copy & paste of the first line? Or is it a different word? I am not familiar with WINPCSIGN, but if it is a copy & paste it sounds like you may not be grouping the entire word before doing the c&p. WINPC should have some type of "outline view" or "wireframe view"; can you see the pieces that are not being cut?
  2. Cal

    Hello All

    Welcome aboard
  3. Cal

    Cell phone stand made with the CNC

    Very cool Mark.
  4. Cal

    New, senior citizen so be gentle

    Welcome aboard
  5. Cal

    Some work for family brewery

    Welcome aboard. Nice work, looks like you are off to a great start. Hope the brewery does well too!
  6. I do not understand the part about "drive from AI CS5.1". From the ECS site you linked to it looks like you plan to design in AI, import the design to ECS and then cut. You can do this with some of the machines sold by USCutter like the SC2 using the Sure Cuts A Lot program with a Mac. Welcome aboard by the way,
  7. Cal

    Time to Upgrade Cutter

    Welcome aboard Derril. And what did you fix on the Graphtec?
  8. Cal

    How will this cut?

    Not to mention the install of a graphic of 20 feet compared to 3-4'
  9. Cal

    How will this cut?

    That is interesting s&d, what cutting program are you using and where is this command located? btw, I am using scalp 3. don't know if it is in that one or not. Thanks
  10. Cal

    Today's score

    Anyone can shop at Goodwill/Salvation Army.
  11. Are the new blades the same degree angle as the old one?
  12. Cal

    Car Show Awards - No Parking Signs

    Very cool Soren. If it weren't so far I would come, with my Mopar of course.
  13. Cal

    Today's score

    Were you wearing a mask when you did this Arty?
  14. KDM - I agree with haumana, that you are to be commended for giving AI a shot. Regarding the cut of that design, though, gets back to what Mz Skeeter was trying to help you with. AI does not tell your machine how to cut, or how deep to cut - or anything other than where to cut, from this point to that point. If you have a second layer in your design, the machine is still only being told to cut from point A to point B a second or third time. If your blade depth is set correctly, a second cut or even a third cut on the same path will not cut through the backing paper. That is from the voice of experience... I usually always do designs with the pen tool first, and that is one of the reasons why.
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    Hello to the both of you, and welcome aboard.
  16. Cal

    how are they selling so cheap?

    Not just the vinyl world, any business operated as a "sole proprietorship".
  17. Cal

    Small Lettering

    Shane, that is a huge difference. Did you have to adjust your offset or overcut when you switched blades?
  18. Cal

    Go-C Graphics

    Good luck with it Jeff, those signs are amazing!
  19. Yep, just on paper. I will throw this out there for you too. Using the knife you likely have some degree of overcut set to allow the knife to complete the cut in the corners. The pen tool overcut would properly be set to 0* or the corners will look a bit funky. I just live with the funkiness rather than switching back and too.
  20. Scott, if your machine has a pen tool you can reduce the amount of wasted vinyl by drawing out your design first.
  21. Cal

    CNC Signs

    Those are super Mark! Do you apply any type of finish to the wood on the American Made sign? When you did the Signs sign, what was the painting technique you used?
  22. Cal

    Hello from a new guy

    Welcome aboard HV, now Goose, how did you get the lights to vary horizontally like that?
  23. Cal

    Company Vehicle Logos

    How big are the decals that you will be cutting out? Designing & cutting them out is only half the job. Application is another. When the job is farmed out you know and pay for what you get. Doing it yourself? Takes some practice. And welcome aboard!
  24. Cal

    Hello from PA

    Welcome aboard Jim.