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  1. CNC Signs

    Those are super Mark! Do you apply any type of finish to the wood on the American Made sign? When you did the Signs sign, what was the painting technique you used?
  2. Hello from a new guy

    Welcome aboard HV, now Goose, how did you get the lights to vary horizontally like that?
  3. Company Vehicle Logos

    How big are the decals that you will be cutting out? Designing & cutting them out is only half the job. Application is another. When the job is farmed out you know and pay for what you get. Doing it yourself? Takes some practice. And welcome aboard!
  4. Hello from PA

    Welcome aboard Jim.
  5. UPS & Surge Protector

    Right now I have an Armstrong system. Never heard of it? It only requires me to unplug it during a storm... In all seriousness, here is a link to some info that might help you out. You may have to get by the ads to find what you want, but afaik the info is correct:
  6. Hi and thank you

    Welcome aboard Bobby, glad to have you here. Sorry for your uncle's passing. He must have seen the ability in you to have gotten the new cutter for you!
  7. Custom Graphics of Kingsport

    Nice work! And I won't hold the Ford thing against you...
  8. Bikemike's picture thread

    Momma should be happy!
  9. I will throw something else in here for you. Do you have a pen tool for this machine? If you do, use that and do your experiments with so that you are not wasting vinyl.
  10. Hey Y'all

    Welcome aboard
  11. Late to the party, but you do have way way way too much blade exposed. I am not familiar with the SignMaster program. Do you have to register it, and if so, have you? Looking at your pictures up top, it looks like you have about three layers going on. You might post up a copy of the file so that someone can take a look at it. And welcome aboard, glad to have you here.
  12. Hi all!

    Welcome aboard Ralph
  13. "We just did what our customer wanted"

    Let's just sweep this under the rug... move along, nothing to see here folks...
  14. Wow Lolly, are you cutting big, big, big designs or do you have your computer set to go to sleep after 30 seconds? Change the sleep to 15 minutes or so or move the mouse around now and then while it is cutting. Cannot help you with the text - don't know anything about that.
  15. Thanks @davidb, really did not think I even hit 10 - but it is working now. Thanks again for looking into it for me. This is an important resource for me. While I most of the time cannot offer any useful suggestions - I do like to provide thanks and encouragement to those who can and do share with us.
  16. Some time yesterday as I was browsing the forum, I hit the like button and I got a message that I had used my allotment for the day. No problem, it has happened before although I had only given out a few. Today I got the same message when I tried for the first time.
  17. A simple way that I use to advance the vinyl after a cut is to use the origin buttons. Advance far enough to cut your project off, advance out to cover the next cut and then back it up to re-locate the origin in the lower right corner. Two other items I will mention. When I use a wide roll of vinyl, I still only use two pressure rollers, about 2" from the edges. I used to use a third on sorta in the middle, I think it tracks better with just using the two. Second, do not rely upon the machines rulers to set your vinyl. They may or may not be accurate (and probably are not).
  18. Anyone know this one?

    Not just ugly Sue2, I had to study it some to figure out what it was saying. Definitely not a decal for the side of a truck!
  19. It appears to me that you will get what you are seeking - solid letters and solid footprints. You will just weed out the vinyl around them and the centers of the "a", "d" and such. Now, if you wanted the reverse of that - picture a large oval shape with the name and footprint inside of it - you would peel out the name an footprints. Same design as far as the name and footprints go. Now, about the drawing on paper part. This is a hobby for me, I just use scrap paper mostly. Regular 8.5 x 11 sheets. There is usually some type of junk mail I get during the week that is only printed on one side - I use the backside. Sometimes I have to use new paper - but I am kinda cheap... I don't know how large those designs are that you are playing with, but I would make them fit inside the single sheet of paper for testing (drawing) and after getting them where I was happy resize and cut. For larger designs, and I do a lot of mirrors and such full size, I mostly use a roll of brown craft paper I got at Lowes. It is a pretty big roll and cheap. I cut it to width on my table saw, and I generally use both sides of that! Get it at Lowes in the paint department. A month or so ago I was doing a large design and found a roll of butcher paper at Hobby Lobby. It was white so the design showed up perfectly, but it was more expensive and only one side was usable - the other side was waxed. But it is good to know it is out there.
  20. Let me chime in here - when you get your machine, install the pen tool and get your designs done before committing to vinyl. You do not need to "plot" it out full size, but you should at least keep the proportions correct. That will save you a lot of expense. I have been cutting for a few years now but I still plot (draw) the design before the knife goes in.
  21. Go-C Graphics

    Hey, a big congrats Go-C. He sure does look like a happy little critter there!
  22. Some people just keep on...

    That was a good business move for you in my book. I am sure that you felt some sense of relief after your last text.
  23. Tapered glasses and stuff

    I have not run into this on squares, I do not think I have done any work that involved a square or frame around the work on glassware. Designs that have been close to that, however, were ok when the arch was applied. Now a circle on the other hand - is tougher to get to that "just right point" where it still "looks to be a circle. I learned that the hard way when I did a Yeti mug for my SIL. I think it looks pretty gosh awful - but she is happy with it and uses it everyday. I cringe every time I see it! On second thought - I guess I don't cringe so bad that I would go out and buy her a new Yeti Probably should, might be better advertising than what she carries around now!
  24. Some people just keep on...

    3barefoot - there is a learning curve on computers and software. This is part of the learning curve on customer service and working with people. I suspect that we have all been there & done that. My advise would be to listen to your gut and cut this one loose. Yes, she will likely poor mouth you and cost you a couple jobs. Likely this would be the outcome if you did the job. Just my $.02 YMMV