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  1. Cal

    New guy here and ofcourse I have an issue

    Welcome aboard. If it is shifting, how bad is it - 1/4" over a 12" run, or maybe a 1/4" shift over a 10 foot run? What size roll (I will assume a roll) are you using? How many pinch rollers are you using? How large is the design you are cutting? My cutter drifts a little, maybe the 1/4" over 10 foot, probably less. I compensate by not having the origin point on the edge of the vinyl.
  2. Cal

    Hello from the Northwoods of WI

    Welcome aboard River, please post up some examples of your work. With your experience you should be able to help us out a good bit!
  3. Cal

    Go-C Graphics

    Really nice work there Go-C
  4. Cal

    School Bus help

    That's not just any bus... that's a Bluebird bus! Made in Fort Valley, Georgia - county seat of Peach County. Just to toot our horn a bit is all Merry Christmas everyone!
  5. Thanks for this follow up post. This is good news for Mac users who want to consider the SC2 for sure.
  6. Cal

    Photo etched into glass

    Very cool, be sure to post up a pic of the finished project!
  7. Cal


    And right back atcha! And thanks to all the regulars and newbies who frequent the forum.
  8. Hey SicSkinz, when you had dropped out - I wondered if you had changed your name to Zaar... I thought about this thread a few weeks back when US Cutter put the SC2 on sale and went to great lengths (in my mind) to lead one to think the SC2 with SCALP was good to go with a Mac. Cal
  9. Cal

    Wyn, 67 year old newbe.

    Welcome aboard Gandwazoo
  10. Cal


    What sort of file is the image, is it a jpg or something other than your svg files?
  11. Did you purchase the machine directly from US Cutter, or from a 3rd party seller or off ebay? And you told them you were using a Mac? And they pushed VinylMaster on you? I have not seen on the site where Mac compatibility is shown... Which version of SCALP did you download? I have version SCALP3, so I am not sure about later versions - but here is what I will suggest: Unplug the USB, unplug the SC2 power cord, restart your computer, hook up USB, plug in and turn on the SC2. At this point I would be using plain paper and the pen tool, forget vinyl until the machine is being responsive... Open up a shape or some such on the SCALP cutting mat (the grid you see on the computer screen). This is where your version of SCALP may be different from mine. You DO NOT want to use the menu at the top to "file" & "print", repeat: do not do this! On my version, between the menu at the top and the cutting mat is a space with picture icons. One of those icons shows a paper & scissors - that is what you click on. Do this and see what happens. I will be back tomorrow to find out... Cal
  12. Welcome aboard SicSkinz. Your question should be a good one. A short while ago the topic (for a Mac) was brought up. All of the US Cutter info says the SC2 is not compatible with a Mac... What cutting software did you get with the machine? For a Mac you would want/need Sure Cuts a Lot (SCALP). Have you loaded that and attempted to connect with the cutter? I have a Mac, use AI to design and then import into SCALP to cut on an older SC machine with the USB cable. Cal
  13. Cal

    Myrtle Beach SC Nebie here

    Welcome aboard Jeanette
  14. Cal

    Hey ~ I'm Alicia Zee!

    Welcome aboard Alicia-Zee
  15. Cal

    Minnesota Mike here.....

    Welcome aboard Mike