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  1. Cal

    Hey ~ I'm Alicia Zee!

    Welcome aboard Alicia-Zee
  2. Cal

    Minnesota Mike here.....

    Welcome aboard Mike
  3. Wow, I have to apologize for suggesting you look at the SC2... Wonder why they did that? In any event, hope you find what you need Meucow.
  4. Cal

    New Here

    Welcome aboard Rob, hope you stick around. I will bet that you have a ton info to share!
  5. Let me jump into the fray here. I am not sure what you mean by "only cutting with contact paper", but if you are cutting vinyl like the rest of us... look into an SC2 cutter with Sure CutsALot Pro. I have an older SC model, using SCALP 3 (never upgraded). My computer is a Mac using OS High Sierra 10.13.6; I have never had an issue. I suspect that when Mac updates their OS, that there is a lag time before all the software companies like SCALP update their websites and such.
  6. Cal

    651 not sticking to stainless steel?

    Never heard of this one Dakota, will file away for future reference!
  7. Welcome aboard Bentot. If we talk about a single word it cuts ok, but the second word on a different line has problems? Is the second line a copy & paste of the first line? Or is it a different word? I am not familiar with WINPCSIGN, but if it is a copy & paste it sounds like you may not be grouping the entire word before doing the c&p. WINPC should have some type of "outline view" or "wireframe view"; can you see the pieces that are not being cut?
  8. Cal

    Hello All

    Welcome aboard
  9. Cal

    Cell phone stand made with the CNC

    Very cool Mark.
  10. Cal

    New, senior citizen so be gentle

    Welcome aboard
  11. Cal

    Some work for family brewery

    Welcome aboard. Nice work, looks like you are off to a great start. Hope the brewery does well too!
  12. I do not understand the part about "drive from AI CS5.1". From the ECS site you linked to it looks like you plan to design in AI, import the design to ECS and then cut. You can do this with some of the machines sold by USCutter like the SC2 using the Sure Cuts A Lot program with a Mac. Welcome aboard by the way,
  13. Cal

    Time to Upgrade Cutter

    Welcome aboard Derril. And what did you fix on the Graphtec?
  14. Cal

    How will this cut?

    Not to mention the install of a graphic of 20 feet compared to 3-4'
  15. Cal

    How will this cut?

    That is interesting s&d, what cutting program are you using and where is this command located? btw, I am using scalp 3. don't know if it is in that one or not. Thanks