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  1. Some people just keep on...

    That was a good business move for you in my book. I am sure that you felt some sense of relief after your last text.
  2. Tapered glasses and stuff

    I have not run into this on squares, I do not think I have done any work that involved a square or frame around the work on glassware. Designs that have been close to that, however, were ok when the arch was applied. Now a circle on the other hand - is tougher to get to that "just right point" where it still "looks to be a circle. I learned that the hard way when I did a Yeti mug for my SIL. I think it looks pretty gosh awful - but she is happy with it and uses it everyday. I cringe every time I see it! On second thought - I guess I don't cringe so bad that I would go out and buy her a new Yeti Probably should, might be better advertising than what she carries around now!
  3. Some people just keep on...

    3barefoot - there is a learning curve on computers and software. This is part of the learning curve on customer service and working with people. I suspect that we have all been there & done that. My advise would be to listen to your gut and cut this one loose. Yes, she will likely poor mouth you and cost you a couple jobs. Likely this would be the outcome if you did the job. Just my $.02 YMMV
  4. Tapered glasses and stuff

    You are correct that if the taper is different the arch would different. Now, will your program calculate for a wine glass? Curves instead of straight tapers? I have so far drawn the line and for the most part stayed away from curved stuff.
  5. Tapered glasses and stuff

    Mike, if you are going to get into this and do a bunch of glassware - rather than measuring the glass and marking it, I determine the center of the design and the centered height to where on the glass I want it placed. Then if there is a 1-2" space above the design I simply cut my decal out with a 1-2" margin above the top. Then I just apply the decal with the top edge of the decal even with the rim of the glass. Clear as mud? As a quick example, the design is 2" tall and I want centered 3.5" from the top. 3.5" to center of glass minus 1" center of decal = a sandblast decal with a 2.5" margin at the top. Side and lower margins are unimportant as they will be taped off anyhow. The 2.5" top margin aligns with the rim of the glass where I start when I apply the decal. FWIW, I design in AI. On 16 oz. glasses I try to stay in the 2.25" width range and after doing the design do a 2% arch; import to SCALP and position the design on the grid and put the box around it so my top margin is correct. It took some trial and error to get the 2%
  6. Tapered glasses and stuff

    @bikemike - if you had not distorted the vector, what your sandblasted image would have looked like would have been pretty much like the distorted image you have shown, a "smiling" bowtie. Don't ask me how I know One day I plan to go through the process you linked to above. For the last few years, and using the same 16 oz. glass with an approx. 2.25" wide design I find a 2* distortion works pretty good. A circular design now - that is a different animal to get it looking good. I have done a few and pretty much have to relearn the process each time.
  7. Tapered glasses and stuff

    Looks like a good find Mike. Thanks, Cal
  8. Welcome aboard Tirsh. Like s&d said, we need more info to get you going. I will say this though. Do not tell the cutter to "print", tell it to "cut". If you have a pen tool installed in the machine it will draw out your design when you tell it to "cut". Cal
  9. Vinyl systems evolution

    That sounds like a heck of a deal on a servo machine. Some conflicting info on their web site. This in the product description: Whether you're working with heat transfer vinyl or adhesive sign vinyl, the Vinyl Systems Evo will get the job done like no other. While this is in the Q&A section: Q: Good morning, why this machine isn't compatible with heat transfer materials? I saw it on eBay. Vinyl Systems Evo 28" Cutter Plotter - Contour Cutting DC Servo Motor Thank you Posted On: 10/2/2017 By: Robson A: Hi Robson, the Vinyl Systems Evo is an exceptionally powerful cutter that was originally made to cut all types of sign and decal vinyl as quickly and efficiently as possible. With its powerful servo motor, we noticed when tracking heat transfer vinyl, it could potentially fold a bit due to how thin the material's backing is. You can still cut heat transfer vinyl with this cutter but we would recommend using a cutting mat for a large design. Sign and decal vinyl already has a backing that is able to feed the vinyl back and forth without any issues so therefore, we would consider this cutter to work flawlessly on decal vinyl without any additional supplies. Cal
  10. Hello from South Dakota

    Welcome aboard Jennifer, Cal
  11. Western PA vinyl

    Nice work! Curious what you would have done differently on the tow truck though... Cal
  12. Welcome aboard, and happy new year Times - In AI, I presume that you have simply typed your words. At that point you need to select "object and expand". That will convert your typed text to a vector. If you then arch the vector, you will need to "object and expand" again. At least I have to. Then save and see if VM will import the vector for you. Hang in there, it will become second nature for you. Cal
  13. Welcome aboard, LollyC, and happy new year to you. The above instructions will get you cutting in short order. I want to suggest to you that if your cutter has a pen tool, that you start using it as you begin working with your machine. It is quite often that I read from new users that they are frustrated and have wasted "tons" or "yards" of vinyl trying to get a design from screen to cut vinyl. I always run new designs through the plotter first before committing to vinyl. Cal
  14. A big shout out

    to forum member @pshawny! I needed an assist with a graphic yesterday and Shawn stepped up and helped get me moving in the right direction - big time. Shawn, I owe you one buddy! Cal
  15. happy happy

    And, in all ways, prosperous...