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  1. Small Lettering

    Shane, that is a huge difference. Did you have to adjust your offset or overcut when you switched blades?
  2. Go-C Graphics

    Good luck with it Jeff, those signs are amazing!
  3. Yep, just on paper. I will throw this out there for you too. Using the knife you likely have some degree of overcut set to allow the knife to complete the cut in the corners. The pen tool overcut would properly be set to 0* or the corners will look a bit funky. I just live with the funkiness rather than switching back and too.
  4. Scott, if your machine has a pen tool you can reduce the amount of wasted vinyl by drawing out your design first.
  5. CNC Signs

    Those are super Mark! Do you apply any type of finish to the wood on the American Made sign? When you did the Signs sign, what was the painting technique you used?
  6. Hello from a new guy

    Welcome aboard HV, now Goose, how did you get the lights to vary horizontally like that?
  7. Company Vehicle Logos

    How big are the decals that you will be cutting out? Designing & cutting them out is only half the job. Application is another. When the job is farmed out you know and pay for what you get. Doing it yourself? Takes some practice. And welcome aboard!
  8. Hello from PA

    Welcome aboard Jim.
  9. UPS & Surge Protector

    Right now I have an Armstrong system. Never heard of it? It only requires me to unplug it during a storm... In all seriousness, here is a link to some info that might help you out. You may have to get by the ads to find what you want, but afaik the info is correct:
  10. Hi and thank you

    Welcome aboard Bobby, glad to have you here. Sorry for your uncle's passing. He must have seen the ability in you to have gotten the new cutter for you!
  11. Custom Graphics of Kingsport

    Nice work! And I won't hold the Ford thing against you...
  12. Bikemike's picture thread

    Momma should be happy!
  13. I will throw something else in here for you. Do you have a pen tool for this machine? If you do, use that and do your experiments with so that you are not wasting vinyl.
  14. Hey Y'all

    Welcome aboard