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  1. Cal

    My largest work so far

    Very cool
  2. Cal

    Distressed Flag for Vista Roof

    Cool project!
  3. Cal

    Happy to join!

    Welcome aboard, glad to have you join us.
  4. Cal

    Oh man referee’s these days

    Cool shirt Hawk.
  5. Cal

    Greetings all from Karo:).

    Welcome aboard Karo, you have found the best place on the interwebs for help and tips.
  6. Cal

    New here & just showing a few things

    Welcome aboard. Nice work!
  7. Cal

    How is this made? CNC Router?

    That is a good observation
  8. Cal

    show your picture

    It is, in fact. He lives pretty much across the street from where the car show is and comes over if he is in town. A community service more than a real interest in cars I think. But, he is very nice, and stops to chit chat with anyone there that wants to talk with him. If you have a camera the SS agent will snap a pic for you and hand it back. Here is another, from a couple years ago: LOL - just noticed I had the same shirt on! I reckon car shows is about the only place I wear it...
  9. Cal

    show your picture

    OK, one from "way back", one from when I started vinyl - with a good guy I met at a car show... and one from this past Christmas.
  10. Cal

    New Member in Canada

    Welcome aboard Tee'z
  11. Cal

    New guy here and ofcourse I have an issue

    Welcome aboard. If it is shifting, how bad is it - 1/4" over a 12" run, or maybe a 1/4" shift over a 10 foot run? What size roll (I will assume a roll) are you using? How many pinch rollers are you using? How large is the design you are cutting? My cutter drifts a little, maybe the 1/4" over 10 foot, probably less. I compensate by not having the origin point on the edge of the vinyl.
  12. Cal

    Hello from the Northwoods of WI

    Welcome aboard River, please post up some examples of your work. With your experience you should be able to help us out a good bit!
  13. Cal

    Go-C Graphics

    Really nice work there Go-C
  14. Cal

    School Bus help

    That's not just any bus... that's a Bluebird bus! Made in Fort Valley, Georgia - county seat of Peach County. Just to toot our horn a bit is all Merry Christmas everyone!
  15. Thanks for this follow up post. This is good news for Mac users who want to consider the SC2 for sure.