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  1. zaxxon

    Looking for a "Human Motorcycle"

    Yea, that certainly is unique! it is kind of along the lines what I had in mind...if I can't find it I may have to spend some time with pen and paper and sketch a little to see what I can remember. It was a pretty stylized version, pretty much just two wheels and a person between them, but the limbs in angles that make it look like the frame of a bike... Thanks for your help! --zaxxon
  2. I have seen this image before, and for the life of me can't find it anywhere. It is a stylized motorcycle, or better just the front and rear wheels, where the frame is made up from the rider itself. Looks kind of like the arms are the forks, holding the front wheel and the feet the rear, while the "rider" kind of lays in between...hard to explain, but maybe someone seen it before and remembers where. At this point, I don't even care if it is a bitmap and I have to trace or re-draw it, but I can't even find anything like it. Thanks for your help already in advance, Zaxxon.
  3. zaxxon

    Angel and Lamb

    Before I re-invent the wheel, I was just wondering if anyone has any graphics of an angel, more like a cherub, with a lamb or baby lamb that I am in need of for a memorial decal. If not, and if I come up with something nice, I will post it here, just thought I can save some time and work if anyone has done something like that before. Thanks already in advance --Zaxxon
  4. zaxxon

    Fonts free for commercial use...

    Hello all! Because I am such a typographic nut, I have one more with great, free, high quality fonts for you...not sure if it would have indicated a new post if I would have just edited the first post, but here it goes: --zaxxon
  5. zaxxon

    USCutter Creation Pcut, good cutter/plotter?

    I am running a PCUT at My house, additional to running a 48" Graphtec at work and I have to say that once I had pressure, depth, etc. set just right for the Oracal 751 I was running, it was cutting like a champ. I am VERY impressed with the accuracy of the machine cutting really small text...smaller than what anyone with a sane mind should ever cut out of vinyl to begin with, and that was the only thing I was worried about when I bought the machine, so I am very happy. The somewhat awkward pinch rollers, and the fact that the fan runs all the time, as opposed to only while cutting like in the Graphtec, are so far the only downsides I could find. I purchased Signcut X2 with it and it exports flawless out of Illy CS4, only had to manually copy the plugin into the right directory as I am running Vista x64. --zaxxon
  6. zaxxon

    blade pressure

    I will have to agree with John on that. It seems that there are some manufacturing tolerances/differences in the machines (not surprising actually, when you think about just how much "machine" you get for the price of a PCUT!). From reading the forums, many seem to run their PCUT's between 100-120 pressure, however, with almost less than half of a CC thickness of blade exposed (60d) the blade will dig into the backing and start to "skip" or "getting caught" a tad bit on it on My machine. When I take my pressure down to about 70 it cuts OC751 like a charm! Actually, I have to say that since unpacking the PCUT last night and running some vinyl through it, that machine, with the 60d blade cuts small stuff nicer and easier to weed than my Graphtec with the 45...but then again, I am not sure if I want to run the amount and size of jobs that I run on the Graphtec with the PCUT - Each of them has their purpose I guess ;-) --zaxxon
  7. zaxxon

    Free 3M Sample rolls

    I have so far not received a call from 3M, but a confirmation email that I will receive a call some time after the samples are delivered. Now MacTac called right away, not even mentioning the samples that I requested, but telling Me that they are going to send me a full line card and color chart, which is what I was really looking for to begin with, so I am happy --zaxxon
  8. zaxxon

    Free 3M Sample rolls

    I think the old link is not working anymore, but I found this, which from what I seem to remember has now a few more options to select: --Zaxxon
  9. zaxxon

    Sign Cabinet Kits

    Check out - they carry kits and pretty much anything else to build signs... --zaxxon
  10. zaxxon

    Where does everyone get images

    This is a nice blog where you might be able to find some images. Not everything may be fit to cut, but a lot of the links have archives of pretty nice stuff in them to expand your collection a bit. Link: --Zaxxon
  11. zaxxon

    Fonts free for commercial use...

    Just stumbled across this and figured I share... There are tons of free font sites on the internet, most of them however are either low quality, uncomplete characterset or not free for commercial use at all. Fontsquirrel seems to get around that by handpicking only high quality fonts that come with a free for commercial use license, and there are some really nice fonts on there! Hope it helps someone out some day! Link: Another one: --zaxxon
  12. So being the geek that I am, I tried pretty much everything there is to make my new CE5000 work under Vista x64, and there is just no way with the current driver. Also, the post on Graphtec's web site that you only need the driver available summer of 2009 for cutting from Corel/Illy is kind of misleading. Even Robocut can not cut without the printer driver installed, however, the cutting plotter controller software can communicate with the cutter without a hitch. But I did not quit there, as I could not find my usb/serial converter to use as described on some other posts I found as a work-around (not sure how that would work anyways, as the 32bit driver will not install on x64, period). So, what I did is (and I realize this is geek-territory and not a solution for everyone!) I installed (Now-)Sun's Virtualbox software, a bare bone XP 32-bit install on it, created a shared drive to share from the host to the VM and captured the USB device for the cutter in the VM. Installed Cutting Master 2 on the VM as well as on the Vista Host where I cut from Illy CS4 (need to download newest Cutting Master for CS4!). Configured Cutting Master on the host machine to not print to a port or the cutter, but to "FILE:" to store into the shared drive whenever I cut something out of Illy. All I have to do now is open the cut-file from the same location in the VM in Cutting Master and hit cut - voila, only one step more and still a very streamlined workflow! Just figured I share, in case you want to go through this hassle as well - once it is set up it works lightning fast, and I really did not want to set up another box with a 32bit OS just for cutting. --marcus. _____________________________