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  1. 15" fixed spacing. Would never work for me, I always do small things on vinyl cutoffs. Should work good though for people who do large prints or only larger decals
  2. jeremySI

    Vinyl decal outsourcer!

    Emailed you. I can help you out
  3. So one of my kids stepped on my dongle that I had for my machine to run VE LXI version 7 I think it is. So now I need to find a different software to use. Does anyone know of any other software confirmed that would work with it? Or perhaps the cheapest source to get a copy of LXI?
  4. jeremySI

    New sign design without copyright issues???

    I highly doubt Outback Steakhouse would give a single damn about your design for some small storage unit, I don't even see them catching the smallest wind of the matter.
  5. jeremySI

    Some Sublimated goodness.

    Market it as a newly discovered type of bass. If the mouth goes back behind the eye it is largemouth, if it ends around the middle of the eye it is smallmouth.
  6. I love playing with the laser cutters/engravers at my local makerplace, they have two 100w and an 80w, nice quality ones. That is about as good as you are gonna get on cutting wood, the thicker stuff just takes too much heat and starts to burn it up. They are nice for engraving wood or cutting like 1/8" stuff but getting beyond that for wood is router territory.
  7. jeremySI

    Some Sublimated goodness.

    Hard to tell with the wrinkles but they look like smallmouth to me
  8. Pretty sure I read that somewhere as well. However, every teller I have gone to would refuse me tracking on a flat envelope(be it this was not long after I read they changed it, so probably just poor training to update them on new policies). The self service kiosk thing also still asks if it is rigid or >3/4" thick, in which if I want to send first class with tracking I would just select that option.
  9. jeremySI

    Anyone wanna make a few t-shirts?

    You should be able to fit the other logos within the big star to not waste much vinyl
  10. I would print through paypal and get tracking or go to the post office and use the self service kiosk and select the 3/4" or rigid option that way I never had to deal with the postal clerk.
  11. jeremySI

    First Job

    bolder phone numbers
  12. jeremySI

    651 works well as sandmask

    why not use 631? it is .5 mil thicker and has removable adhesive
  13. Well, better learn to start lol
  14. jeremySI

    I'm hoping someone can help. Edge Lit Base

    Pretty sure they are custom made for most situations which is why you can't find em that easily.