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    Value Added Cap-Press (US CUTTER)

    Do you also have a hat press? (I'm pretty set on shirts) I agree with you on the 5-10 degrees F higher (Not sure how the hat press will differ from a shirt press?) I appreciate your help. Kevin
  2. Hi Guys, So I've been doing shirts for sometime, and I just purchased a Value-Added Cap Press. I'll be using the Siser Easyweed vinyl material (heated) My questions? Does anyone have any experience with heat temps? (Yes, they give you instructions for the Easyweed vinyl) but I found the temeperatures to be way off using my t-shirt press? Just looking to see if I can save some material and time by posting and asking? Many thanks in advance, and I appreciate your support! Kevin

    Olive Green vinyl?

    thanks guys

    Olive Green vinyl?

    Looking to purchase some "olive drab green" or "Olive Green" vinyl. I have the oracal sample book, and nothing is even close? where to go to purchase? Your help is appreciated. Kevin
  5. Totally Happy Customer with using "Tory" for all your embroidery requirements Great pricing and customer support & service. Kevin
  6. That is my design. If you can let me know.. I'd love to get these done Also sent you a PM with my contact information. Thank You, Kevin
  7. if no one can embroider.. how much for heat transfer vinyls?
  8. I would love to get them embroidered. I have the .eps (vector) file on hand. Kevin
  9. My names Kevin.. I'm somewhat apart of the forum.. I have a copam 2500 series vinyl cutter, love US cutter.. also have a T-Shirt Press (cheapy) and I'm looking to see if anyone on the forums would like the business. 5-10 hats (all black) (white only color logo) Looking for really good quality hats.. say flexi.. Please send me a message or e-mail: This will be for a local car club that I run.
  10. I've been using ORACAL 631 series material and absolutely love how the cutter cuts the vinyl.. Lately, customers have been complaining about how hard it is to get the vinyl to stick to the application tape.. even after using a hair dryer on the back and rubbing the back of the vinyl.. I've notice it myself.. it's like the bonding agent is sticking when it should peel with ease... I'm cutting in my basement where it's cool.. temps are 65-70 degree.. not too hot, not humid.. but maybe some moisture.. Anyone else experience this issue? (Again, It cuts great, it's just getting the vinyl to stick to the application tape) I upgraded the application tape to the 4076-RLA to see if that may help with my issue. Any comments would be welcome and appreciated. Kevin
  11. I haven't tried the thermometer yet? Thanks for all the positive feedback.. does UScutter sell silkscreen machines? or could someone lead me in the right direction? I make all the designs myself and just cut the material with the Copam2500 which I'm loving, because it is reliable and works well. Kevin
  12. Here is a shirt, I'm going to be making about 20 of them for my local car club.. (it's military themed) Pics:[/img][/img][/img] Using: Cheap USCUTTER temp: 145 © sec: 20 seconds. "YES" I am pressing to get the moisture out of the shirt. Shirt: Black 50/50 Hanes Letting the machine warm up properly a good 30 minutes before pressing. The only problem, I'm having is the "Silver" Siser Easyweed material likes to wrinkle... and also does not bond properly. Whether it's letters or images.. it does not adhere properly.. no issues with same material in white, red, or pink.. Is it user error? or is it maybe the material no good? I have also pressed several bandana's that bonded perfect.. same steps above: Pics:[/img] At this point, I could use anyone's help and suggestions... I have alot of shirts to make and don't want to let down my crew. Sincerely, Kevin
  13. Thanks for everyones help! Thank you Levi again for all your support! 150© 20 (seconds) full pressure... (let the machine warm up 15-30 minutes) peel hot. All of the shirts came out great! I'm just wearing one for about 2 weeks.. running them threw the washer and still staying to the shirt well! Just want to leave feedback for anyone who may have the same issues.. and a thank you to all for helping a stranger "newbie" out kevin
  14. One last question? I'm using "BLACK" shirts.. Do I peel them hot? or do I let it cool before I peel the cover material off the siser material? I notice that the vinyl itself is all wrinkled, not smooth? Kevin
  15. Thanks for the advise everyone.. I'm going to play around with the pressure (haven't done that yet) as I think it may be a cause.. if not, back to the drawing board or buying a better press