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  1. Imlost21

    needing help with a font pls

    Thank you all, I did end up tracing it, got pretty close. Again Thank you
  2. Imlost21

    Help with font please

    will batman forever be close?
  3. Imlost21

    Can someone help me match this font or close to it #2

    I've been looking for one very similar. if you get an answer please forward??
  4. Imlost21

    needing help with a font pls

    Does anyone know where I can find this font please I've been searching for dayzzz. thank you all so very much
  5. Imlost21

    Mutoh Vj 1204

    Hi again. Is there someone out there that can tell me why all of a sudden my printer would stop pumping ink into the lines. changed all the dampers, and even tried a new maintenance station and still cannot get any ink to the lines. is there another pump in there somewhere? I am sooo behind. Thank you.
  6. Imlost21


    Hi, I had a power outage due to Irma that fried my desktop. Now I am trying to hook everything up to my laptop pc. I am using windows 10, Flexi 12 RIP and a Mutoh vj 1204 Printer connected Via usb. # 1 is it possible to opperate the printer through my netgear router and tcp/ip? Ive never had any luck using the IP connection so I've just been connecting directly to the computer with a usb to printer cable. #2 I cannot get my laptop to see the connection at all. I cannot find a driver download. I thought last time I installed it the rj900 driver and it showed up in the device manager and I was able to connect that way but nothing this time. Device manager doesnt see anything when I turn on and plug in the printer. I added a printer port, but I can't remember how (it has been a while). Thank you for any advice you may have.
  7. Does Anyone know what would make this cutter stop offering the contour drop option all of a sudden? no system changes were made. running Flexi 12. with Mutoh vj1204 printer. thank you all very much
  8. All of a sudden, day before yesterday I sent to cut and it never gave me the option to go to registration marks. What can I do to fix this? Thank you in advance!!
  9. Imlost21

    ink level reset?? Mutoh vj1204

    Hi I have a Mutoh vj 1204 and a full black ink cart. When I received it the printer said that the chip was damaged. Is there anyway to recover this? I've been looking for a chip resetter but have not found one that would look like it will work. I've also snagged several chips from other black carts and I just keep getting error messages. Thank you.
  10. Hi, I am currently trying to get away from using flexi and just started trying to print from Vinyl master xpt v4.0 to my mutoh vj1204. I thought I had it all set up correctly but when I sent to print it cuts off half of the image. There are so many places to change the settings for page size that I may have put an incorrect number in somewhere. I've tried turning the image and resizing it but it still does the same thing. Last month I had an issue with too many registered so I removed them all (even though I had no idea that I had it on all my computers). And then VM sent me a link for a new download, Is it possible that the new file was corrupt? I've tried calling but just goes to voicemail. I leave a message with a call back number and do not get any response Back. Thank you for all your help
  11. Imlost21

    Changing file extention

    Hi, I've been having so many issues with flexi lately that I decided to go to a different RIP software. My problem is, I need to know if there is anyway to change the .fs files to something else like .pdf or .eps or something else without having to go through 1000s of files and change them individually.
  12. Imlost21

    flexi issues

    I keep changing the settings. If I want a dark blue it prints black. if I lighten the blue then it prints the correct color but that wont work, I need it to print what I see on my screen. Dallas fans don't want royal blue.
  13. Imlost21

    flexi issues

    I have since reinstalled flexi from the website and did NOT go back to windows 10. It has been running somewhat okay till last week. started making up its own colors now this. I cannot print the same images from files the colors never the same. grrr
  14. Imlost21

    flexi issues

    I have been using flexi sign pro 10 for several years. for the last few months I have been having issues. Now,,,, it will not let me mask. and if I distort a font I can no longer select it, and it will not let me grab multiple items at once. is there an update that I need? thank you in advance
  15. Imlost21

    need help production manager won't open.

    That is what i am loking for. Something that doesnt need internet to function.