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    Auto Repair in La Habra

    A before and after shot of 'diamonds' & 5'X10' panels (left to right) of a recent job in La Habra, CA. Customer getting the money together for painting, skirt repair & bollards (to prevent future skirt damage), have a contract to do it all in phases. RG
  2. Inspired by another similar posting I decided to make a $12.00 tape roll holder to use wherever I need to make decals on the fly. I sometimes cut stuff for the family or my kids to keep, give away or sell at school and events and let them make a little extra cash so this comes in handy if I don't want to do the weeding and I don't want anyone messing around in my shop. I used 1/2" PVC because I have some smaller core inserts I wanted to use but 3/4 works fine as well. RG
  3. By day I work as a business analyst for a huge US based bank and also do the sign thing at night and weekends..
  4. locknload1

    Going insane

    I keep my CR630 on com port 6, even when I unplugged it and plugged as needed I'd never lose that port to something like my printer. I also solved an infrequent pCut-fart issue I was having for the first year.
  5. locknload1

    The Sign Chef.com

    Crowded as it may be, it's a very informitive site that keeps the visitor engaged wich I think is great for catching those impulse shoppers. Looks almost as busy as the Vista Print site.
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    "blank white round things ? have no clue what those are" Coasters?
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    just got a job :)

  8. locknload1

    Do you give a warranty on your installation?

    I don't offer a warranty anymore, I stopped offering one after I realized customers were not asking for one. I've only ever had one issue with a small sign. I didn't think to prep because it was a new substrate. I replaced it and now use alcohol to clean EVERYTHING... since then, no problem.
  9. locknload1

    how to price banners?

    Most of thye banners I've done have been on an "emergency" basis so although I get them for $9 I charge a minimum of $100 for a basic one color banner. I charge an additional amount for additional colors and if the customer wants a graphic of some sort.
  10. locknload1

    My most detailed cut yet

    Nice decal!
  11. locknload1

    MH871 Problem

    I think since it's all electronics based equipment that handles static loving vinyl, a good investment even if your machine is grounded (and especially if it's "high end") is a box of 99 cent store anti-static drier sheets. If even a "little" static makes it to the wrong componant it's guaranteed to cost you more than 99 cents. I stick one sheet into the end of the tube I'm cutting and in doing that, I've eliminated the issues usually associated with static in my ungrounded machine.
  12. locknload1

    Biggest Weed to date

    Yeah, I'd be wishing it was a solid structure...
  13. locknload1

    Heat Press Question

    A family member got me my 17x20 press as a gift some time back so I was reluctant to ask them to buy me an expensive one and went with a "Made in China" press at about half the cost. I can honestly say that I love the thing and in the three years I've had it it's been a very dependable unit. You'll get lots of stories and kudos steering you in one direction or another but the bottom line I suppose is your budget for the thing. I purchased mine through heatpressnation.com because they have a local fulfilment center and I had a coupon but they do carry several different brands from designer to knockoff.
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    Hand Carved Foam

  15. locknload1

    Hand Carved Foam

    Thank you for the inspiration, the sign looks great! I've been wanting to get into this for a few years but hate the smell and doubt my abilities as this is more art than sign in my opinion. How long did it take you and what can you charge (in your area) for something like that?
  16. locknload1

    Greeting From California

    Welcome from Whittier, what part of CA are you in?
  17. locknload1

    addicted to trademarked logos

    I forgot to add, sweet bike! My buddy has a 1098 (I'm a R.A.T.), do you happen to have any patterns/vectors of graphics or race plates for a 1098 you care to share?
  18. locknload1

    addicted to trademarked logos

    I don't get many requests for logos, except for a job I did requiring motorcycle manufacturers. In that instance I called the manufacturers directly and received all the vectors directly from them (without restriction)I needed via email or in the form of links to "media" sections of their web sites. I wonder if since I didn't request or receive permission for the specific job in any of the email chains, could I then use and distribute as desired? I still have the email chains to back me up... hmm?
  19. I use the cheapest app tape my supplier has on sale that day but I do feel that even though the plastic or clear tape is prettier it is more of a pain in the butt. As for bubbles I suppose I do get them but since it doesn't in most cases effect the application of the decal I don't sweat them. I prefer a felt squeegy for everything but I do hava a few traditional squeegies that I've pimped the edges with the soft side of velcro for when I need a bit more pressure. Never tried the big squeegy but to me (having NOT tried it) it looks like more trouble than it's worth.
  20. locknload1

    I'm Back

    Great work!
  21. locknload1

    Probably a simple fix that I'm unaware of.

    It's all trial and error when you get started. I upgraded my plotter's blade holder some time ago to avoid the "lifting" and then decided that I hate weeding little decals...
  22. locknload1

    opening a vinyl shop

    I've thought about a shop in the past but between the costs of doing business in Los Angeles and the need to actually go and hang out there everyday. I decided to get a guy to actively do the SEO on my site. now farm out several jobs a week to local shops that struggle to keep their own doors open and cherry pick all the low hanging fruit. I'd have to say that this was a better move in the long run since the city can't get a piece of the referral action... yet. Think about how much business you want and the cost of rent (& etc) vs. $170/month to keep all the internet searches pointed to your site and how much you can sell off the work you don't want to do.
  23. locknload1

    Cuttable Dale Jr Amp Energy Logo

    Thanks for posting those Denny, I don't need them but it's nice to find the subject in the thread when you're searching images in the forum.
  24. locknload1

    baby handprints

    What is cute and funny on a womans van is wierd and creepy on a guys van... LOL!
  25. locknload1

    What's the difference DECAL vs STICKER? Answered

    I actually believe that a decal is something you can sell for 300-500X your cost vs. a sticker that goes for cost + 50%... at least that's what I've been living by.