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  1. signworx

    Sign I finished Today

    should have only used 2 fonts at the most.i dont get the PASTOR font.hes not a race car driver.i like the overall sign,but the layout and fonts are not correct.
  2. lmao,i have heard the story a million times about how theyre gonna get me so much business for hookin them up.this is just my opinion and not the gospel,taking the the time to design and make 3 shirts takes you away from the time that you can be making a sign or banner that you could be making a better profit from.also when explaining to those people that they need to pay up front,i tell them that i cant sell theyre sign to the next guy that walks in,then to point to the stuff that is setting around the shop that noone came to pick up,lmao.(not kidding)
  3. signworx

    Need digitizing now.

    you wont do them for free right now?lmao
  4. signworx

    Best way to go for shirts

    i wont disagree with you may be operator error.i used to have a guy do dtg printing for me,but it seemed like after a few washes the cotton would come through the print(looked fuzzy like if you looked at it real close).i wish i could see some of the good dtg stuff,it would make small runs so easy and more profitable to do.might have to request some samples,lol.
  5. signworx


    not sure if this helps or if its irrelevant,but does digitizing cheap
  6. signworx


    check out brands of the world on the www
  7. signworx

    Suggestions on Wording...

    it seems very hard to decide on names and logos for your own stuff,lol.i have no problem drawing a logo for another company,but took 8 months to draw one for me that i was happy with(and i still cant decide if i like it or not,lol.)
  8. signworx

    Suggestions on Wording...

  9. signworx

    lucky lady

    lol.ive never posted a pic of anything ive i know what you do i get them to the right size?
  10. signworx

    lucky lady

    labels for candle jars
  11. signworx

    lucky lady

    wing night
  12. signworx

    lucky lady

    how can you resist the dirty trucker mudflap
  13. lurn inglish then stop bach.wheel b hear weighting four ewe!
  14. i love your logo frontline.your eyes follow through it like it is supposed to be.i read frontline first,designs second,and the flag 3rd.then the tagline.perfect!