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  1. tbenefi33

    birdthday present t-shirt

    Shirt I done for a birthday presents.
  2. tbenefi33

    Keyspan Adapter tips

    sorry for posting this topic again. Just wanted to let you know I talked to tech and they couldn't get my keyspan adapter fix cause I hade the wrong cable I was suppose to use the cable that came with the cutter but mine didn't it's a refine machine so I bought one at a PC Shop and it wasn't a Null Modem, DB9 Male/Female,3Ft Be sure you use the one that comes with the cutter a regular serial cable bp9 won't work.
  3. tbenefi33

    Nothing on TV

    There was nothing on T.V so I printed this T-shirt up for the fun of it yap I was board....LOL
  4. tbenefi33

    Order Keyspan High Speed USB Serial Adapter

    Thank you wasatchcars and to everybody elese who helped on the keyspan issue. I tryed to order from ebay but my paypale is messed up bummer I found one at dell.com and they had free shipping I couldn't pass that up Here the link http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/products/Cables/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=bsd&cs=04&sku=A0244049 Should get here thursday
  5. Where would be the best place to order a Keyspan High Speed USB Serial Adapter from and a 9 pin com port cable and is quick on delivery ?
  6. tbenefi33

    Fishing Line Font's

    Hello I've google fishing line font's but haven't came across any yet. What kind of font would be good to use as fishing line font , They wan't the store name to look like it's hooked on a fishing lure ?
  7. tbenefi33

    Family Reunion

    We have our family reunion this weekend today is the last day I made some shirt's for it and one of our cousin said you could of put deliverance 2010 on it.....LOL we live way down south Ga on a river.
  8. tbenefi33

    sign cut doing this

    Checking that wire frame may have done the trick thank you. Its just finished a mirror image .
  9. tbenefi33

    sign cut doing this

    sorry you got me on unclose path as in the design ?
  10. tbenefi33

    sign cut doing this

    I have it grounded from the base of the screw and to the stand also was thinking a crazy I just recently got a memory up grade chip and it came in one of thoses static bag I was thinking of putting the static bag around where the cutter box think thight might help with some of the static or just a crazy ideal ?
  11. tbenefi33

    sign cut doing this

    Signcut started doing this. This is a tree that it drew and went at it at a angle then finished as you can see in the pic I'm stumped.
  12. tbenefi33

    Shirts I came across on vacation

    Here a little bit of info on the ink http://www.chemsong.com/silk.htm
  13. I got my first T-shirt job its 45 shirts one color what would yall normaly charge ? Here a pic it's simple design.
  14. tbenefi33

    It's not signcut

    Bayotle what is IE ? what is value 5 that read above force setting ?
  15. tbenefi33

    It's not signcut

    I have to get a Keyspan adapter usb my laptop is few years old no 9 pin slot bummer.