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  1. decaladdiction

    Cut studio question

    I have downloaded a trial version of corel draw x6 to see how it works. Just need to mess around a bit more. It wil get some time getting used to this software.
  2. decaladdiction

    Cut studio question

    Hey guys, I have been using the usc sc plotter for close to 8 months now with no problems. I recently got the Roland GX-24 with cut studio. I used .png files for my sc plotter because it was easer for me to save the image for what I used it for. Now with cut studio when uploading the same image as a.jpeg file and use the outline feature it loses A LOT of the quality and on test cuts the design comes out wavy or mis shaped. What file format works best for you? Do you have any tips that can help clean up the design before it cuts? Any info would be great! Thanks.
  3. decaladdiction

    Yet ANOTHER issue with my sc cutter.

    Hey guys, so a couple of weeks ago I had an issue where my sc just stopped responding, after this and that, motherboard took a crap. Now less than 2 weeks later my sc cannot finish a single project without stopping in the middle of the cut. I have looked up the issue, I ran a ground wire from machine to stand and still nothing. After every single cut that I do I turn off the cutter unplug and let it sit for 3 - 5 minutes in between cuts. It will cut a few designs, then stop, the lcd says that its cutting the bar on my program stops at full green. I have to say im extremely dissapointed in this set up, I have been using it for less than 5 full months and it seems its one thing after another. has anyone else had this issue? Or no of someway to stop it?
  4. decaladdiction

    3 layer decal

    Sorry for the stupid iPhone typos.
  5. Sup guys just curious. I know everyone has there prices and what not. I was asked to do 2 decals 6x3 blue base silver top with a bit of white. Time shouldn't take me to long at all but what are your prices for something like this. I haven't really don't much 3 color vinyls so I just want to see how everyone else does it. Thanks.
  6. decaladdiction

    Need some shirts done who can help?

    thanks guys, got someone to work with.
  7. Hey guys I am looking to get about 10 shirts made at the moment. Looking to get white shirts with a simple black writing on front and my logo design on the back with another word. Not sure what kind of options everyone offers but I'm open to suggestions, thanks.
  8. decaladdiction

    Issue with SC plotter not responding.

    Sorry havent been updating, I have been trying to catch up. Turns out it was the motherboard. I got it in on tuesday extremely easy to replace was only 6 screws that hold the backing and 4 screws that hold the board in place and a few connectors. Once i replaced (5 minute job) I was cutting right after with no problem! Thanks for the help guys!
  9. decaladdiction

    GX-24 no communication between cutter and computer

    I had a similar issue when i first put my set up on, it wouldnt connect to the front usb spots but moved them to the back and it worked with no issues.
  10. decaladdiction

    Issue with SC plotter not responding.

    So I called support this morning. After they emailed me back they wanted me to call so we can trouble shoot over the phone. After I explained my issue, I was told it was indeed the motherboard causing the issue and they would mail a replacement over to me today should be here in a couple of days. I also asked if this was a common thing and I was told on the SC models it is a known issue that the motherboard fails. I will look threw the forum to see if there is a DIY on replacing the motherboard if not, I will make one as I go along replacing it.
  11. decaladdiction

    Issue with SC plotter not responding.

    Just a couple of days. It froze twice and would stop in the middle of a cut about twice. But after a reset I let it sit a little while and was ok since then. I have contacted support but they have not got back to me yet.
  12. decaladdiction

    Issue with SC plotter not responding.

    I'm connected by USB. No adapter.
  13. decaladdiction

    Issue with SC plotter not responding.

    I will try that, and skulls, Im not to sure its just very popular at the moment, so just go with the flow.
  14. decaladdiction

    Issue with SC plotter not responding.

    This stinks. I have a bunch of orders that need to get done too. I will contact support in the am and see what I can do. I will post any information I gain from them.
  15. decaladdiction

    Issue with SC plotter not responding.

    I do not have an ohm meter here with me. It has been very hot today could that have anything to do with it? maybe overheated somehow?