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  1. tshirtn00b

    Canon PRO-4000 banner material??

    I use this stuff...works beautifully. https://www.amazon.com/LexJet-TOUGHcoat-DuPont-Tyvek-100ft/dp/B006IWFEAA
  2. So I've been progressing towards moving into some commercial space and just wanted to gauge what tools, supplies and accessories I may or may not be missing. What are some things on your list that you just have to have in your work space? TIA, Tom
  3. tshirtn00b

    Font help pleeeeease

    tell me about it. so frustrating.
  4. tshirtn00b

    Font help pleeeeease

    I used to have this font and I can't find it and I'll be damned if I can remember what it's called. The font that's used for the Onebad66 portion Thank you!
  5. he's got all these designs on display, people go up and tell em what design, what color shirt and he presses em there on the spot. I would guess that a large percentage of his designs contain blatant copyright protect logos like NFL logos, comic book logos/designs, etc. While it's true I guess he could have a legitimate licensing agreements in place, I know for a fact (i read it once on the internet...) that doing business with the NFL alone is a minimum of like $50,000. Has anyone else ever seen anyone setup shop like this?
  6. tshirtn00b

    Die for cutting oval magnet

    These guys are right down the road from me. I've purchased from them before. Great crew
  7. tshirtn00b

    Font help please

    Thanks Sue! It's greatly appreciated! What's Find My Font? I'll hafta google that...
  8. tshirtn00b

    Font help please

    Can someone please help determine this font? The wording needs to be changed around and I only have a flattened image of the overall artwork. Thank you! Tom
  9. Anyone have any pointers on creating artwork so that the design doesn't have that bowed look when applying to a convexed window. It's a topic i've never really tackled. I'm thinking old school and getting some paper and masking tape and somehow putting that on the window and measuring/creating a stencil. I don't have the $$ for Pro Vehicle Outlines although if anyone has a template of a 2015 Dodge Journey they want to share, that would kick ass. Thanks T
  10. tshirtn00b

    help please!

    thank you! I didn't have either, it looks so familiar
  11. tshirtn00b

    help please!

    Not sure why I can't ID this one. I've got a pretty large collection and I know i've seen it before =(
  12. ok, thanks for all of the input!
  13. Friend of mine picked up a HP DesignJet 5500. I was wondering if anyone on here has any real world experience with this printers. It came with aqueous inks but she says there's a conversion kit to print solvent ink? I thought solvent ink required different print heads but fact is, i just don't know. For the time being we are going to try and print on some 631 and see how they hold up - can anyone yay or nay this idea? Is there a different vinyl that should be used for this process? Thanks! Tom
  14. tshirtn00b

    I did it!

    Moody Blue, can you recommend a supplier for the Avery and 3M vinyls? I don't see them on uscutters site. Thanks.
  15. tshirtn00b


    Last minute opportunity came up for me to fly out to Colorado for a few days. Anyone know of any resources/suppliers/restaurants/cool shit to check out or anyone from the forums out that way?? Ill be in Evergreen, Red Rocks and Denver. Hit me up please! Any info is appreciated!