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  1. tshirtn00b

    Cityscape/skyline Cleveland, OH

    lol friend of mine is from up that way, she wants a wall mural kinda thing. Thank you!
  2. Hello, looking for a silhouette of the Cleveland skyline. If anyone can help please let me know. TIA!
  3. tshirtn00b

    Font Identification please

    Can someone please help me identify this? Client looking to update their business cards, font was converted to outlines or imported from somewhere else, would like to have the same font rather than re-creating. Thank you!
  4. tshirtn00b

    Font help please

    Awesome, thank you so much!
  5. tshirtn00b

    Font help please

    It looks so damn familiar and I've had zero luck trying to figure out. Thank you!
  6. tshirtn00b

    Font Identification please

    Of course as soon as I post this we find it. Font is Corinthia
  7. tshirtn00b

    Font Identification please

    Anyone seen this one before? Not having much luck with the resources I know of. Thank you!
  8. tshirtn00b

    White ink trade partner

    i know right! it would be a nice addition, way beyond my budget atm though
  9. tshirtn00b

    White ink trade partner

    ok, thanks for the input.
  10. tshirtn00b

    White ink trade partner

    Looking for someone either in here or a trade print partner that can print white ink on a clear durable vinyl. Stouse is super expensive and the few other companies I've found can't fulfill my order due to other variables (I need my order drop shipped..) Thanks! Tom
  11. tshirtn00b

    Canon PRO-4000 banner material??

    I use this stuff...works beautifully. https://www.amazon.com/LexJet-TOUGHcoat-DuPont-Tyvek-100ft/dp/B006IWFEAA
  12. So I've been progressing towards moving into some commercial space and just wanted to gauge what tools, supplies and accessories I may or may not be missing. What are some things on your list that you just have to have in your work space? TIA, Tom
  13. tshirtn00b

    Font help pleeeeease

    tell me about it. so frustrating.
  14. tshirtn00b

    Font help pleeeeease

    I used to have this font and I can't find it and I'll be damned if I can remember what it's called. The font that's used for the Onebad66 portion Thank you!
  15. he's got all these designs on display, people go up and tell em what design, what color shirt and he presses em there on the spot. I would guess that a large percentage of his designs contain blatant copyright protect logos like NFL logos, comic book logos/designs, etc. While it's true I guess he could have a legitimate licensing agreements in place, I know for a fact (i read it once on the internet...) that doing business with the NFL alone is a minimum of like $50,000. Has anyone else ever seen anyone setup shop like this?