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  1. rock jeep

    Half heart, half wing

    I'll try it. Thank you so much!
  2. rock jeep

    Half heart, half wing

    I am searching for an .eps image of this heart and wing, without the words. Thank you.
  3. rock jeep

    VinylMaster Cut on Ebay

    You can buy directly from the Vinyl Master Cut website as well. I called US Cutter, and they aren't exactly sold out; it's a new product they will be selling, but do not have in stock as of yet.
  4. rock jeep

    Army Combat Action Badge

    Thanks so much, dakotagrafx!
  5. rock jeep

    Army Combat Action Badge

    I can open it in Explorer, but not in my program It has to be an .eps file.... Thank you for trying!
  6. rock jeep

    Army Combat Action Badge

    If anyone has the Army Combat Action Badge in .eps, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. rock jeep

    Cutter won't finish cutting

  8. rock jeep

    Cutter won't finish cutting

    Well, nothing has worked. I'm trying to cut a mustang emblem. I have not cut a mustang this big before, but I have cut several mustangs in the past that were a little smaller. However, I did try to cut a different emblem that was half the size I'm trying to cut the mustang, and it didn't work either. But I have actually cut this particular emblem at this same size before, so that is weird. If we get a new cutter, what would anyone reccommend? We don't do these every day, so we don't need anything big and fancy.... Like I said above, we currently use a Refine MH871 cutter and signblazer software.
  9. rock jeep

    Cutter won't finish cutting

    Thanks, I'll try that too!
  10. rock jeep

    Cutter won't finish cutting

    Sorry I didn't list the cutter, software, etc. Was in a hurry to go get my children when I posted. I have a Refine MH871. I use Signblazer software. The item I am cutting is 36"w x 18"t. Again, I have cut items this size before with no problem, in this same workspace, so, yes, my workspace should be long enough. I use windows 7 professional. It does appear that where we had it grounded came loose, which I didn't think to check yesterday for being in such a hurry, so I am going to try that right now. If that doesn't work, then all the items in the link will not have been the problem and I'll just have to figure something out. Thanks for the info.
  11. rock jeep

    Cutter won't finish cutting

    I have been doing vinyl decals for over 3 years and I have run into another problem, just a few weeks now since the last one. This time, (which has never happened to me before), I am trying to cut a large item, and it cuts and cuts and cuts, then abruptly stops just a little before it gets finished. I tried cutting a smaller version and it cuts just fine. But, like I said, I've cut large items before, without this problem. Anyone have any idea what's going on? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  12. rock jeep

    Cutting Through Vinyl

    Thanks for the help! My husband checked all of that and it started working, but he doesn't remember what he did to make it right....LOL I think it was the force, though.
  13. rock jeep

    Cutting Through Vinyl

    Hello All. I've been cutting decals for about 3 years. I was cutting some decals this morning, and all was fine. Then out of the blue, my needle starts cutting completely through the vinyl. I haven't done anything different. The needle wasn't loose and it's fairly new, just changed it about 3 weeks ago. I've only done a few small decals since I changed it, so I doubt it's dull. I've never had this happen before. Anyone have any idea why it would just start doing this?
  14. rock jeep


    Hello! I have used the GIMP program to convert a .jpg file to an .eps file, however, when I save it to Signblazer and try to cust it, it still says it's a bitmap image which means I would need to vectorize it. Needless to say, vectorizing causes it to look choppy and when I do it that way and try a node edit, I still can't seem to get the lines curved just right. What do I do? Thanks so much!
  15. rock jeep

    .jpg to .eps

    Okay. Thanks.