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  1. Why is this happening? Is there a fix? This never happened with my PCut 24" and I'm pretty disappointed...
  2. DescineModern

    New iMAC 24" + SignCut X2

    I just got my Keyspan and it works perfectly thank you very much!
  3. DescineModern

    SIGNCUT PRO Version

    I tried installing SignCut Pro on my new iMAC 24" and for some reason it's not seeing the USB port. Kimon have you heard of this issue before?
  4. DescineModern

    New iMAC 24" + SignCut X2

    I just bought a new iMac 24" from Apple. It's got 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB member and is the newer 2009 model. I've installed SignCut X2 and for some reason it is not seeing the USB port. It's so weird cause on my MacBook it see's the USB port where the Cutter is connected. Does anyone know the fix for this?
  5. DescineModern

    Oracal 631 not coming off backing...

    for the past week i've been using my PCut and Laserpoint both 24" - I got R-Tape AT-60 and have been using HT-55 with Oracal 631... I havent had any issues once I lowered the down pressure on the blade. Thanks for everyone's help!
  6. DescineModern

    New Oracal Application tape for Oracal 631 vinyl

    Okay so here's my verdict for R-Tape AT-60 versus HT-55... I actually like HT-55 better than R-Tape AT-60 for Oracal 631. It comes off the backing easily with R-Tape AT-60 and Oracal HT-55 but the problem seems to be *for me* with AT-60 it is a b*tch *excuse my french* when trying to apply the application tape to the Oracal because if you mess up its hard to adjust the application tape due to it high-tack nature. If you try to adjust the application tape it actually pulls off the Oracal 631 vinyl from the back. I also figured out that alot of my designs will be 15" or less so I'm going to be purchasing 15" vinyl instead of 24" vinyl the next time around. It' def good to have 24" vinyl but if someone know of the best way to apply vinyl + application tape without getting bubbles and just fubar results. Please let me know! I like AT-60 for it's clear nature but I like HT-55 for its ease in use. Thats my two cents - hope it helps!
  7. DescineModern

    Video of Stuff I Did for My Wall

    Thanks for the comments everyone... I was cutting out the green aliens from the Simpsons...
  8. DescineModern

    Oracal 631 not coming off backing...

    What type of cutter for you have and what are your settings? Thanks
  9. DescineModern

    why is my new cutter scratching ON PURPOSE?

    No Problemo - I had the same problem. Why type of cutter do you have?If you have the pcut you can slightly pull the cover w/ the logo forward so you can tighten your screw.
  10. DescineModern

    why is my new cutter scratching ON PURPOSE?

    Also, this happened to me - make sure the screw holding the blade is not pressed up against the cover on the left side. This will cause it not to go up and down and will then cause scratching on your vinyl. It happened when I first got mine.
  11. DescineModern


    Welcome from Los Angeles. Best of luck with your business and the Copam.
  12. DescineModern

    Hi Guys, I am a newbie in the UK needing help...

    Welcome from Los Angeles! Cheers!
  13. DescineModern

    Which Transfer tape for Oracal 631

    I'd call oracal and ask whats up Oracal sent me over a 10yrd roll of Oracal HT-55... and I have R-Tape AT-60 coming in on friday. I'll do a video review of the tapes and Oracal 631. The problem seems to be (for me) that I'm cutting into the backing because 631 is coming off with the backing when I apply the tape. It's a huge science of getting everything perfect. I would recommend people to first do small test-cuts and also, don't risk doing a huge cut right away. You want to make sure all components work before you waste vinyl. And Vinyl = $$$...
  14. DescineModern

    Oracal 631 not coming off backing...

    I shall - I have a shipment of 631 coming this friday with both HT-55 and R-Tape AT-60. I'll do a video review and post it on YouTube.