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  1. leeford88

    I am looking for the symbol for Pi 3.14

    Thanks Smokey. Yes Slice. Homemade Cinnamon apple pie booze. label for jar.
  2. An apple would also be helpful. Thansk for your time.
  3. leeford88

    Flower of life

    I have been unable to find a vector for the flower of life that does not cut through every line. Any help would be appreciated. The_flower_of_life1.ai
  4. leeford88

    A couple cornhole boards I made for myself.

    Wow those are great, nice work.
  5. oops just wanted to say thanks Mike.
  6. thanks for this one. I have a t shirt with this on it.
  7. Running Signblazer on a mh721. Wife tried making something the other day now it is acting goofy. Circles not match up and neither do some letters? I have the speed down to 16. Messed with the offset. Im stumped.
  8. leeford88

    Lombardi Trophy

    Does anyone have a simple Lombardi Trophy?
  9. leeford88

    Best vinyl for wrapping complex curves

    wow Very Nice
  10. leeford88

    Motorcycle Helmet Shield

    Who cares if it is street legal it looks great.
  11. leeford88

    Ice Cram truck just finished

    Thats Great WTG
  12. leeford88

    my first racecar

    Looks Great
  13. leeford88

    How do YOU charge for vinyl Graphics

    I start off at .09 per sq inch fo rblk and and .02 for color. and adjust for size an difficulty. or If I have to try and design something.
  14. leeford88


    Thanks, this one will be for my personal use.