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  1. pandc

    In need of 3 eps files

    That link is not working right now, has anyone seen it recently? Thanks Peggy
  2. pandc

    Flat Pattern Koozie

    I just do a straight stitch on mine, sometimes I use a zig complaints & have done about 200 Peggy
  3. pandc

    Public Service please read

    John I am sorry for your loss... All good things for people to be aware of. Peggy
  4. pandc

    Cowboy Stuff

    Thanks I am trying to replace what I lost in the fire. Peggy
  5. pandc

    Yay, my first vinyl T-shirt

    I have been cutting for over 2 years & did the same thing yesterday. I didn't get it as far as the shirt but I did weed it...LOL Peggy
  6. There TT font that have butterflies. Peggy
  7. pandc

    Some things for my Sister

    Yes it is underneath & it is a different T cause I screwed up the first. LOL Peg
  8. I am going to see my sister tomorrow & made a few things to take with me. Thanks for looking Peggy
  9. pandc

    Member Map/List! Show us where you are!

    Dakota I was in Coldwater last weekend...I should have stopped. Let me know next time you go to Firekeepers.. maybe we could meet, of course my DH will be with me, he loves to gamble. Peg
  10. pandc

    finished these tonight

    Nice Job Peggy
  11. pandc

    Anyone seen this Army Logo

    Thanks I just emailed him. Peg
  12. pandc

    Anyone seen this Army Logo

    I don't know who EXcalibur do I contact him? THanks Peg
  13. pandc

    Anyone seen this Army Logo

    Does anyone know some one that I could pay to do it? Thanks Peg
  14. I saw this Army logo & would love to put it on a shirt for myself. As some of you know, we had a house fire & I lost all of my clothes. It is getting really cold here in MI & I got some sweats & I wanna put it on them. If you have seen it please let me know. Yes my son is in the sandbox for the 5th time. Thanks Peg
  15. pandc

    users not using forum

    I don't post to often, but the people here have been a great resource to me & I appreciate them very much. I still am not doing very much. It is hard when most every thing you had burned up. Peggy