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  1. Warning Damn Onions ...

    Even with the warning, the onions still got me.
  2. Whats your music are you stuck on listening to?

    Clint Black
  3. Thinking about relocating, who loves where they live?

    Yea, not sure what that show was called, but that is funny, cause we do have the 'chasers' around these parts. Maybe one of these days they will get some footage. Not something I care to take part in.
  4. New Grill

    Charcoal is the way to go. Propane is for wussies.
  5. Thinking about relocating, who loves where they live?

    Seattle is nice, but the cost of living is not. Mild climate, but it rains bucket loads every week, year round, so you have to tolerate that. And traffic.
  6. Well, since I left, they lost all chances of realizing that dream. j/k Looks like they are still growing, and under new ownership, so even if they are behind pace, it could still be realistic.
  7. Throwing away my MH

    Yea, but it was very gratifying. Totally worth it.
  8. Throwing away my MH

    Wanna sell it?
  9. Wanna share your photo?

    Thanks! Good to still be around.
  10. Wanna share your photo?

    Kiddos on Opening Day this year with a 3 pound fatty Rainbow Trout
  11. HELP

    Cut the design using Heat Press vinyl, and heat press apply to glove. My best guess.
  12. what do you Listen to while working?

    60's, 70's, 80's station on Pandora
  13. Video gamers?

    xBox 360 here: PterLemonJello COD Tiger Woods Borderlands and Many others
  14. Looking at the front- take off the left side to get to the belt adjustment screw.
  15. I remember one of our original memebrs finding a way to do this as well with Flexi and the MH series. Might even be something still posted on how it was done. Good stuff