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  1. Pappy

    Banners that light up.....

    some examples...
  2. Pappy

    Banners that light up.....

    Thanks Mike!
  3. Pappy

    Banners that light up.....

    I'm thinking plexi glass attached to the shop light then colored light film, then cut vinyl. He's taking some kind of short cut to do it for under $25.
  4. Pappy

    Banners that light up.....

    Thanks mike! I really appreciate it.
  5. Pappy

    Banners that light up.....

    Has anyone done a banner like this before.... I've got a client who found this on ebay: He wants me to do one for his chiro business. I've searched the web and found a guy who's selling an instruction kit to do this. Maybe I need to buy his kit? thanks...
  6. OK... I've ordered the rounded blanks for cutting a few vehicle signs. 2 questions... Where's the best place to buy the rolls, and where is the best place to buy the cutter that rounds the corners? My local appliance guy wants a set in the next couple of weeks. thanks.... pappy
  7. Pappy

    Boat manufacturer logos....

    Thanks! I knew I had it bookmarked! later... Pappy
  8. I've got a boat dealer who deals with mercury, evinrude, johnson, and yamaha engines. I need to find decent jpg's for these logos.... He is licensed to use each logo. Thanks... Pappy
  9. Pappy

    new cutter?

    Go with the compam and put the rest into supplies. And yeah I agree get the stand. later... Pappy
  10. lueman: ok... my whole intention was to get people thinking about how to sell to their existing customers. Joe is right, they will forget about you and move on with their lives. I moved to a new area last fall. No more local customers. So I went out and got some vinyl business. As of today I have 18 customers that I have done work for here. Out of those 18, I have 11 email addys. There's no strife. The customer has given you their email address. This is not unsolicited or spam. Out of those 11 email addy's, I have picked up 7 new projects from me emailing 11 customers, once a week. Basically it boils down to about 1 new job a month. And I have not had 1 complaint or opt out. GO out and get a new customer = time & money. Email existing Customer = very little time. You do the math. I buy 75% of my vinyl supplies from a vinyl supply company that sends out a "specials" email once a week, I would never check their web page once a week, so the email is a good reminder to order (especially when its on sale!). NOW go back and look at my post, I do not come here to sell anything to anyone. If someone ask me about a product, then I respond. I've given software to 23 people on this forum (my early version of my invoicing program). You see this isn't a money making marketing ploy as you somehow suggest. I've been on this forum for a while. SO if you think that by posting this I'm going to see my payday, you sir are sadly mistaken.
  11. Jeeez... Well I've been in business for myself since 1989. And if you would have read my post, the audience is targeted! It's your customers who have already purchased something from you. I pull a lot of repeat business by emailing my clients. So you go and do your "marketing" thing. What service do I have to promote? I'm not an email mailing service! Flame away, I was only trying to help. later... Pappy
  12. If you have a sign business,,,, you need to be emailing customers every week or so. Every time you get a job, request their email addy. Email marketing works in any industry! I've been emailing my customers here and it really has had an impact on the number of orders I receive. Hope this helps... Pappy
  13. If they supplied the dry erase board, I would do it for around $125... later... Pappy
  14. Pappy

    I make Jewelry with My Cutter!

    Hey BA: you ought to make a video and sell it for a few bucks. I'd be willing to buy it! All the tricks and so forth. You do nice work. Congrats! Pappy
  15. Pappy

    Another last minute banner..

    Nice JOB! Later... Pappy