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  1. stryker1

    Arizona State Logos

    Thanks for the help
  2. stryker1

    Arizona State Logos

    Does anyone have just asu logo that is on the baseball hat? It is a "A" overlapped with a "S" also does anyone have just the pitch fork?
  3. I have a LP24 and am having the same problems. Fortunatley the chrome and mirror lens are for my own projects so a few scratches won't bother me too much. If you have a Pcut or LP, us cutter makes tables that mount in the slots on the front and back of the machine. I have think that might actually be the problem, is when you are cutting the material catches on these grooves and pops the material up. I am planning on purchasing a set soon. Here is the link:
  4. stryker1

    The Big Squeegee

    Does it work well with layering and small jobs as well?
  5. stryker1

    The Big Squeegee

    Has anyone ever bought or used one of these. Looks like it would be great if you do not have anyone to help with large jobs
  6. stryker1

    EZ Roller (Actually Meant the Big Squeegee)

    I actually meant the Big Squeegee. It looks like it might work better. I have been trying to assy a large graphic the last couple of days and the app tape keeps creasing. This looks like it would work well for all applications
  7. Was recently on the Beacon Graphics web site and saw a application tape tool called the EZ Roller. This tool can be used to apply app tape and also aid in multi color assy. Has anyone ever used one or owned one? Would anyone recommend it?
  8. stryker1

    Looking for a bull head

    how about this one cow.svg cow.svg
  9. stryker1

    Nautical Stars

    hey LS, I grabbed that one Thanks
  10. stryker1

    Image size shrinks when I cut

    Is the only thing that you have cut that you are having problems with?
  11. stryker1


    There are a tone of skulls in the Graphic Request thread, just do a search for skull or skulls. All the threads that have them posted come up.
  12. stryker1

    need a phoenix!

    Thanks round2 I grabbed the graphic. Not to sure, I am at my work computer, but the City of Phoenix logo is a Phoenix bird, would be pretty easy to turn into a vector. It is actually what they are using for the area code type apparrel for like hip-hop clothing here is the link on brands of the world
  13. stryker1

    a breaking wave

    Great job. Just one thing that I have noticed with the chrome is that depending on backfround color it sometimes gets lost or doesn't show up well. Just something to consider. The only reason that I say that, is I did our company logo for my partners back window. (Just text in the shape of a house) I used the chrome as the outline for the lettering with white letters and driving behind him it looked like a huge blur since the outline as a little distorted where letters come together. Needless to say it was a waste of 12' of vinyl. I am going to grab your logo eps Thanks
  14. stryker1

    a breaking wave

    How about this one? Will this work? 3wave.eps 3wave.eps
  15. stryker1

    a breaking wave

    Thanks Benr for the jps, for some reason I forgot to load them in SB to save as a JPG. Forgetful on 2 hrs of sleep. No problem Big Al. Share and share alike right!!!