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  1. Anyone? This is very urgent. Thanks!
  2. I haven't tinkered with my flexipro software for a while...and forgot how to seperate the layers in a pic...for instance a simple logo off of brandsoftheworld.com... I remember I used to be able to seperate the logo into different pcs: background, text, etc...with the click of a few buttons...I've been trying to figure this out for that last two hours...please help...thanks!
  3. wdcisco

    Coupla flexipro questions!

    THANK YOU SIR!!!!!
  4. wdcisco


    GOING TO BE DOING AN ICE CRAM TRUCK.... Do any of you have access to pics of ice cream bar eps stuff? REALLY NEED THIS, THANK YOu!!!!!
  5. 1) How do you create bullet style text? Like: sss ddd 2) How do you curve text to a circle? or curve to object? #2 is most important! Thanks so much, you all have been very helpful in the past.
  6. Anyone think its possible to cut foam with a uscutter? Maybe an attachment to add onto it? A homemade attachment? an attachment that is made at home that is cheap? lol Maybe you could snap a hot wire foam melter ? Just thinking guys, I wanted to add some text letters to a few walls at work.... Feel free to throw some ideas out there. Thank you!
  7. Anyone have any experience with any neon sign Co's? w/ decent prices?
  8. wdcisco

    US Cutter Contest Ideas

    So, when does the contest start?
  9. wdcisco

    What would you charge?

    Thanks MacGrafix, you da man!
  10. wdcisco

    What would you charge?

    Thanks for the fast responses! It will be Oracal 631 - for a wall application.
  11. wdcisco

    What would you charge?

    8 inch x 48 inch (approx) 6 letter piece of vinyl - customer takes home and applies themselves, i just cut and design thanks!!!!
  12. wdcisco

    Registration marks in Flexi question

    That is very helpful, thank you!
  13. wdcisco

    Vinyl manufacturer from China

    this guy never got back to me
  14. thanks guys, appreciate the responses after trying everything, i think i am going to get new panels
  15. Can someone give me some tips? homemade solutions? the vinyl is really hard to get off? also the poly is yellowing - can i fix this?