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  1. sarconastic

    Is this considered "Ironic"?

    The little sign in the bottom right says it all. LOL He got those at the WAallll-Marrrt. ;-) as Larry the Cable guy would say. WOody
  2. sarconastic

    Vehicle Magnet & Decals.

    The proper format for Incorporated names is "Company Name, Inc." Need the comma the capital I and the period. I have been corrected on this by my CEO on several Hippa Reports. She was an English major in college. So she knows it pretty well. Not always require on every sign though. WOody
  3. There are a lot of us on here doing this from home. But when you undercut pricing to a point it is ridiculously low you kill it for everyone. I have dealt with this lately. Been doing vinyl signs for a company for several years, charged them a fair rate. Someone working for them cut a budget cutter and undercut me by half. I looked a the first sign they did for the company and they don't know what they are doing, They didn't weld anything so everything has cut lines across it. These opened up in no time and it looks bad. But the customer thinks everyone should cut for that price now. Also their designs are terrible, no presentation, they don't understand distance rules etc. Even though we work from our basement or garage or whatever we should know our craft well, and charge enough to make sure we can continue to keep cutting in the future. If we low ball all we get is screwed in the end. Just my 2 Cents Woody
  4. sarconastic

    review my website please

    You have a good start but I will give some advice I was given early on in website work. think smaller and think more. when you page loads it should have more information in the main screen and the images and graphics should not be cut off. I loaded your page on 23" monitors and it still cuts off the image on the bottom. Your fonts are huge too. Thinks smaller and get more information on the main screen. No less than 3 - 6 sections should be showing on your home page. Get your clientele interested in your business. I would recommend experimenting with a wordpress site. A lot of good templates and easy to set up for most hosting sites. Oh yeah don't put email out in the open. wrap it in java to xml to prevent spam. Just trying to help ya out Woody
  5. sarconastic

    LARGE cut for wall

    FLexi just auto tiles according to vinyl size. I think every cut software I have ever used does this. Sign Blazer, Signcut and flexipro. Never had to tile anything. Just paid attention to orientation. WOody
  6. sarconastic

    I'm not this cool... Yet...

    No that is his hero...Castro! ...... or Bob Marley not sure which ;-) Woody
  7. sarconastic

    oracal 631 applied to varnished wooden bookshelf

    I believe 631 is safe for wood finishes as well. As long as removed within a few years 3-5 or so I believe. But if it is a particle board flat pack shelf from wally world it might tear the paper finish off on removal too. Woody
  8. sarconastic

    A shirt I did for my nephew

    That's called repeat business. LOL Woody
  9. sarconastic


    Reitterating what everyone has said just make sure the rubber roller is over a gritty portion of the drive rollers. But as far as pre-feeding your asking for trouble if you do not unroll at least the amount your going to cut from your roll. You may not have had a problem yet but you will. When your doing longer cuts, say 2+ feet and your cutter decides to move from one end to the other and open up to full speed to do so, and when it does it hits the end of the slack going full speed your gonna hear a tell tale "SLAP" and your design is going to be screwed. It will knock out your alignment for your feed vinyl and everything you have cut up to that point will not be aligned with everything cut after. Do it often enough and your going to break something in your drive train or electronics on your cutter. PWM motors do not like to stop suddenly with out command or be jolted very hard and the speed controllers in these cutters are not rated for the current that gets pulled when it happens most of the time. So pre-feed and save yourself a crap load of money in the future. Woody
  10. sarconastic


    I did this a couple times, fortunately it was for my band, so I took the reverse images and heat pressed them on the back, so it looked like I did it on purpose. Regular on the front and reverse on the back. Charged $10 more for those in the end. Sometimes your just being creative and don't know it. later Woody
  11. A few tips I got in here when I first joined. If your having trouble removing the vinyl from the backer then do the following. Pick the right application tape, they are not all created equal. Cheaper is NOT better. I prefer R-tape but there are other good choices. But what you have is always what you can use. Don't pull the app tape and vinyl up do the opposite. Before applying your decal. Squeegee it again. Then flip it over and squeegee the back side. this is a huge help. Then slowly fold the backing paper back over itself and remove it slowly. You should be pulling back 180 in the opposite direction. the flatter the better. Slower allows the vinyl to release. If it doesn't use your finger to press vinyl back against the app tape a re-pull that area. Place the paper back onto the vinyl being careful not to wrinkle. This makes it much easier to apply. Later Woody
  12. sarconastic

    Did an install today...

    I'm trying to work a deal with a body shop right now to get the hail dents repaired on the wife's car. They want shorts and hats. So this should be pretty easy. All dent less repair so they don't have a lot of materials only time. SO If I can cover my expenses on the materials and get the car fixed I would be a happy camper. Here in Iowa we don't barter we horse trade. LOL Later Woody
  13. We had a big Pageant at our local High School that was directed by the English teacher. It was titled the "Miss Shenandoah Pageant" they made a 30 foot long 4 foot tall hand painted banner and misspelled the name of the town. It was the "Miss Shenadoah Pageant" in their minds apparently. Ever since then I have made sure I proof read everything I create and thank Flexi-sign for it's spell checker. Later Woody
  14. sarconastic

    cutting issues

    I have never used the Greenstar, I am an Oracal Guy all the way. I will pickup some LG once in a while from a local supplier if I am in a hurry though. When I first started they were selling BGS vinyl with the cutter when you added a vinyl pack. I still have 8 out of the 12 roll sample pack. Once I cut with Oracal I never went back. I used the BGS for a little bit to make the Inevitable FreeBees for friends and family. Until I realized if it didn't last, they didn't recommend me or my work. Even with the disclaimer. So spend your money wisely. The time difference between weeing Oracal 651 and a cheap hard thick vinyl is immense. Even the extra cost is worth you sanity. Later Woody
  15. sarconastic

    glass etching....

    Etching cream will work, but it is not even close to as nice looking and definitely does not wear as well, Especially on glassware. Even a cheap handheld non recoverable blaster will do a better job on your glassware. Plus you don't have to use Special stencil vinyl that cost a fortune. You can use any calendared vinyl you have laying around . It holds up great to blasting. I personally use Walnut shells now instead of all the oxides. You have to replace it more often but the Dust isn't a carcinogen as far as I know. Plus it vacs out really nicely with a shop vac. Later Woody