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  1. firefighter1138

    Need 5 Star Sheriff Badge

    That will work, sorry didn't reply sooner been very busy. Thank you very much appreciate your help.
  2. firefighter1138

    Need 5 Star Sheriff Badge

    I have a friend running for Sheriff and need to make a few decals. Need a 5 point star like the one pictured. I have several others just not this one. This is a link to one similar i found on google just a bad image. Poor Example Thank You
  3. firefighter1138

    Help!! Identify font or make it a font

    I agree that its not very good I tried to change but they are set on this font. I will give it another shot. Was hoping it was something someone had seen before. Thanks for taking a look.
  4. firefighter1138

    Help!! Identify font or make it a font

    I need help identifying this font. I have tried looked through 1000's of fonts to no avail. It may be custom if so can somone help me make it into a font never done that before. I know its not the whole alphabet that is what the customer gave me, at this time that is all the letters i need. .
  5. firefighter1138

    Fire Engine, Fire Fighters

    What are you looking for I have a few things too many too post them all. Jim Star-of-Life[1].ai the_FF.eps IAFF.eps Star-of-Life[1].ai the_FF.eps IAFF.eps
  6. firefighter1138

    Purple removable vinyl

    Why not put the 404 on top of 631. ?:thumbsup: Just a thought. Jim
  7. firefighter1138

    What sign substrate to use

    Thank you very much for replying, I was beginning to think there would be no response. I did do a lot of research on the different brands and types of materials and the Alumalite is what I went with. I worked great and my supplier cut to order so that made it even easier. Thank You Jim
  8. firefighter1138

    trouble importing into SignCut

    Try to open these. Drawing is the word test I did it in inkscape and then opened it in Sign Cut. 11.eps drawing.eps 11.eps drawing.eps
  9. firefighter1138

    trouble importing into SignCut

    I am unable to open that file with Inkscape, Corel, or Adobe something is wrong with it.
  10. firefighter1138

    Look what UPS dropped off

    I just got my WF1100 this week from Cobra Ink. Richard is great person to do business with. He also told me that his ink supplier was trying to make these printers work with solevent inks. Was suppose to have already been out but not available yet. looking forward to that happening. Jim
  11. firefighter1138

    trouble importing into SignCut

    I just did it, typed TEST saved it as a .EPS file then opened sign cut then opened the file no problem. Maybe you have a different file upload it and I will try. Jim
  12. firefighter1138

    Need help making this into a EPS File

    I have cleaned it up. Solar text was retyped and Munr vector nodes cleaned up and the O was redrawn and so was the yellow circle with solar panels. I am new at this and thought why not would be good practice. Let me know what you think. Jim Munro Solar 1.eps Munro Solar 2.eps Munro Solar 1.eps Munro Solar 2.eps
  13. firefighter1138

    Stick People

    I grabbed these also. Thank You Jim
  14. firefighter1138

    need a some basketball images. Not team logos

    Thanks alot for the post didn't have a couple of those. Jim
  15. firefighter1138

    Magnetic sign

    Look great!!