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  1. biggin69

    Jeep Hood Template

    A have a guy that wants me to make some stripes for his 98 Jeep hood and wants them to follow the body lines on the hood. Anyone have a template? Thanks!
  2. biggin69

    PowerQuest Boats Logo...

    I have a customer wanting a PowerQuest Boats logo for his truck window. I have searched Google with no results. Anyone have anything? Thanks in advance!
  3. I just noticed today that someone tried to break in my shed. Needless to say, it was probably some piece of crap person that has as hard of time finding a job as they did trying to get in my shed (They failed!!!). So, lets see what you creative people have came up with as far as keep out, no trespassing, nothing on this property is worth your life kind of signs. I thought about doing something like "I work hard for my belongings, and I AIM to keep them" with a looking down the cross hairs symbol. What do you have? Thanks!
  4. I am looking for the state of texas in red, white, and blue with the white star in it. Anyone have anything like this? Thanks!
  5. Anyone know of a good program that has the stick people families? Thanks in advance! Dan
  6. Anyone know what these fonts are? Thanks!
  7. biggin69

    Need help identifying these fonts, please.

    No body knows?
  8. Anyone offer wholesale pricing on printing 18x24 yard signs, double sided? Let me know. Thanks! Dan
  9. biggin69

    Anyone sell pre-cut tint???

    My dad is wanting me to tint his two front door windows on his 2005 Chevy Silverado. I figured it would be easier if I could find one of you that has a cutting program, sell me the two pieces I need. Anyone? Thanks!
  10. biggin69

    Super Hero Donkey...

    I am looking for a super hero like donkey or a donkey with big muscles. Anyone have anything like that? Thanks!
  11. biggin69

    Super Hero Donkey...
  12. biggin69

    Tint Newbie!!!

    I have a customer that wants two windows tinted on his gas station. I have done a ton of vinyl work for him so I would love to do this for him also. The problem is, I have never messed with tint. Where do I start? Thanks!
  13. Can anyone tell me what font this is? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Dan
  14. biggin69

    Suzuki Hayabusa

    Thanks Everyone! Also, they are for a friend and will not be sold.
  15. biggin69

    Suzuki Hayabusa

    I am looking for the Suzuki Hayabusa logo. A friend is painting his bike and would like me to make them as the factory stickers are outragous. Thanks!
  16. biggin69

    Anyone have these?

    Does anyone have either of these ready to cut and willing to share? Thanks!
  17. Like the title says, where do you all get your 18 x 24 magnetic signs blanks? All I am seeing on Sign Warehouse is 12 x 24....
  18. biggin69

    Anyone have these?

    Cut a couple for my personal truck today.
  19. Seriously??? Not a singgle person buys 18 x 24 magnets?
  20. biggin69

    Anyone have these?

    Thanks everyone!
  21. I have a customer wanting some numbers made for his race car (20" x 32" = 640"sq). They will be one color. How do I price stickers this big? Thanks!
  22. So double that for two digit number?
  23. biggin69

    Cornhole boards

    Did you clear over them or do something to protect them?
  24. biggin69

    Initial Frames...

    Here is a pic of an Initial Frame I made today. They seem to sell pretty good. Most people buy them for wedding gifts. What do you think?