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    three evil monkeys

    Thanks for sharing.
  2. sheepdog

    Here a few Graphics

    Grabbed a copy. Thanks for sharing.
  3. sheepdog

    Hello folks from South GA

    Greetings from the swamps of South Georgia. (Blackshear)
  4. Greetings from the swamps of South Georgia. What part of bama are you from? I'm from Anniston origionally.
  5. sheepdog

    Are your customers like this?

    The whole cast of characters were from South Georgia!
  6. Also if you go on the forum (you won't stay long) they have a how-to video on engraving.
  7. Tater If you're wanting to engrave go to e-bay and look at #360153716076 which is a diamond engraving kit. $69.00 It has a diamond engraving pen, carrier plate and software. It's the same one that came with my origional cutter but I never used it. Maybe I'll see if I can locate it and give it a try. Hope this gets you headed in the right way.
  8. The same thing happened to my MH365 a few months ago. I removed the carrier cover to see if I could see anything binding. Before when I turned it on the blade holder would not pick up. After removing the cover I turned it on and it raised properly. Of course it slambed into the side of the unit. I moved it off the wall and put a pencil between the side and the carrier and turned it back on. Put everything back together and it worked once or twice. Took apart again. It acted like something was causing it to bind. Repeated test and worked great. Put back together, worked once. Took apart again. Looked at everything. Thought the spring was too weak. Nothing made any sense. When I put back together again I had dropped one of the cover screws so I only put two in figuring i would have to take apart again. Worked fine and has ever since. Don't know if something was in a bind or what but it's still working. Don't know how your compares to mine but hopefully this will get you going. Lots of luck.
  9. sheepdog

    Motor Cycle

    Some really good lookin' scooters. Thanks
  10. sheepdog

    Dale Sr. Vector

    Really looks good. I grabbed a copy. Thanks
  11. sheepdog

    I'M NEW

    Greetings from the swamps of South Georgia.
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    4Th of july mirror

    Really looks great!
  14. sheepdog

    need these

    Grabbed a copy of the VW logo. Thanks
  15. sheepdog

    Need Barb Wire

    Grabbed me a copy too. Thanks
  16. sheepdog

    Full body wrap

    Man That's some dynamite work!!
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    John if no one has requested it let me know and I'd love to purchase it from you. Had a bad problem with Paypal a couple of years ago and I don't deal with them anymore. Thanks
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    Backwindow.. Too much?

    Definantly an attention getter!
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    Misc work i did

    Everything looks great to me. What font did you use for the names on the windows?
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    Todays Projects

    Everything looks great but I really dig the hotrods!
  21. Thanks to everyone that posted clipart.
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    T-Shirt for wife

    Thanks for sharing. Looks really great.
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    Another newbie

    Greetings from South Georgia
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    Greetings from the swamps of South Georgia